What life with a football admirer gives you!

So, After almost an year I am writing again.

World Cup hangover is still ON. Congratulations France and Well done Croatia. Waiting for the next four years to pass! So that I can watch the game with our little champ! 🙂


Why not a fan and an admirer. Both are different. Football fan; anyone can be a fan. Anyone can support it and go on with a team. But admirer; its one who loves the game, loves the passes, praises the beauty and scolds the faults, one who knows the match to the core. Who supports a team but loves everyone else. 🙂

So what getting married to a football admirer gives you?

As he is the extreme admirer of the wonderful game football; he will be a person who takes everything in a spirit. As a game; he believes life doesn’t gives you anything granted, you have to work hard for it. He knows life is unpredictable as anything can happen in the last minute or extra time, either good or bad. Often it gives us penalty or free kick and we have to use it in the best way. Be careful that there is a goalie to stop what we are striking. He will keep a hope till the last moment and if he loses he warms up for the next game. He may wake up in the midnight or early morning to watch a game. Make a coffee and enjoy it with him. Because he know how to defend the difficulties. He know how to tackle problems. He know how to attack and clear the defenders. He will appreciate everyone’s spirit. He will appreciate everyone who deserves. Moreover you will be having a friendly rivalry at home only if you love football. We will learn to fight in laughs and appreciate each other. He will watch the game for you if you can’t. You will be having something interesting always in your life. 🙂


So love football and love someone who loves football. That’s how it is. ❤
P S : Using ManU poster only because my man loves the team, I am still for Barca 🙂
There may be different opinions for this. But this is what my life taught me. Let’s football



Two weeks before we writer friends planned to make a challenge to regain our writing skills. And today is the deadline. I wish to write alot but I m stuck up with words. Writers bloc. Still I m taking up the challenge cause I don’t want to let my people down. And yeah! Writing is my passion.

Gratitude! Gratitude is always to my parents. I would like to give a bow to them, hug them and say.. Hats off to you guys! They are the perfect example of love. They are the perfect example of Parenthood. Obviously me and my sister once thought they are rude to us. They only bought us a single new dress in an year and we have to count another 365+ days to get the next one while all my cousins managed to get three four in an year. My dad managed to fulfill our every wishes but we thought the other way. One day, while I m in school when I asked him 10 rupees and he told me to take it from his pocket. I checked his pocket to see that single 10 rupee note and I got shocked. I haven’t thought about a feeling of being poor. I thought we are rich, I wished he will be having much money in the bank something. (Really I imagined that even knowing my dad don’t have a bank account that time) and at night I heard him telling mom that we don’t have any money left and she have to wait one week to buy household things. I heard her telling him; Don’t worry and everything will be fine. That moment I realised how much my parents are struggling to put up a life for us. Now years after I am 26 and married, my sister got married and I m grateful to Almighty for giving such a strong contenders as Parents. They never ever made us feel insecure and given us the freedom they can give. They made me fly. They made me write, sing and draw. Trust me, I wouldn’t have been this much successful if I was born in some other family and for that I owe them.

Let the happiness stay and they smile forever for a long time.. Years to go!!

Thank you Sri for putting up a challenge like this. I know I have become worse with words. But I m feeling satisfied cause I wrote something..

VIKRAM VEDHA – A must watch thriller

It was the fourth Tamil movie I m watching in theatre. My previous ones includeMassu engira Masilamani which gave me worst experience, OK Kanmani which I loved and Bahubali 2 which was a wonderful experience. I guess my readers know I m weak in Tamil and I don't understand even a single sentence completely. So, I was not so excited in going for Vikram Vedha , I had seen the different looks of R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi for the movie, I passed by so many reviews (haven't read any) but I was on a lag mood. My husband told me its a thriller and to say, the last Tamil thriller I saw was 'Druvangal 16'. I must mention it was an awesome movie.
So the movie started by 10.30 pm after my long tiring office and household chores. I was struggling to keep my eyes open and the movie begins.
The first thing that made me smile was the subtitles. They ran it with English subtitles and there I won. My sleep took leave for next 147 minutes. The credits rolled with the comic of Vikramadithyan and Vedhalam, the story which made us think in our childhood days. Vikram Vedha was the same. It made us think.
Its is the story of good and evil. Every moment it throws a question at us and we were confused whether to chose this or that and thats where the movie wins. It shows clearly that our life is how we assume it will be like. Our happiness, sadness, excitement everything is created by us only. Nobody is a part in that and we can't blame anyone. The film ends again with a question of who wins over who and the director left that question to us.

Vikram Vedha in one way is a typical Gangsters movie with too much twists in the plot. Its just a simple race between a police officer Vikram and gangster Vedha. But Vikram Vedha in another way is a fantastic movie which made it super fantastic by the narration, the super cool acting by Vijay Sethupathi (Vedha) and R. Madhavan (Vikram) who never let us down with their performance. R. Madhavan who is always my favourite person performed one of the best in his career yet, while Vijay Sethupathi is stunning with his expressions, acting and appearance. If you are hoping for an action drama, you will be disappointed, there is no mass fights and people flying over air. This is definitely a thriller drama. Thank you Pushkar and Gayathri for such a great one.

