We fight over stupid reasons
We often sleep back to back
We burst out and never say sorry
We act grumpy on each other
We sit in separate rooms and watch the same movie

And the same we;

We discuss movies over our breakfast ❤️
We talk football over lunch ❤️
We share politics over dinner ❤️
We sit together and listen to music ❤️
We video chat together with each other’s friends ❤️
We make love and cuddle while sleep ❤️
And at the end we have the same welled up eyes with love when Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sings Afreen Afreen ❤️


So when I watched the Marriage story last day, I realized, whatever happens, what matters is we have to talk to each other even if we are letting the other one down. We have to discuss each other’s tensions, stress, worries, tantrums, insecurities, disappointments. Not only dreams but also struggles are meant to be discussed! So hold your loved ones together and walk together in this life. Trust me, you are going to love, laugh, cry, weep and smile but you are going to love it ❤️

‘Tis the season!

Another wonderful time of the year is another chance to reminisce about the past. Christmas is and will always be my most favourite time of the year. It might be due to the cold winter days or the holiday lights that are all adorned around. Until now, it hasn’t been clear to me why I enjoy Christmas so. When I was growing up, Christmas was the season for secret Santa. This is the time for me to ask my father for an extra penny in order to buy a better gift for my friend. It was a celebration to welcome the upcoming holidays. The obsession never ceased as I grew from a teenager to an adult. The holiday sloth bear in me enjoyed the holidays even though there was no holiday. I am that lazy mood who cannot work from December 24 to New Year. I define that literally.

Memories of this season swirl around taking a trip to your favourite cousin’s place or counting the stars in the stores while travelling on vacation. However, my most treasured Christmas memory is from five years ago. When I barged into my friend’s house and helped him decorate for Christmas. The crazy Christmas shopping on Broadway. The day I travelled to Fort Kochi on Christmas eve with my favourite people and stayed there till dawn. The day I walked through the beach and strolled along the park. The day I was welcomed into my friend’s home and had the best Christmas lunch ever. I am going to redo that! I may have had better days than that but that day was a day filled with so many realizations.

As a cherry on top of my love for Christmas, I moved to Canada. Boxing Day, White Christmas, Potluck. I realized Christmas wasn’t all about me. There was a sense of togetherness. It became more about the people we loved. It became more about the moments we shared. Long walks in the snow. Sharing a cup of seasonal hot chocolate together. Walking through the neighbourhood to see Christmas lights. Having a movie marathon of all the Hallmark Christmas movies. Baking the best Christmas cake. Squeezing your family at the end of Christmas dinner. Taking a group photo with everyone. Putting up the Christmas tree together. The hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. Potluck celebrations that never end. Sending last-minute Christmas cards. Writing letters to Santa. And, last but not least, helping someone in need! It’s always emotions. Those memories we cherish.

Those who know me know that I am in love with Christmas and I hope that it stays that way forever. This year will probably be a different kind of Christmas. I am away from the love of my life. For the first time in the last four years, I haven’t baked a cake. No greeting cards have been sent. I probably won’t have a Christmas dinner this year. However, I went on a last-minute shopping spree with my son on Broadway and decked up my tree. If only I could tell him how much I love this season. How happy it made me to take him on a stroll through my memories. How happy I was when one of my clients told me that watching Christmas movies was his favourite thing to do. As a child, how much I wished I could have Christmas cake for Christmas. While at school, how much I saved for a Christmas star. How much I struggled to hide my embarrassment at loving this season this much.

In this season of giving, look around and help someone! This isn’t a seasonal act, but please do it if you can. Send a Christmas card to someone you love and make them smile. Give a virtual hug to someone you miss. Let’s shop local and help someone who is struggling to meet their needs. Bake the best cake and cookies you can. Sip some hot chocolate. Stroll along the snowy paths with your beloved. This is the second Christmas in this pandemic and we are all struggling. Here’s hoping this will all be over soon and that you will all be able to spend your holidays with your loved ones.

Toast to the days coming up! 🙂
Toast to the posts coming up! 🙂

Happy Holidays! ❤
Happy Reading! ❤

Being Alive!

