CAPERNAUM – Zain, Nadine Labaki and Beirut

Is there something in your life which moved your heart like never before? Is there an instance where you smiled in tears and thanked Almighty in what you have? Is there a moment when you hugged your loved ones and never let them go? Is there a day when you stare at the wall for nothing but you are numb?


Capernaum will take you through all this. Yes! I am just talking about a movie. The Lebanese movie made by Nadine Labaki who herself put the whole world in chaos through her movie. When we say it in normal, it is a gut wrenching and heart breaking movie which makes us feel numb on the lives we see on screen.
It is the story of just a kid, Zain who want to sue his parents because they gave birth to him. They made him born to the unhealthy world around. The life of a brother who weeps for her little sister always. The tears of a boy who never have an identity of who he is and the chaos of a heart who don’t know his own birthday or his age. Capernaum is a questioning of existence. When Zain looks in to the school bus going everyday with his blank eyes he dreams of going to school. When Zain washes the blood from her 11 year old sisters panties to cover up her periods, he makes sure her sister is safe with him and he never want her to get married off in that age. He questions the beliefs and situations he have to go through with a blank face. When Zain asks his parents why they gave birth to him and his dozen of siblings if they can’t feed them or take care of them, we are taking slap on ourselves. When he ran away from his own home he dreams of a better world outside but he ends up in the same chaos he was in before. But he keeps up the hope. The movie shows love, vengeance, ignorance and emptiness. When Zain tries hard to keep Yonas happy, movie shows us that there are little thing called happiness which we can extend through the care we show to others. When Rahil takes Zain to that little house she have and feeds him, movie express the fact that there are good people out there in the world who can give us hope on life.

When we go deep inside, Capernaum is the truth of Beirut and many other parts of the country we never want to see, to which we close our eyes. It is a piece of art which make us feel grateful for the life we have, the identity we own and the smile we possess.

Things get more worse when we realise that the actors of the movie Zain, Rahil and Yonas are refugees in real life who was spending their life as the same as in the movie, our heart breaks. It is where Capernaum is more special to me. It depress us in a way that no other depression can ruin us. It takes us to a world we never dream of.


Dear Nadine Labaki,
I will always be grateful to you for showing us the world out there. Thank you for this piece of life you made in to movie. It opened my eyes in many ways. It made me thank Almighty a thousand times for the life I have. It made me to smile at little happiness, care and hugs. It made me hug my baby tightly and cry my heart out for no reason. It made me look into my husband’s eyes with tears and smile wholeheartedly. It made me to look into my life in easy way. It made me realize how lucky I am to have a life like this. It made me stop my concerns on the life ahead but it made me concerned on the world around. It made me worried about the war which shatter families. I worried about many Zains who will be sleeping with eyes opened in many parts of the world. It made me cry on the fact that we people are making other people’s life a suffering. It made me mad on thinking that world is heaven as well as hell!


Writing after along time. Happy that I am back in by WP. Sorry for the flaws in writing my readers. I am still trying to recover from my writer’s bloc.
Happy Blogging ❤

P S :I recommend everyone around the world to watch this movie. This is also life. The movie is available in Netflix

VIKRAM VEDHA – A must watch thriller

It was the fourth Tamil movie I m watching in theatre. My previous ones includeMassu engira Masilamani which gave me worst experience, OK Kanmani which I loved and Bahubali 2 which was a wonderful experience. I guess my readers know I m weak in Tamil and I don't understand even a single sentence completely. So, I was not so excited in going for Vikram Vedha , I had seen the different looks of R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi for the movie, I passed by so many reviews (haven't read any) but I was on a lag mood. My husband told me its a thriller and to say, the last Tamil thriller I saw was 'Druvangal 16'. I must mention it was an awesome movie.
So the movie started by 10.30 pm after my long tiring office and household chores. I was struggling to keep my eyes open and the movie begins.
The first thing that made me smile was the subtitles. They ran it with English subtitles and there I won. My sleep took leave for next 147 minutes. The credits rolled with the comic of Vikramadithyan and Vedhalam, the story which made us think in our childhood days. Vikram Vedha was the same. It made us think.
Its is the story of good and evil. Every moment it throws a question at us and we were confused whether to chose this or that and thats where the movie wins. It shows clearly that our life is how we assume it will be like. Our happiness, sadness, excitement everything is created by us only. Nobody is a part in that and we can't blame anyone. The film ends again with a question of who wins over who and the director left that question to us.

