What life with a football admirer gives you!

So, After almost an year I am writing again.

World Cup hangover is still ON. Congratulations France and Well done Croatia. Waiting for the next four years to pass! So that I can watch the game with our little champ! 🙂


Why not a fan and an admirer. Both are different. Football fan; anyone can be a fan. Anyone can support it and go on with a team. But admirer; its one who loves the game, loves the passes, praises the beauty and scolds the faults, one who knows the match to the core. Who supports a team but loves everyone else. 🙂

So what getting married to a football admirer gives you?

As he is the extreme admirer of the wonderful game football; he will be a person who takes everything in a spirit. As a game; he believes life doesn’t gives you anything granted, you have to work hard for it. He knows life is unpredictable as anything can happen in the last minute or extra time, either good or bad. Often it gives us penalty or free kick and we have to use it in the best way. Be careful that there is a goalie to stop what we are striking. He will keep a hope till the last moment and if he loses he warms up for the next game. He may wake up in the midnight or early morning to watch a game. Make a coffee and enjoy it with him. Because he know how to defend the difficulties. He know how to tackle problems. He know how to attack and clear the defenders. He will appreciate everyone’s spirit. He will appreciate everyone who deserves. Moreover you will be having a friendly rivalry at home only if you love football. We will learn to fight in laughs and appreciate each other. He will watch the game for you if you can’t. You will be having something interesting always in your life. 🙂


So love football and love someone who loves football. That’s how it is. ❤
P S : Using ManU poster only because my man loves the team, I am still for Barca 🙂
There may be different opinions for this. But this is what my life taught me. Let’s football

WordPress #AtoZchallenge

WordPress WordPress WordPress.. 🙂


For W nothing is better than this.. WordPress and I met three years back.. It’s around 3 and half years back.. I was in search of some designs by Lijo Reny Architects and I found their blog in wordpress.. Then I thought of starting a new blog (The old one in blogspot was damaged) 🙂 That is how this 3 year old child is born.. 🙂 My domain was in another name at that time.. Then I changed the name, got familiar with the wordpress process and found those wonderful wonderful writers here.. This is the best writing platform I ever had and some people I got from here are family to me.. 🙂


I met some masterminds.. some magicians.. some thinkers.. entrepreneurs.. everyone..

WSo.. WordPress for W.. 🙂 Big toast to my people.. 🙂 The family here.. 🙂
Sri Di.. Neerja.. Deepika.. Kavya.. Bala.. Darcy.. Srinath.. Piku.. Sneha.. Rupzie.. Hema Di.. Tejas Bhai.. Jenny.. Jackie.. Jithin.. Teny.. Bhanu.. Bikram.. Love you all..

UNITE – stay together! #AtoZchallenge

bloggers-unite2Stay United.. I don’t know which is important.. I heard people saying stay united when I was a kid and when I grew up all I heard is stay independent.. May be life is all about choosing where we have to stay together and where to stay independent.. For me, I m independent up to an extend.. But as a family or in a relation I believe in togetherness.. Family & friendship is togetherness.. Nothing can beat that effect.. Home will not be home if there is no laughing.. stalking and talking.. and obviously fighting (the moment we realize the togetherness most).. That’s what family is.. I laugh at my dad.. tease my mom.. hug my niece and talk till the morning to my sister.. I can scold my Aunt.. fight with my little brother and sleep with my sister-in-law.. Togetherness is a wonderful feeling.. Uniting is as hard as parting.. Understanding each other in a better way.. Either it is a husband or wife.. Or a son and father.. anyone in a family.. ❤

when-spider-webs-unite-they-can-tie-up-a-lion-quote-1And friendship.. Uniting is a blast.. Unending laugh.. 😀 And the depth and loyalty is found when we are in a crisis.. We will know who will hold us.. and if we have a problem we will know who will stand beside us.. That’s what is unity.. 🙂 So unite & stay together.. Always love others around us and love yourself!!