We are all so lucky to be alive! In little ways and big ways! Maybe it hits you differently than it hits me. But we must realize we are all lucky.

When I get hit by every avalanche in life there is a tiny weeny moment I feel like ‘Why me?’ It hits me down to the shallow ground. It took a lot of courage to stand up again and take a breath. But then again you walk. You run. You jump up and down in joy till it comes to the shallow cold ground again. As we were hit by the waves.

The first time I got into the swimming pool I was shivering. I was shivering with fear to take my feet off the ground. The first time I drowned I realized how much I fear water. But it wasn’t the fear of water. It was the fear of losing breath. Losing control over life. I have only managed 30 seconds underwater while my husband managed several minutes. For those few seconds, I lost control of my most precious thing. It was fear that still keeps me away from water. How silly.

In all these years I have always felt pain in my heart than in my body. It aches when I miss someone. It aches when I lose someone. It never stops. But as I always say, there is a silver lining in life. Those little smiles from strangers. Those laugh with our friends. Those long phone calls with our best friend. Those virtual hugs we do. Those silly articles we read. Those little brush strokes we make. That long lost tea you drink. Those hugs we have. It has the tingles to spark everything around. What matters most is the beings around us. The people. The people we love. The people we lost. The people we miss. The people we loathe. These all become a puzzle. Once it is all placed in, we have to search for the last piece.

I may miss the long strolls through the fall leaves. I may have forgotten the taste of French Vanilla from my tongue. I may have forgotten the roads that intersected. I may have forgotten the corner I used to keep my plant. But I can still feel the warmth of home. I can feel the rattling of fall leaves. I can feel the heart to heart conversations around the dinner table. I can feel the smile after having our favourite pancakes. I can feel his hand in mine. I can feel those tiny things that make me alive. I can feel myself in those moments.

Yes! We are all so lucky to be alive!

UNITE – stay together! #AtoZchallenge

bloggers-unite2Stay United.. I don’t know which is important.. I heard people saying stay united when I was a kid and when I grew up all I heard is stay independent.. May be life is all about choosing where we have to stay together and where to stay independent.. For me, I m independent up to an extend.. But as a family or in a relation I believe in togetherness.. Family & friendship is togetherness.. Nothing can beat that effect.. Home will not be home if there is no laughing.. stalking and talking.. and obviously fighting (the moment we realize the togetherness most).. That’s what family is.. I laugh at my dad.. tease my mom.. hug my niece and talk till the morning to my sister.. I can scold my Aunt.. fight with my little brother and sleep with my sister-in-law.. Togetherness is a wonderful feeling.. Uniting is as hard as parting.. Understanding each other in a better way.. Either it is a husband or wife.. Or a son and father.. anyone in a family.. ❤

when-spider-webs-unite-they-can-tie-up-a-lion-quote-1And friendship.. Uniting is a blast.. Unending laugh.. 😀 And the depth and loyalty is found when we are in a crisis.. We will know who will hold us.. and if we have a problem we will know who will stand beside us.. That’s what is unity.. 🙂 So unite & stay together.. Always love others around us and love yourself!!


Love your Life #AtoZchallenge

Life won’t be easy until you know what you can do. Life wont be easy until you find your power. I am powerful when I have a pen and a paper. I am confident when I until I believe i can write. But the most powerful weapon we have is LOVE.. 🙂


Love can heal anything.. Love is the one thing which connects us.. Love is the feel which makes us keep on living.. Love is what a mother felts for her baby from the day it starts growing in her womb.. Love is when a father hugs his child after scolding him for doing something wrong.. Love is when he kisses his love’s forehead after the first delivery.. Love is she tip toeing into the kitchen without disturbing her man’s sleep..Love is when he gives a piece of chocolate to his sister.. Love is when she helps her brother for the exam.. Love is when she shares her coffee with her love of life.. Love is he holding her hands from stumbling.. Love is in those biscuits bought by Grandma for me believing my childhood favorite is still my favorite.. Love is when your friend lends their shoulder without asking.. Love is when she clutches my fingers and snuggle into the blanket.. 🙂

Love can be a ‘Take Care’.. ‘A Drive Safe’ or a ‘Sleep Tight’.. 🙂
Love is in ‘Stay Blessed’ or ‘Are you ok?’