Vikram Vedha in one way is a typical Gangsters movie with too much twists in the plot. Its just a simple race between a police officer Vikram and gangster Vedha. But Vikram Vedha in another way is a fantastic movie which made it super fantastic by the narration, the super cool acting by Vijay Sethupathi (Vedha) and R. Madhavan (Vikram) who never let us down with their performance. R. Madhavan who is always my favourite person performed one of the best in his career yet, while Vijay Sethupathi is stunning with his expressions, acting and appearance. If you are hoping for an action drama, you will be disappointed, there is no mass fights and people flying over air. This is definitely a thriller drama. Thank you Pushkar and Gayathri for such a great one.

Its just a race with life where what we assumed as good becomes evil and the evil becomes? Definitely a confusing question!

Seven movies in single month Godha, Role Models, Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum, Dunkirk, Sunday Holiday, Tiyaan! Mixed responses but Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum and Vikram Vedha made our month! Taking a break from movies! More exciting things on the way!
Till then,
Happy Blogging ❤️

SHE – EK LA CHOLO RE! A peep into LGBT community in India

India is one among the very few countries who gave electoral right to a third gender. Yes! We gave right to vote for the Hijra community. But India is a country where people think homosexuality is immoral. It is still a Taboo to our Government and society. As per the Indian Penal code section 377, making sex with the person of same gender is punishable by law. Now, the Parliament again voted down Shashi Tharoor’s private member’s bill to decriminalize homosexuality I would like to introduce a book to you all about the transgender community in India. We have already seen so many novels & biographies by the transgender community, this one is a joint effort by Dr. Shayan Haq and Santhosh Avvannavar.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00004]Titled as SHE-Ek La Cholo Re; inspired by Rabinthranath Tagore’s verses from the title ‘Eka’ in his song anthologyBaul, published in Bhandar magazine in 1905. The story itself set on the backdrop of Calcutta in 1990. SHE is a well written story packed in 50 pages. A story weaved from a single journey between two unknowns. Story on life of Kusum, whose identity fells in between he and she. It revolves around the life of a transgender; which shows the struggle of a person to be themselves and more. It gives the perfect picture of how oddly our society treats them and how worse the other people makes them feel about themselves. A story of brave heart whose identity is blurred cause of the social conditions around. And it is all about finding one’s own identity among all odds.

SHE starts when Raj meets Kusum in the road as a strange woman waiting for a lift and it ends on how Kusum’s life story touches Raj by hearing her on their drive to the destination. The novel ends giving a wonderful climax and it makes us think more on the sacrifices a person have to do to be her own or his own. As gender is a fact that we gain by the time we start our life in a womb; often it makes a difference cause of the hormonal imbalance or the matter of mind. It is a person’s wish to be on which gender he/she should belong; and society is the major fact that kills people’s own self and slashes their identity from the whole world. We know there is a very big LGBT community around us; even we support them. But no one is ready to raise their voice for them all because we think what others will think when we support them.

23F709AC00000578-2852834-image-a-13_1419097701138That is the main factor why I dragged SHE into my post to make everyone realize that they all are people too and they all have a heart. No one wish for a life in a closed chamber where everyone shoots them with blaming eyes. Let everyone be their own & let everyone get the privileges equally!

Everyone have their own freedom in their life; to choose and to live!

‘Jodi Tor Dak Shune Keu NA Ase Tobe Ekla Cholo Re’
‘If no one responds to your call, then go your own way alone!’

Image courtesy : & Santhosh Avvannavar

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BROKEN MAGIC by Balakarthiga

First of all let me say Bala a sorry.. for dragging this review so long.. I was going through a writer’s bloc & thank God; I think I m over it.. 🙂

Usually I am out of this e-book lovers category, I am always comfortable with paper backs. But this is the second one I bought from kindle & the credit of both purchase goes to my little author sister Bala. Bala is little sister to me. A girl who can do wonders with words like Harry potter can do with his wand. (If I have to compare with a female, She is my Hermione.. 🙂 ). A Rahmaniac like me. A Harry Potter fan like me. I guess we share some common interests. Her first kindle edition was a combination of 13 fantastic short stories. Heart strings. And now, Broken Magic is the second kindle publication by Bala. A short love story which starts with one of my favorite quote by Rumi.