Sourav Ganguly aka Dada :) #AtoZchallenge

To write on S was quite a confusing task for me.. I have so many options for S.. But once I reached near to the conclusion I was confused again on whether to write about the legend Sachin Tendulkar or my personal favorite Sourav Ganguly.. And I decided not to let anyone down; I am dedicating this post to all the Cricket & Dada lovers.. Sachin is on the way!! 🙂


Look who giving a cute smile with Pele & A.R Rahman 😉

Cricket WAS a part of my life once.. I was bought up in a family where my dad & uncles will take leave on a cricket match day and all will stay around the TV to watch the match.. I had seen people praying for Indian Cricket team.. Obviously I had a cricket craze from my ancestors.. I grown up playing cricket with my cousins.. I was the one behind the wicket always (The best wicket-keeper)..  😉 Let me thank my brothers for letting me play with them and giving me strange memories.. 🙂 So, that’s how I am connected with cricket..


My two favorite.. ❤

I loved Cricket at a time when Azharuddhin was decorating the captaincy seat.. Sachin.. Kambli.. Ganguly.. Dravid.. Ajay Jadeja.. Nayan Mongia.. Robin Singh.. Agarkar.. Srinath.. Kumble.. Legendary time.. And all the hell broke off when the team was accused for match fixing.. In and out I saw people started hating Indian team.. My family started watching something else ignoring the match going on.. Thus things changed.. All of a sudden I saw crisis in the team, no one is ready to take the captaincy; even Sachin was not ready to take the risk.. Indian team was a bunch of people about whom even the Indians trolled.. There came my hero, who took all the responsibility by himself and took the risk of being the Indian captain.. Sourav Ganguly.. Ganguly is the best captain Indian Cricket team ever seen.. He was someone who always appreciated the talent of his team mates and helped them in their ups and downs.. Yuvaraj.. Kaif.. Harbhajan.. Zaheer.. Sehwag.. Laxman.. All played and ran to our hearts only because Dada was there to support them.. He was someone who took genuine decisions in team selections.. Someone who was adamant but still lovely in his attitude.. Cricket is nothing for me now cause now a days it’s all about a game of money..


With his girl Sana.. 🙂

For S.. It’s my ever time hero Dada.. 🙂 Sourav Ganguly.. ❤


Relive the cricket memories in you.. 🙂 Watch this

Palakkad #AtoZchallenge

KalpathiNothing comes in my mind when I think about P.. All I have is Palakkad..I have a deep relation with Palakkad.. For someone who thinks what is Palakkad; Palakkad is a district in Kerala. My favorite destination since childhood. It is where my father’s eldest brother resides. When both uncle & aunt passed away, their children settled there and thus Palakkad became my usual holiday destination. Every vacations were described as Palakkadan days. That’s from where I started loving traveling. Palakkad is the hottest district in Kerala. With a loads and loads of Paddy field Palakkad possess a slightly different culture from the other districts.. Palakkad was a background for so many Malayalam novels and movies.. And for me.. Nothing can beat my love towards the place.. 🙂P

Love your Life #AtoZchallenge

Life won’t be easy until you know what you can do. Life wont be easy until you find your power. I am powerful when I have a pen and a paper. I am confident when I until I believe i can write. But the most powerful weapon we have is LOVE.. 🙂


Love can heal anything.. Love is the one thing which connects us.. Love is the feel which makes us keep on living.. Love is what a mother felts for her baby from the day it starts growing in her womb.. Love is when a father hugs his child after scolding him for doing something wrong.. Love is when he kisses his love’s forehead after the first delivery.. Love is she tip toeing into the kitchen without disturbing her man’s sleep..Love is when he gives a piece of chocolate to his sister.. Love is when she helps her brother for the exam.. Love is when she shares her coffee with her love of life.. Love is he holding her hands from stumbling.. Love is in those biscuits bought by Grandma for me believing my childhood favorite is still my favorite.. Love is when your friend lends their shoulder without asking.. Love is when she clutches my fingers and snuggle into the blanket.. 🙂

Love can be a ‘Take Care’.. ‘A Drive Safe’ or a ‘Sleep Tight’.. 🙂
Love is in ‘Stay Blessed’ or ‘Are you ok?’

Love is when he whispers ‘I love you’ and she returns with a ‘To the moon and back! Always! Forever! Till the last breath!!’

GO – Let it go #AtoZchallenge

This is the edited post!