Love is when he whispers ‘I love you’ and she returns with a ‘To the moon and back! Always! Forever! Till the last breath!!’

COLLEGE – the treasure of best memories #AtoZchallenge

Yet again before coming to the point I would like to let you know that I am yet again going through a writer’s bloc. I am trying my best to bounce back as fast as possible.

“Yesterday is today’s best memory”

colgCollege.. I don’t know how much that mean to me.. I got a six year long college life before ending up on a job.. It was after completing my 10th grade I made a straight entry to College for Diploma in Architecture.. It was the first time I experienced the fun of being in college.. As it was a Govt. College, freedom was unlimited.. ❤ I loved studying among a 29 other elder girls (All joined after Plus Two and I was the younger one.. 🙂 ) I still remember my seniors who made me do mimicry and mono-act in the ice breaking section and got flattened when I sung Kal Ho Na Ho title song.. We became close friends and it remains till now.. 😉 I had the best experiences from that college. Staying away from home made me much stronger to face the problems.. A colorful world of every emotions. I often doubted whether it was a good choice to drop the Plus Two option and join the big deal; but it was one of the best decision I made. I m grateful to God for giving me a chance to be there and giving me the best gems to my life.. 🙂

New FolderLeaving the first college after the course was a bit tough task for me. I was there for three years and my mind was weaved with the air around the campus. I struggled much to regain myself when I landed back at home. Then again I was appointed by life to join another college for my graduation. I had a straight entry to second year there. And I guess it was one of the worst thing happened to me. Landing in 70+ students class room; they already friends for the past one year and all the students looked at me like I m an alien. Actually I was an alien there. I struggled the next three years to survive there. But from there too, I was surprised with some wonderful minds who made me alive.. We can find the gem in a trash too..

CBoth the college lives happened in an important phase of my life( I think that happens to everyone) and that made me stronger and shaped me into an individual like this. For me C is Chocolate..Care.. Coffee.. Cars.. But, College.. It have the best memories in treasure..

So that’s it for my College memories.. Love you all who made my days there beautiful.. Love you all for those wonderful memories I still cherish.. A big toast for everyone; to the teachers, to the friends, to the juniors, to the seniors, to the batch mates; who is still close to me and to those who left behind in the race of life.. Sorry if I ran faster than you.. I love you all.. 🙂

Birthday Wishes to my artist Arju!

My blog now a days turned to a birthday wishing one. 😛 Right after the Musical Mozart’s birthday post; I am back with another talented one. My personal favorite. Arju, my wonderful friend. People here were asking me to share his works after seeing one of his illustration in my new year blog post. So here I am. More about him on his birthday. First of all, sing along
Happy Birthday dear Arju!! 🙂


A collage made by me with his drawings!! 😉

Arjun aka Arjun Dev or the most common nick name posses – Ambattan is my personal comedian. If you are feeling dark around or mundane along, just ring him. He have an enchanting power to make me laugh. Not smile, I said laugh!! 😀 That’s him.
That lean guy I met in the college corridors, striving to become an electrical engineer 6 years back. A person who was obsessed with colors, paintings & photography. Like every Keralite; an engineer first and chasing the real dream then! Who was ready to pass any hurdle to pursue his dreams. Someone who taught me what dedication towards passion is & lives right in front of my eyes. And I am the biggest fan of this Photographer cum Designer cum Artist cum Painter cum Absolute dancer.

And now, my dear..
Happy Birthday! Keep going! I know you are still struggling to stand still in these waves which are striding around us. But you are a winner always! Who creates happiness within & around. Thank You for being one among the very few of trusted people I own. Thank you for all those stupid jokes you cracked even at our tough times. I am not going emotional, that never suits us. We are insane people na? 
‘It’s not the money that matters; It’s the happiness I m getting from Photography which makes me ME!’ Even you said this while laughing, this was one class punch dialogue from you dear.. 😛 
Stay blessed Always!!
Fly high!!