When I m with you, we stay up all night. When you’re not here, I can’t go to sleep. Praise God for those two insomnias! And the difference between them.

51jDBRlcS1L._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Who never want to fall in love? Don’t say you don’t want to. Everyone wish to fall in love with your perfect match. And what this perfect match means? That’s Bala’s Broken Magic. The story of Aadhi & Nayani. A journey of love with two mismatches. Finding the true magic within. The writer had made it simple, tender & romantic as well. Wrapped in too much of love Broken magic is the story about confusions in a relationship. The love life of two perfectly opposite characters. How they repels & attracts. In Nayani, I saw myself.

They were different. Probably the two most unlikely of people to have fallen in love.
She was a strange girl who said strange things. He was a strange guy who did strange things. Only their individual definition of strangeness varied greatly.
He was a simpleton. She was an eager thinker.
He was an athletic & couldn’t be contained in a room for more than ten minutes, while she was very indoor girl. 
He spoke four languages-All of them learnt in bits and pieces. She knew only two, but had mastered both.
He laughed hard at all the adult jokes and made several of them when with his friends, while she giggles & chuckled over Timon & Pumba.
She wrote vigorously-It was almost a compulsive obsession for her. Everything in her life had been written through. She had ten novels and over a hundred short stories all sitting idle on her desk.
 Her life revolved around books. On the other hand, he was a guy who hadn’t bothered to even touch a work of fiction in his life.
The differences that initially sounded classically romantic, soon turned out to be conflicts & intellectual mismatch.

This is Aadhi & Nayani. And there is even more in their love story. The happiness of togetherness, the magic of romance, the pain of parting & the realization of true love. So many lovely emotions arranged in a wonderful story which makes us read the story in one simple stretch. Go and try to feel the happiness in this simple elegant love story.

‘My biggest fear isn’t that you’ll lie to me or cheat on me. No. It’s not the usual threats to a relationship that come to mind when I think of us. It’s the fact that someday, all the magic will be gone and what’ll be left of us is the painfully boring ordinariness I was filled with before I met you. I’m afraid-no-scared to death that your currently deceiving eyes will lose the filters and look at my bare mediocre self, and I m afraid you won’t be enchanted by me anymore.’ She said.

Go and own Broken Magic & take a walk with Aadhi & Nayani. In a moment you will feel like it’s your story.
Available here – Broken Magic by Balakarthiga M

Bala, I m proud of you! Keep on writing & making wonders. Waiting for your next.. 🙂 Love You!! ❤

TAMASHA – I m in love with Imtiaz again!

*Spoilers are everywhere.. 😉


For an insane weirdo one like me; every pages in a book or every scenes from a movie never fascinates. But, if there is at least one sentence or a dialogue that can hook to my heart; I would like to enter that to my favorites list. Imtiaz Ali never ever disappointed me. From Socha Na Tha(2005) to Tamasha(2015), 6 movies in 10 years & his recent three already got a space in my heart. He always have an enchanting way of presenting stories. A director who puts his best to make the movie feel, than just a watch.


Tamasha is different. Different from Highway(2014), different from Rockstar(2011); but often it felt the same. Tamasha is about what we need and what we are. A story about transition in between dream & reality. It’s charming! It’s gloomy. It’s about a boy who lives through stories. A boy who love narrations more than Maths & Physics. A boy who finds a story in everything running around him. Tamasha is about Don & Mona darling who met in Corsica. It’s the story of two individuals who love to live their life to the fullest on those 7 days in Corsica telling lies to each other. It’s about falling in love with a stranger! 😉 Tamasha is also about Ved & Tara who met in Delhi after four years. The story of two well settled reputed individuals who fall in love again. It’s about finding what’s leaving ourselves & acting our life for someone else. After all it’s about finding ourselves.


Tamasha leaves a beautiful message at the end that the only time we felt we are a hero is our Childhood & from the teenage we are living for the sake of others & killing our Bachpan (Childhood).

Tamasha is beautiful trough the lens in Corsica, Shimla, Delhi & Tokyo. Tamasha is georgeous with Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone. They both lived the character. Deepika is glowing like a star while Ranbir makes sure that he is superstar. Tamasha is magical in A R Rahman‘s music. It’s more touching in Irshad Kamil‘s lyrics.