GO!! For the first time I m drafting from my phone. It is horrible. 😮 Only because I would like to complete this challenge in the best way I used mobile to write & soon I realized i m not supposed to do that. :/

maxresdefaultGo is a word I hate when it stands alone. I feel it like abandoning. But I love when people say ‘Lets go’ (Tagline of ALTO)  or ‘Let it go’. Yeah! Who don’t know ‘Let it go’? It is the academy award winner song. And I love the movie ‘Frozen’. Its the first song Mayasa sung. One morning, two days after the first time we watched the movie I head her making a howling voice. She was standing on the coat and raising her head and hands accordingly. I made my ears to listen her keenly and realized she is singing ‘Let it go’. Then she was only 1 and half and now she is better in singing that. Howling ended! 😛
Its the song which made me and my two nieces closer. One of my niece and her cousin; both little girls are born and brought up abroad. While I was staying with them, for the first week they both were shy to talk to me as I m a big one considering to them. I tried my best to get closer to them but my cousin sister discouraged me saying that kids are too weak in speaking and getting mingled with others. The very first weekend we went for a trip and we three were sitting in the back seat of the car, I heard them singing Let it go and fighting over the words in lyrics. In a moment i corrected them with the right lyrics and they both got shocked. One in them asked me ‘How you know this song? this is an animation movie.’ I took my phone and played the only one song in my playlist then. it was ‘Let it go’. They both smiled at me and now then on wards they never made a strange approach to me.

GI was supposed to talk about Go and look what I wrote. So.. GO! Go is what I love when it is related to traveling and what I hate when it is related to relationships. I am a wanderlust and when someone says about going to any place I will be the first one who beams and stands forward and when it comes to relation I couldn’t digest the part of leaving someone without any reason. I would like to hang on till the end to what I need and in the end if nothing is hopeful I will let it go!


DEATH-my biggest fear #AtoZchallenge

I was planning to post another blog on D. But last day I deleted that post and wrote this new one. I am very much afraid of writing about death. It is the biggest fear I have. I couldn’t handle the loss of someone closer to me. And last Friday I lost my Uncle. I was struggling to hold on my tears for the next two days knowing my tears will bring tears in my dear one’s eyes too. I acted pretty strong in front of everyone and at night I sobbed silently thinking about the memories he gave me. And yesterday, when I got back to office I noticed that I m not normal. My eyes started welling up in every normal talk and then again I realized how much I m worried of his demise. And that’s how this post turned ON!


DEATH! Death is usual as birth. That’s how life is. The first time I encountered it is while I m in my second grade when I lost my Grandfather. And that was the day I came to know that losing someone is the biggest fear. I tried my best to fill the void with memories and happiness but that never worked. Every time when I think about something that scares me; it’s that; those memories of my lost ones. I thought I m being silly every time. I tried to change. But all my tries went in vain.
When on Friday night my Dad called me in numbness conveying the news of demise I felt like something hit me hard on my skull. I was in a moment of shock and then I tried my best to keep calm and behave strong. I was the only one normal there at that time and right that time I took my phone and called each and every relatives of mine to pass the news. I still don’t know how I did that without a drop of tear and I don’t know how I collapsed right after that. After every such loss I will tell myself ‘Their duty in this planet is done and they left.‘ This time too I m struggling to cope up with the truth and teaching myself on it. What left is those thousand memories we had together as a family. The thousand funny fights we made and those unconditional love he given to me considering me as his own little daughter.

DOne of my favorite book ‘Mayyazhi puzhayude theerangalil‘ by M. Mukundan have a nice story to tell about death. Across the Mayyazhi river, there is an island with butterflies called Velliyankallu. When someone dies in Mayyazhi, they will turn into a butterfly and will fly to Velliyankallu. 🙂

I can see everyone as beautiful butterflies fluttering there!! 🙂


P.S : Thanks to everyone who held me closer on these days! Thanks to every condolences and thanks to Shinilkka who told me to write read eat and get back to normal ASAP. 🙂

Brothers – my all time support! #AtoZchallenge

Someone who is already into my blog knows how much I m closer to my brothers. Not to everyone (I almost have a 30-35 cousin brothers in family) but some are vital part of my life. Something that is irreplaceable.. Often my weakness & the best strength.. They makes me laugh most of the time.. 😀 (omit the sober part.. 😉 ) Brother is a feeling.. ❤
I m lucky enough to have some of the best inside my family and away too. Often people will make us feel like family with their heart.. Proud to own them..