You are lovely.. My prayers & Love.. 🙂


Arjun Dev is professionally an Electrical Engineer & Freelance Photographer. Also works in Brochure designing, Cover designing & Logo designing. He is a bundle of talent. If any of the people here need a help on this, please feel free to contact him on Facebook profile.
His page – Arjundev photography Follow him!


So you people have a good day! 
Happy blogging!!
(P.S – Writing always makes us relieved.. 🙂 )

Pic courtesy : Arjundev

HER birthday story

October 20, 2015

It was a usual afternoon in HER work desk. SHE was busy scribbling something on HER notepad; but HER mind was totally obsessed with that apple pudding waiting for HER in the refrigerator. Bhabhi made it and dropped a box while they went back to home town. SHE is a foodie and can’t resist HER thoughts over it. After a little while, SHE was stomping HER pencil on the table and humming some crazy tunes, receptionist reached HER with a smile & handed an envelope. She wished an Advanced Happy Birthday to HER. SHE gave back a glee and said a Thank You in mere voice. SHE tore the edge of envelope and took that large birthday card out. A wonderful one inscribed with some very beautiful quotes. In the end it’s written HER old room mate’s name. She left the room two months before after completing her course. She was one of the best caring girl she ever met. The best listener to her blah blah. SHE went through the card again and again and kept dialing in the girl’s number. SHE was expecting a wish from her in the midnight, but not something like this. After so many unanswered calls she picked up the phone.
“You Idiot.. Thank You!!”
That was the first sentence came out of HER mouth. After the call SHE felt the chaotic face of HER boss behind.
“What’s that all about?” He asked.
“It’s HER birthday tomorrow!” Someone beside her replied.
“Whoa!” He made a wondering voice.
I know you will forget.’ SHE thought in mind.
HER Boss got a heavy memory problem. Especially with dates and numerical.
Then on wards SHE was on that happy mode. Surprises! SHE hate that; SHE hate HER heart beating fast; SHE hate suspense. Birthdays are usual days for HER. Last time SHE was in Dubai, letting the day pass as a usual one. It was a normal day. But this time it’s already abnormal. Damn special.
SHE took an appointment for a walk with HER mate. It’s the only time SHE behaves normal now a days. On those short walks SHE regains herself.
Back in room SHE was thinking about HER 24 years of existence. Every bad memories came swirling and SHE choked that out again.

Right after the dinner while SHE was in another room, busy with some mehendi design business, HER room-mate came and grabbed HER hands. She whispered “Terrace door is open, Come let’s go and check out.”
“Now? But Who? It’s almost midnight.” SHE peeped through the hand rail gaps.
Yes. Its open. SHE followed her room-mate and swung opened the door.
Bash! Happy Birthday to you started ringing through HER ears. “Oh God! You guys!” SHE was like What? When? How? Here? So many unanswered quires and they just handed HER the knife. Only three of them. HER best inmates. SHE was missing the other bunch of girls. SHE knelt down near the cake.
A moment. Thank You Almighty. Thank You for everything good & bad till now. Thank You for every weaker and stronger moments. SHE blown the candles and cut the cake. HER eyes searched for the stars in the sky. The stars are blinking at HER. SHE blinked back. The rest of night they stayed up there in the terrace chatting, clicking and chatting. And yes it is 12.00 am. Completing another round the earth.