Tamasha have flaws. It often drags you through the plot. Someone who need an entertaining commercial movie may get bored. But if you are an Imtiaz fan; Tamasha is the movie made for you!
For me, Tamasha is what I was in need & what I expected from Imtiaz Ali.



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Hope We Never Meet Again! – The Review

Hope We Never Meet Again by Srinath Krishnamoorthy was one of the most awaited book release for me this year. Amazon did a great job in delivering me the paper back in three days after placing the order. When Srinath first told me about the title of the book; I asked him “Is it a love story, Sri? ” and his reply was weird. “It’s an experiment, dear.” I had too many questions to ask on that simple answer & he clarified my every doubts through his story.

Srinath Krishnamoorthy is an avid blogger here in WordPress. One of my close writer friend who is always brilliant in making marvelous blog posts. His writings will surely hit your brain. Hope We Never Meet Again is the debut novel from him which comes under a psychic-thriller genre.

This novel is totally different from the conventional Indian novels & possess an International Standard. The story revolves around an IT professional named Varun Diwakar & the novel starts from the day when Varun got killed. The remaining 209 pages confined in 7 chapters are unstoppable. With twists & turns in every chapter, the author really takes us on a roller coaster ride. For me, the novel was unputdownable. It’s all about love, lust, revenge & regret. It’s all about us in the end & which will leave you thinking about ourselves. Enriched with characters & unusual suspense Hope We Never Meet Again is a must-read for everyone. Even it is the first attempt by the author; this one will never disappoint you.


My selfie with HWNMA 😉


Now go & grab the copy of Hope We Never Meet Again by Srinath Krishnamoorthy. Enjoy reading.

Book available here


Now its all about ‘Premam’

 *As usual a little Spoilers ahead

After two consecutive failure in grabbing tickets, it’s the third week after release I got a chance to watch the movie. Sundays were my only chance to watch movie cause of a busy schedule and I can’t forget the first week we tried from Kodungallur Asoka theater to all Screens throughout Ernakulam and ended up in watching ‘Mass‘. 😦 The next week the same bunch of my cousins with whom I tried the first time managed to catch a seat on working day and I wasn’t able to reach them. And for my desperation, they watched twice (Thanks to online booking, otherwise my brothers would be losing some health to get a ticket). 😛 And now on the third week I checked my book my show app every day till I get a Sunday bookings open and with no time I booked for my roommates & me. I was so eagerly waiting for the movie & my eagerness doubled when my cousins started saying the jokes from the movie in secret (not to spoil my freshness over the movie). And the day arrived. I landed straight to Cinemax and got my tickets and waited for my roommates. It was a 4.00pm show and I got angry when I came to know that, they didn’t start from the room even at 4.00 pm. With all my frustration I got into the screen and took my seat. I sat back & relaxed. Within no time the title rolled.

premam-66216From here on wards it’s all about movie. To say from ‘Thank God’ to the final title credit ‘Alphonse Putharen‘ as ‘Roney‘ the movie deserves the clap. Premam is simple as the director said “Don’t expect a war!”. I never expected the war but this was more than that. I cried, I laughed, I smiled and after all it never left my heart. Do I have that ‘Malar Effect‘? NO. I have the whole Premam effect. As a movie freak I respect the whole team. I don’t know from where I should start appreciating. As all say, ladies first!

The three female pivots in Premam. Anupama Parameswaran (Mary George) wasn’t a pivot, but still can’t leave without mentioning about her. She did all well as Mary. Even it’s for a little time; her smile, her hair and her charm take us whole back to some beauty queen in our old days. Sai Pallavi (Malar). She was outstanding and to say, out of words. Well executed, perfect casting. Felt like she took the movie to another range. She did her part very well. And her dance too. She deserves a bow! 🙂 Madonna Sebastian (Celine), even she had a little to play, she did that well. And thanks Alphonse for introducing some beautiful people to the movie. 🙂 The girls were lovely 🙂

And here comes the gang. Starting from the super cool Nivin Pauly, You are Great mahn! He is flawless. No one will forget that mass entry of Nivin, Shabareesh and Krishna Shankar in the College introduction. Black Shirt & White dhothi with that ‘Kalipp‘ (rude) look. George (Nivin pauly) was safe in Nivin‘s hand. As a Plus two student, College scoundrel 😛 and in the end the one who runs a well reputed cafe; his looks, his acting and everything was perfect. Yet again he proved he is good in doing normal roles. And the two men around Nivin, Koya (Krishna Shankar) & Shambhu (Shabareesh Varma) they made the movie a perfect 10. I remembered a 1000s of Koyas and Shambhus from my college life. They were outstanding.