Its just a race with life where what we assumed as good becomes evil and the evil becomes? Definitely a confusing question!

Seven movies in single month Godha, Role Models, Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum, Dunkirk, Sunday Holiday, Tiyaan! Mixed responses but Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum and Vikram Vedha made our month! Taking a break from movies! More exciting things on the way!
Till then,
Happy Blogging ❤️

Little thing called HAPPINESS #3

Happiness is having your favourite snack.. Knowing that your husband will order your favourite one before you reach the table after the hectoc work.. Loving when your friends opt to have the same because you never changes the menu.. Best is when the waiter keeps your favourite on the table before you order..

My happiness is having a coffee woth my favourite snack Pazham Pori (Banana fry) with my loved ones! 

Recipe for the snack is here
I love eating ❤️

Little thing called HAPPINESS #2

Happiness is when seeing your niece write everything on her own..

Best is seeing her write, she want to become a writer in future. She knows stories and she konws how to explain it to everyone. She know the world around and she got a ton of questions with her. ❤️

My baby is growing up! 4 years down! 

Little thing called HAPPINESS #1

The feel of being obsessed with the people we admire most. The story we would love to live. The best thing to do while you are tired of the whole world and would like to live another. The magical thing. This is happiness. 

Best is when someone gifts you the whole Harry Potter series as wedding gift. You have a husband who allows you to read till midnight and don’t disturb you. And the happiness you got the feel that you can reread this whole books again and again. Love Harry Potter!! ❤️ Thanks J K Rowling.
P.S. Just trying to keep on writing! 

500 days!

She sipped the coffee and looked into his eyes. He still doesn’t show any hesitation in talking to her. He is waiting for her reply as he asked a normal question. 

‘Today also you are going to walk me to my apartment, Right?’ She asked to broke the silence between them. He smiled and walked to the bill counter. They both exited the restaurant and started walking. She could feel her heart beating so fast while they covered half the way in silence. ‘So, you don’t like me, Right? You don’t like to marry a person like me. I know!’ He was talking normally. She just looked at his face, he smiled and asked ‘What?’ 

‘You don’t know me really! I am a very different creature. Have you seen any girl like me yet. I have goals..’ 

‘Goals like?’ He broke in.

‘I want to start an NGO for street children. I want to start my own Architect firm. I want my stories to get published. I want to buy an apartment my own and live there alone.’ She took a deep breath. He is still smiling at her. ‘Who said this is all big things. These are all normal. You can do everything as your wish. But you should live in the apartment with me and our kids.’ She laughed, but still feeling the weight in her heart. ‘You don’t understand.’ She concluded the conversation and headed towards her apartment.

Back in her room, she took the phone and rewinded the chats. The books he gifted, A walk to remember and the notebook, her favourite Nicholas Sparks is smiling at her. I can’t fall in love with him. How can I? He was a great support to her for the past few months. He know all her hardships, but she don’t know much about his. He is like that only. He came to talk to her only after reading her blog, even she know him for the past one year; she also haven’t tried to talk. Last time she went for a movie with him. First time with a guy alone. She never felt anything awkward. He was clean, never shown and flirty caring drama of normal guys. He always respected her likes and dislikes. He was like a great friend to whom she can lean. But today, he looked straight into her face and told he just need her in his whole life, in happiness and sadness, as his best friend and wife. He just need her answer. She was likely to say you are just my friend. But she didn’t.

Remembering all those moments made her numb. She took the phone and texted him.

‘Do you really loves me?’

After 500 days!

He put the car key in the ignition. ‘Baby, are you sure you took everything in need?’ She got into the seat and smiled at him. ‘Ha Baba, don’t act like my husband!’ He gave the most confusing look in a playful way. She gave a peck on his cheek as he drove the car forward. They rushed through the highway in the car tagged ‘Just Married‘. 

I am sharing a half relationship story at Blogadda in association with #HalfGirlfriend

Half Girlfriend trailer

The Wrong Man Part 1: Prologue and Chapter 1

Here is another breathtaking story series from my writer buddy Zaf..
Please don’t forget to read the condition..



The girl awoke on the cold stone floor, disoriented. As her vision cleared she realised she was alone, darkness surrounded her. She looked into the solitary light that hung right above her illuminating a small circle with her at the centre. She tried to sit up but her hand and legs were tightly tied together. She started crying, what else could you expect from a 9-year-old?

She lay there unable to move, sobbing and occasionally crying out for help. There were no other sounds to end the frightening silence the darkness surrounding her accompanied. She fell asleep soon, her fragile mind refused to stay awake during this terrifying ordeal. She woke up a while later to find nothing had changed. She was hungry now, she could feel her stomach grumbling. But thoughts about food were the last thing on her mind, she missed her parents, her mother most of…

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Another year again!