21 October 2015

SHE rolled under her blanket at almost 2.00 am in the morning after those unending calls and messages.
Morning was same in office until SHE opened the WordPress and found a post titled How_I_Met_Her from HER lady-love. It almost made HER in to the wedge of tears. SHE stumbled through words to thank HER. While SHE was reading it again and again, HER intercom rang.
“This is from reception, You got a gift here!”
“What? From who?”
“Donno, Told its your friend!”
SHE reached the front office in no time and took the golden wrapped box. No names.
The receptionist smiled.
“Is that a He or She?”
“He is waiting downstairs.”
SHE reached the elevator. It’s still downstairs. SHE took the steps and reached the lobby.
It was him. HER bestie from college. He gave HER a high-five.
“Happy Birthday.”
“Oh Yeah.” SHE stood smiling with a whole surprised face, placing HER hand over head.
“Don’t surprise me like this. You know, I hate this.”
“But it’s your birthday. Now go & work.”
SHE was out of words. SHE took the wrapped box from reception and headed to HER work station. Pastries. SHE unwrapped the box. A red velvet and a caramel one.
Another ring on HER mobile. Another one from the same gang.
“Hey, Wassup?”
“Nothing.” SHE gave a cold reply.
“Then come downstairs.”
“Come re.”
Here again HER other two people are standing right in front of HER smiling.
“Oh God! I asked you guys yesterday itself whether you are free or not. I hate surprises.”
“We can’t help it.”
SHE returned back with the smiles and welled up eyes. SHE had a happy lunch with colleagues and a big one with HER besties.
Back in HER seat and then again a brown envelope with EMS sticker. SHE checked for the sender. It showed HER brother’s name. How? He is abroad. SHE carefully tore the cover and took the paper out. It enclosed a photograph. HER favorite one ( Palm Jumeirah from sky) & an emotional letter from him. SHE dialed his number. *Emotional Talk*
A message popped up in HER Whatsapp from HER blogger friend. Check WP. SHE opened the blog from the favorites tab. Yet again a dedicated wish. The girl in the white scarf.
SHE told to HERSELF. No more surprises Please..

While HER way back home SHE scrolled again through those wonderful birthday notes send by friends. Home welcomed HER with a Happy Birthday from everywhere. SHE was tired. That made HER ran to kitchen and gulped the dinner. Late night after making sure that SHE thanked everyone SHE crawled under her blanket.

27 October 2015

Intercom rings.
“Hey you got a courier.”
“But I didn’t order anything.”
“But this is for you.”
SHE turned towards her Boss. “Have you ordered anything online in my name.”
“No. Why?”
SHE reached the front office. Yeah its directly to HER. Clearly to HER only. In that 75+ employed office, it’s for HER. SHE took the pack and opened it. It was a book. The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. SHE gave a pause and smiled. SHE know who is behind this anonymous courier. SHE ringed HER big brother. He is the one who only mentioned this book before. SHE yelled at him in a lovely voice. “You know, I hate surprises.”


And this is my birthday story.. Tons and tons of thanks to everyone for that wonderful day.. Making it special.. Thank You Deepthi for the first surprise.. My roomies Akhi, Akhila, Soorya.. Thank You Manu, Remees, KP for turning up.. Rimitha for making it sweet.. Everyone for those wonderful birthday notes.. *Goosebumps*.. Thank You Santo for throwing up a treat to your workers on my Birthday.. That made my day.. Thank you for all the people who lend time to wish me through Facebook and Whatsapp.. Thank you for giving me the privilege to be the name of Whatsapp groups even for that day.. Thank You for the people who changed their status for me.. Thank You my lil bro Shabeer for that cute little pic.. I love you sweet heart.. Thank You my Aaashi for making me feel more and more blessed!! Thank You Sana & Neerja for the posts which decorated my WP that day.. I felt like m a celebrity.. Thank You my Nibin Chettan for that last but wonderful surprise..IMG-20151021-WA0012 Thank You Vichuzz for that wonderful speech you made in the morning (even after forgetting about my birthday.. 😛 )..
Thank You for the calls I got from 12 am that day to the end of the day.. Thank You for that international incoming.. ❤ You people know how much I miss you.. Thank you Santo, KP, Shinilkka, my lil bro Bishnu, my Zaf for writing those cute little birthday notes for me.. 🙂 I thought of sharing it.. But I think its my secret prized possession.. Thank You my Mom & Dad for reminding again that Birthdays are normal days.. Thank You my family (We are always family.. ❤ ) for unending support & care throughout my life till now.. And in the end..
Alhamdhulillah!! 🙂
Thank You Almighty!!
I feel SPECIAL.. :