Now coming to the man behind everything. Alphonse Putharen. After ‘Neram‘ I told everyone, it’s a good movie by Alphonse, the one who directed album ‘Yuvvh‘. But now I would like to call you Sir. I don’t know why. But really appreciate and respect the way he treated the movie. The way he made the movie. The way he presented everything. Well placed comedies, characters and after all the editing. The script, dialogues, locations – everything was right and went right. Everyone knows there is no big story in Premam but everyone wish to watch that once again. And that’s the victory. He made the characters from common people. Everyone was one from our life itself and that made us easy to connect the movie with our heart. I laughed for the jokes but after all I left the cinemas with a tearful smile. I opened my heart and placed the movie safe there and locked it. Premam is not a Great movie, but I have to find another word to describe it.

Special mention to Vinay fort (Vimal Sir), Soubin Sahir (P T Sir), Jude Antony Joseph (Dolly D’cruz) You rocked and the power pack David (Renji Panicker). Special thanks to all the new casts. You all did well. Thanks to Shabareesh Varma for the lyrics (especially ‘Malare‘), Anirudh & Pradeep Paalar for ‘Rockkaanthu’ (which gonna rock every Colleges now on wards), Vijay Yesudas for making ‘Malare‘ lively. Vineeth Sreenivasan for charming ‘Aluva Puzhayude‘ and all thanks for songs to Shabareesh Varma and Rajesh Murugesan. Kudos to Anand C Chandran. Butterflies were butterflies and it flown to our heart only cause of your work. Special mention to the bgm. All were touching and rocking. And last but not least to the Production house. Thank you ‘Anwar Rasheed‘ for giving your money for this epic movie. 🙂

Special thanks to the Ants, Rain, Sun and the main characters – Butterflies. ❤

Dear Alphonse Sir, I expect more magic from you.. waiting fingers crossed.. 🙂

After all Premam is all about love. Do watch it even once and lighten your heart. ❤

(My only sadness is I wasn’t able to watch the movie with my favorite people, My brother (to whom I called right after the movie & asked shall we go and meet Alphonse Putharen? 😛 ) & Cousins)

Oh Kadhal Kanmani – Fall in love again!

Don’t know spoilers will be ahead or not, cause it took me 6 days after watching the movie to write about it! This is not a review too (To Suhasini ma’am, m not an expert to review the movie, but my urge to write makes me do this)

Sometimes we will reach in a moment where anything that we write about is only good things and that’s why I stayed back for 6 days after the movie. But, still I found nothing can make me loose the energy I got from the very first minute of the movie. Anyone who loved ‘Alaipayuthe’ will love this flick; but for me I m not really fond of ‘Alaipayuthe’ (But, can’t leave without appreciating the songs). ‘OK Kanmani’ (OKK) is one of my most awaited release, with those one minute short trailer and so many short clips from the movie, I had already fallen in love with these Kanmanis. With the arrival of the complete tracks; yet again my master ARR took away my sleep with that awesome 9 tracks. Being a movie craze and spending more money over every week’s release I was running out of money already by the mid of April and I was saving that last penny to get a seat in PVR at any time to catch the show. After three consecutive tries by my roomies we got the ticket after one week from the release day; still housefull. And it was on a hectic day in office my roomie called me and told she got ticket. I was not in a mood to watch the movie; but I said ‘OK will join you!’ My brain was all dead by the evening and can’t even hear the vehicle horns behind me. I was walking like a robot and there is only a few minutes to the show. We managed to run through the escalator and get in front of the cinemas on time. I already had a movie bunch month with ‘100 days of love’, ‘Oru Vadakkan Selfie’ (that too 2 times) and ‘Furious 7’. Nothing gave me that punch or that effect other than the tribute to Paul walker, my hero! No recent movies gave me that hangover through which I can live a dreamy life! And i was really in need of that break.