365 days passed by!

Time to change the year column in our life. 2017 on doorstep!
Life will move on again. It will run and slow down often. Keep up the pace and be with it! 🙂

Smile at everyone and everything! It will be hard sometimes. We will find it difficult to cope up. Hard paths will come and go. Smooth roads will not be easy to find. You may had big losses in the past year. Big achievements too. Expect everything for the next turn round the sun!

So be Brave! Except the worst & give a deep sigh when it is over. Except the best & smile at it the best smile you can give. Pamper the life. Love your family. Keep your best friends. Play with the kids. Cuddle up with your love. Hug your buddies. Travel with the best people in your life!

People will make you smile. They will make you weep. They will make you cry. They will make you laugh. They will make you tensed. They will scare you. They will hug you. They will tickle you. They will hurt you for sure.

Say good bye to every bad things you got till now and give a fresh kick start.


Let’s say Happy New Year together!

May Almighty bless everyone around the world. 🙂

Thank You my readers!
Have a nice time ahead!

Long Three Months!! #Part_1

My dear readers,

I would like to call you my dearest readers. It was a long break from me on WordPress only because of my lack of time to sit and write. I was out of calm environments and I was torn apart by the crucial schedules and work loads. And now, Here I am.. Expecting myself that I am back!! 🙂

What happened after April 30th?
Why I vanished from the whole WordPress world. I have the most dumb answer. I was running out of time. o_O
I shifted to another job on the mid of May which shook my whole routine. I m working from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm (often that goes beyond 9.00 pm) and loosing myself on my already set track. I was expecting that all my mind freaks will settle down once I m back in to the track. Now what is that track? I was thinking yesterday (Independence day is not a holiday for me; Even Sundays are working day) what I m loosing for the past 3 and half months of running and what I got on these long time! (It’s not so long, but for me it seems too long!)

Replay in slow motion : May,2016 to Till date 😛
Bangalore Diaries
Bangalore! Not so rocking city for me. On the start of May I got interview for a placement in Cochin. Interview was held in Bangalore. that’s how me and my dad started our journey. Bangalore was a dream destination for me till then. May be the hype I got from my friends and family made me think that Bangalore is always rocking. But things were different for me. To a country fellow like me, Bangalore is more than unbearable. From the first day itself I started hating the traffic, the busy moving city and everything inside it. I nailed the interview and got my posting again in Cochin (Another city where I m trying to get gelled up for the past several years! 😦 City hater me ).
It will be hard, if I didn’t mention about my super cool brother who taken care of us on my interview journey. Vishnu, blogger cum dancer cum my sweetest brother; who roamed with me and Dad a whole day leaving his chores behind. Thanks honey! 



Selfie with Darshith, Dad & Vishnu.. 🙂

Things changed when I was directed to join at Bangalore for the first one month and my lone journey started there. Exploring Bangalore. On a cold morning 5 am I got off in Yeshwanthpur Railway Station. Every city have its own beauty on each time. So that’s how I started enjoying Bangalore morning! Chinnaswamy Stadium, Planatorium, M G Road, Brigade Road, Lakes, Parks.. And Udupi Garden. That was my destination for then, my guest house.  For another one month that was my den, the burrow where I wished to end up every night. In a month Bangalore became my friend. First day itself I got a Kannada sweetheart Swati to roam around and gupshup (My secret quality). May be Swati is the one reason, I blended with the Bangalore city, hectic traffic and terrible rain. We explored hotels at lunch breaks and tried all street foods on our tea break. We walked through the street laughing; careless. We talked about everything under the sky. ❤ We had two weeks together and in that 14 days we became closer to each other. 🙂 That’s how some relations are. We will never come to know, that this is going to happen. 


Work Station gupshup with Swati.. ❤

Bangalore gave me another partner in crime too. My new colleague, whom I met on the third week of guest house life. The silent salient designer. From the moment we met on wards, he broke my shell and got in to talk (Then I came to know that I did the same to him also 🙂 Introvert boy.. ) We ate together, we traveled together; still, we are the same.. (another two add-ons came to our team 🙂 )

Bangalore was galore of memories..
The city where I met my buddies of lifetime, writers by destiny.. 🙂 Darcy & Sana!
Yeah! It was on a middle of night we three met and laughed hugged and laughed.. Meetings happened again.. To cherish forever & ever!!

I miss Bangalore. I miss Bangalore weather. I miss my morning walk at the streets at Udupi. I miss those careless nights. I miss being alone at room and reading books till my eyes die for sleep. I miss something over there..

So that’s it. Bangalore gave me two beautiful people into my life! So many memories to cherish & tons and tons of happiness!

Do you wanna go Bangalore again?
NO.. Please.. I’m happy here.. 🙂

More on way! Right now I m signing off after Bangalore Diaries!
Time out!!
I missed you all here.. I missed WP.. I missed writing..
Happy blogging! ❤