Reaching Milestones

As I promised, This time I m here back with my full energy.. 🙂 But this is a thanks note.. Now a days, m specializing in writing notes.. 😛 But this.. This is a need.. 🙂

Thank You!! Thank You my dear readers & followers!!
Yeah! Two weeks before I gained 100 followers (now its 112.. 🙂 ) & crossed 2000 views in WordPress.. Its spinning around 37 countries in the world o_O and what to say! I am overwhelmed. Heart filled with love & appreciation.
Two years before when I started a page in WordPress, (it’s all because I was in search of some good designs for reference.) I wasn’t sure about maintaining it properly or updating my weirdness always.. 😉 I passed through some distressed situations and with a mind obsessed with creepy thoughts, I started writing..My loneliness and the smile amidst tears made me write.. 🙂 Then again I took a long break and stayed silent till I became a constant insomniac while I was in Qatar.. 🙂 Now it’s in 2015; I landed down at home after some international voyages around Middle East, I realized writing is there in my heart.. ❤

M too grateful to my Asten Design Studio shack where m sitting right now and scribbling this. They are offering me high pressure works and high speed internet. Sitting among designs and writing on some rough design sheets are really a different feeling.. 😛

And Let me take this chance to thank a bunch of people.. I know m being formal this time but, still.. WordPress is giving me notifications on my every milestone and I can’t stay back.. 🙂 Reaching 2000+ is not a big deal.. But I achieved that in 36 posts and it took me 2 years to gain strength.. And m feeling like in cloud 9 when I got to know that people are liking my writing skill.. I thought, still thinks that m bad in that.. 🙂

Now to the people who made me ME.. From start, my parents.. 🙂 The two wonderful souls who brought me up as a wonderful human being.. who can carry every stress, and can smile in every pissed of situation (Yeah! m like that).. My Dad was my mentor in writing and I guess he guided me through the right way.. ❤ My sisters Nisha & Thasni..brother Shibu for keeping an update on my skills.. Eeee.. 🙂 Saajikka & Naji Itha; the wonderful talented couples who made me realize that I have to improve a lot in writing.. You people are awesome writers.. 🙂
Thankful to all my school teachers who encouraged me on my experiments on writing and offering me all the support to maintain and polish it.. This isn’t my forte then, but still they did the best they can..
My Village, Puthenchira..who carries zillions of stories within her.. It’s wind itself gives me another energy to write..Our village library where I found another world.. The Sasthra Sahithya Parishath (It’s an association), who gave me chances to shine my own through their camps & through all the programs they conducted.. Still conducting..

altAsG-EmdyAZlqMbRisQdAZMrjjFlV8_1VL0x0UsqJrlWHAnd my friends.. From School to here!! I never got many, but I got some best people who are safe always in my heart.. 🙂 Lets start stage by stage.. 🙂
Thank You Vishnu..  (Lot more Vishnus are coming on the way.. 😛 ) So Thank you Vishnu Vijay.. for being  one of the biggest booster in my world of words.. Especially in my dealings with Malayalam.. 😛 Things changed a lot form that 5th standard class room to here.. You became one of my favorite writer and one of the extreme book addict I ever met.. I owe you!! ❤
My Ettaaaz.. One of the best I own in my life.. Nibin Chettan.. I know we don’t have to call every day to make sure that people are there for us.. And you are the best example.. My big brother with biggest love and care who always says m good.. 🙂 Love You!! ❤
And let me add some crazy weirdo people to the list without whom m incomplete.. Where to start and where to end!! Keda.. KP.. Remees.. Manu.. Sree.. You people are the best!! You know what I mean.. Ryt?? 😛 I m not being formal.. I know you people will be there for me for every crazy things I do.. ❤ My Bajrangis.. 🙂
Ami.. You are my bestest (new word) support ever.. You always made me believe that I can write well and do better.. 🙂
Shaaakkir.. Arju..for not giving upon me.. 🙂
Shifas..No one ever encouraged me like you.. You are the one who knows about my growth in writing.. 🙂
My dearest Aichu, Vrindhaz & Akhila..who always says.. “Itha! You are the best!! ”
My Bishnu.. Nitrospaarzzz… 😛 My writer kiddo who claps for me at everything I write.. Long list.. Ahem Ahem! 🙂
My Vichu.. for that most wanted dialouge.. “Nimi.. you got a good soul & that’s there in your writing.. ” ❤