New-Arrival-Because-I-Have-A-font-b-Brother-b-font-DIY-Waterproof-Vinyl-font-bFor me brother is someone who is always beside you to lend shoulder to cry and give their nose to punch and laugh.. 😀 Someone who is ready to approve our opinions or who shoots it out straight to your face without making us feel awkward.. 😉 They know that we are ready to take the best from them and ready to give the best for them too.. Someone to whom we can open up our fears and blunders.. Someone with whom you can fight at the night and smile in the next morning.. 🙂 Someone who gives a share of their food if you are hungry and takes away from our plate without asking.. (this one is not about Shabee.. :P) Someone who know you are getting irritated and will keep on irritating.. o_O Someone who is ready to sacrifice their favorite movie for your next day presentation.. Someone who calls every weekend asking are you coming home today..Someone who make big talks when you are in crisis.. And someone who holds you from falling and shouts at mom that your daughter tried to pull me down.. 😀

BA very very very big toast to the big ones and little ones in my life.. My best brother Aashi.. My day & night support Nibin Chettan.. My funny bone Vishnu.. The big big Kp.. I love it when you people say I m the best sister in the world.. 🙂

And a very big hug to my lovely family.. Partners in crime.. my buddy Shibu.. Big bro Shahil.. All time talking & food partner Shabee.. the rock star Aju and super cool Thousi.. ❤
The biggest one Shibukka.. My ibnu’s cool dad Shagikka.. Reading consultant Sudhikka and laughing hub Kochumonkka..

IMG-20151021-WA0012Trust me!! You guys played a big role in making my life around more lively and lighter.. Owe you all.. I got a lot to mould myself from you all..
Love you!! ❤
Stay blessed!!
Long live.. 🙂

Memories rolling on!

I opened the bundle of my memories and it slipped. Scattered on the floor making me smile. I drowned in those memories. I have a load of happy moments with my loved ones to recall. I always wish to relive that time again and again. And my greatest memories…

I have written a zillion times everywhere about the birth of my niece. Here and there I always mention her. She is the sunshine of my life. The most wonderful part happened to me till now. And if I think about her; I can’t pick one single memoir. I have many. Almost four years rolled down with her and I don’t know where I will store the upcoming memories with her in my mind. Obviously the born day is the best memory I have about her.

IMG-20160302-WA0018 (2)

She born on a time when I was pursuing my studies and going through so many personal strains and issues. I felt those time as the worst part of my life. Being in a mental crisis I managed to spend most of my time with the baby. My mental stress carved my physical health too. I was slumber all the time and every day I was losing hope in myself. It was on the 25th day after her birth I went and laid beside her. She was sleeping and I was weeping. Till then I had a pastime of making her clutch my fingers with her tiny hands. She never did that her own. I made myself much closer to her not disturbing her sleep and I was thinking about what should I do to regain myself. I closed my eyes and prayed for an answer from Almighty. All of a sudden her tiny fingers moved and clutched my fingers in her sleep and she held it tightly. She gave a bare smile, still with closed eyes and continued her sleep. That moment! It is one of the turning point in my life. That moment I started to find my life and happiness through her. I smiled at her. I talked to her even if she is asleep. I discussed my worries with her hoping she is understanding me. She often gave me smiles or little voices when I ask her something and I started from there. I decided my next step with her. Everyone will feel funny while reading this. What can a one month baby do to you? But for me, I bounced back from there. I resurrected from that little second and here I am; strong enough. While writing this I am having the same chill on my bones I had at that time & a little welled up eyes.


My baby.. I don’t know whether you will remember how well bonded we both were when you are a kid and I was your aunt.. I don’t know whether you know how well connected we are now.. Time will pass and you may forget the games we played, the stories I made, the lullabies I sung and the walks we had.. I was happy when I saw your first teeth.. I was super excited when you started calling your Mumma.. I jumped in air when I saw you walking.. I felt proud when you always say You wanna grow up and wish to be like me.. I loved it when you copy my little traits and make me laugh.. After all, you made me smile.. smile and smile.. Nothing over ruled my love towards you from the moment you born.. Love you honey!!

“Share your #MemoriesForLife like I’ve done at BlogAdda for HDFC Life.”