My dearest Amal Thomas Leslie.. Man!! Without you I won’t be regaining my pace again in writing.. ❤ Love you!!
My lil Aaashi.. I miss you dear.. Thanks for being my constant reader & listener always..Even sitting miles away.. 🙂

My weirdo crazy ex colleague.. Sans.. who always says m cool and to say.. Dear, you are super cool!!

And here is my WordPress Family!!
Sri Di..Neerja..Deepika (I miss you 😦 ).. Hema Di.. Bala.. Tejas Bhai.. Without you, I wont be addicted to this platform & won’t be strong enough to write my heart out.. Everything happened here, from 2015 start to till now is all because of you.. You people are awesome.. I don’t know how much I am connected to some souls here.. 😉 *emotional*
Zafy, Another best I got from here.. 🙂 My close friend now, to whom I can be myself.. 🙂 Sri.. Can’t imagine what it would be like if I missed that link in my friend’s Facebook profile.. 🙂 Farid & Darshith.. My football maniacs.. Gimme a high five.. 🙂 My other writer friends Roopam, Rupali, Priya Darshini.. You all are helping me.. 🙂 Thank You!!

Yes m going to wind up.. But have to go a bit out of league.. Often people come to our life unexpected.. Like I call it as miracles.. My lady love Sana.. I don’t know how.. But you are always inspiring me.. 🙂 My Game-changer.. 😛 I guess I have to find another word to describe you.. M still on search man.. 🙂 I know you won’t reach here or read up to here.. 😀 As you are too allergic to reading.. But thanks for the trust over me.. 😀
And my new deal.. Mr. Femees.. I know you don’t like to get mentioned here.. But I can’t help it.. Thanks for the support.. (I m being too formal.. 😀 )

Thank God.. Thank God for bringing these people to my life.. Thanks for the air around me.. Wind around me.. Lives around me.. They all carries life.. They all inspires me.. They all makes me write.. 🙂
And to all my ancestors from where I gained this ability to play with words.. 🙂
All gratitude.. 🙂
All Love.. ❤

Nimi 🙂

Away from HOME – Phase 3

     8 years before on a sunny morning I loaded my luggage to the car. What’s that feeling that haunted me? Still, I don’t know. Its like a little birdie getting out from mother’s wings. My eyes were welling up. I am gonna miss my room, my bed, my books, my home town. 😥 Oye! You are only a 40 kms away from home. Really! Then why so much of this drama? Its on that morning I realized how it is; departing from home for a long time. I can come back every weekend; can feel that homely feeling once in every seven days; but still i was feeling numb. I felt a small tear rolling down my cheeks when our car took the bend and my home was out of sight. 😦 Mom and Dad is saying how to handle life alone; how to be brave; how to behave; how to be careful. I was 16 then,actually 15; will reach 16 two months later. So called bold and brilliant little girl from our family; who is ready to catch her dreams in the world of art and buildings. I wasn’t worried about anything; but my heart was cold ❤ . I couldn’t hear its lub dup; its almost out of order. Brain is out of order from the day I joined the college. Severe disorder to my whole body!! Master brain and lovely heart; they both seems to be resting in my room at home. 😛


Yeah! After a great section of ragging (that time it was hurting but now seems to be funny!) and introduction i entered to the world of college and hostel life. 8 years and 3 different hostels; different satires; Archie life to Engineering life (from artist to professional); Student to Architect (from professional to actual professional) Different places, different rooms, different people. Hostel life is so called hell for everyone where we make heaven. Wherever i stayed till now; I made heaven out of that every hell. 3 years as a stubborn archie who always carried a pencil in her drooping pants; 😉 Sleepless nights with my sheets and drawings; a world with colors and models (models of structures; not Lakme fashion week 😛 ) Loosing weight; laughing at every simple things; finding my true love (first love is always special ❤ ); long walks; and living with least pocket money. It was the best I had. The first time I found out what friendship is; what love is; what adjusting is; what is it like living with a bunch of people from different home; and moreover so many experiences over life. From the first phase of life away from home; I studied how to love each other; how to trust on someone and how not to break it. We managed to stuck in a room with 10 beds (which we changed to 8 and we 10 slept over that); 2 tables (both with my sheets stick over that). We never complained; but we enjoyed every moment with tears and laughs. The people who taught me to smile at every conditions; to sing on every worries; to sleep with my tensions over submissions and to praise the Almighty for everything!! 🙂


Then  the second phase of life away from home. Crying days cause of missing old room mates; 😦 stuck among some seventy people who are already friends for the past one year and I am new Alien to them. And the life with some higher standard people who always carried a thought that they are bigger than anyone cause they are Engineers. 😛 From there I studied what wrath is 😛 ; what hate is; what betrayal is; how is it like cheating someone with whom we are sleeping everyday; how is it like taking someone’s precious thing and ruining it; how is it like sitting for combine study and having a urge in mind that I m gonna score more than you 🙂 ; how is it like spending more money on nothing we need; how it is like complaining on everything; and moreover whats backstabbing. I know someone among those people will read this one day and will realize how I felt for them. This is not what I felt then; this is what my realizations are after that 3 years of life. I won’t complain you cause even my cousins did the same to me; Betrayal; so why can’t you! 😛 I would better study from them how to keep that hate towards anyone for a long time for no reason; how to cheat someone who is in your room for the past two/three years; how is it to betray your best friend (so called best friend). Strange people; strange life it is!! 🙂


Through which I am going now. My life with some responsible; still funny and loving people; a set of crazy ones who are trying hard to build up their career to whom I never tried to mingle with; but all fell in place and they seems to be getting adjusted to me! (Yes; m pretty confusing often 🙂 ). I was worried of joking over them; make fun of them; even to care them. I was wrong often! Now I started joking over them (they over me too); make fun of them (they over me too); even started caring them(they care me too) 😛 . Some different mind sets who never attracts; but for God’s sake we never repels. Thank God for making me keep a short distance between everyone among us. Cause that short distance is making us together always. Thank God for making them give me my space in my life (Not blaming over my friends, my books, my songs, my writings, my weirdness, my madness, my life). They are the well mannered well behaving people. May be cause we are all responsible working people (of same age! 🙂 ) But this is another dimension in my life! 🙂

Toast for all the people who made me smile on my days away home. Dedicated to all my hostel mates (who made me happy) in this journey of life. 🙂 Don’t ever feel that there were no bad ones in my Phase 1 and good ones in Phase 2. There were; but these are only the memories which remains now. Don’t think they are the only one who betrayed me. Sometimes my family people 😛 and my so called friends did the same. Don’t think that they are the only one who makes me happy. I have my princess of love who makes me laugh in tears (my Mayasa ❤ 🙂 ❤ ); my own brother who always makes me smile in every situation (my Aaashi 🙂 ❤ ); my wonderful buddy who always says I am the best (my Vichu 🙂 🙂 ); my reflection in life who always makes me feel we are the only two extinct pieces in our species (my Boss ❤ ❤ ); my family and a crazy set of siblings who always makes me feel I am special. So many people here and there! Long live this wonderful people. ❤

Nuz’ha, Shari, Ahalya, Sini Chechi, Maria, Greeshma, Sheena Chechi, Anju Chechi, Aswathi Chechi, Dhanya Chechi, Akhila, Daly (In first phase 🙂 )

Aisha, Vrindha, Akhila, Hiba, my lil junior fellows and MBA mates (In second phase 🙂 least in count)

Akhila, Vidhya, Limiya, Bhagya, Deepthi, Aswani, Soorya, Kala (In third phase 🙂 )

Its just a simple thought of what makes me happy in this hectic life made me write this blog ❤ Love you all ❤