Sitting back in the PVR I felt that easiness, air conditioned, out of order brain and I felt I will fell asleep soon and my money for this movie gonna be a waste. 🙂 And most important is I m so weak in Tamil and its my Mom who helps me while watching any Tamil movie to understand the dialogues or else I prefer subtitles. M good in Hindi, better in English and best in Malayalam but don’t speak Tamil to me. Please. (i can read Tamil, but won’t understand it) I already sought the help of my roomies to help me out. they agreed. The moment movie started I felt all the people around me is also robots. No claps, no howls, no seettis (At least this is Mani sir’s movie; he always deserves a clap). The reel started rolling with that awesome ‘Kaara Aaattakkaara’ and there scrolls the animation of a well set game. I liked it. 🙂  My sleepy head is now full of energy. From that moment I fallen in love with the movie and I concluded that this time Mani sir won’t disappoint me. Movie didn’t give a mass entry to our rock star Aadi; played by Dulquer Salman, better say; lived by Dulquer. But the first shot itself was classic. Mumbai Railway station and accidentally meeting a girl in between some passing trains and to say; we can’t take off eyes from Tara; well played by Nithya Menen; from that moment itself. Her eyes can express everything.

Then usual things happened in very unusual manner. Meeting the girl again, exchanging phone number, falling in love, making love. Its a movie about how youth is like and they can’t chose a better back ground than Mumbai. Thank you Mani sir for making them both creative minded. We can’t give a better career to the both pivotal roles. What makes this movie special is the love, affection, emotions, feelings and moreover energy throughout. The music by Rahman sir ( You are the best sir! ) P C Sreeram’s camera (Mumbai seems pretty, even if it is the streets or the city, everything seems filled with ❤ )

Mani sir is always elegant. He never made us bored by showing thousands of stories in one frame and here too, he made us live through two simple energetic youth who never like the certificate called marriage but they love to fall in love for each other. I don’t know how much someone will digest the theme of live in relationship but if we stay out from the usual conservative mind set, this can happen. The director never left us in a simple live in relationship and their love; but so warmly introduced an old couple; played by Prakash Raj and Leela Samson, showed us the tenderness of long lasting love. All over the film ended in a conservative way and ended up in tying knot but it never disappoint anyone in any ways.

I really like to thank Mani sir for such an awesome energetic rom-com to us. And I have many more thanks to say.

1. Perfect cast – I don’t know whether someone else can do as perfect as DQ and Nithya. But for me its the perfect cast. I can’t stop appreciating their performance. Never overdone. Never melodramtic. Never vulgar. They have the perfect chemistry. They are hot, still simple. We always felt they are people next door. The whole cast including Prakash Raj, Leela Samson and everyone else made their part very well.

2. Characters – Thanks for making Nithya a passionate Architect. Bold, Smart, the one who never like to be bound by the chain of commitments. Who always says what she would like to say. More like me. And thanks for making DQ a game developer. Nothing interesting than that. 🙂 ; the same passionate, carefree, still romantic charming one.

3. MusicRahman sir always do magic with his music. Yet again i can’t sleep without hearing the whole album once in a day. It gives energy. It makes me smile. It makes me carefree and it gave me back myself.

4. Camera – Lights, flowers, art works, costumes everything seems perfect through PC sir’s camera. We can’t forget that 15 years old ‘Pachai Nirame’. It have that freshness still and I m sure OKK will give that freshness after years.

5. Dialogues – Even through less dialogues Mani sir is perfect in making a movie live. We had seen it before in ‘Kannathil Muthamittal’, ‘Roja’ and all. The same happened here. With less dialogues and more gestures and eyes spoke well. And those few dialogues which has to be delivered is the best ever that can happen in a romantic movie. When Aadi says “Naan panna periya thapp… Tara” We can’t stop our heart from beating fast. And that one simple word which gonna hit the couples whole world. ‘Kanmani’ (Still ringing DQ’s voice in head “Azhathe Kanmani 🙂

6. Romance – Who don’t like to fall in love? Me. Yeah! I don’t like to. But who don’t like to watch a love story? No one. OKK is full of romance, love , affection and more. In tears, in smiles, in laughs; everywhere we can see love. We can’t leave the cinemas without a smile.

OKK won’t demand any super love story. Its simple, classic, special in its own way. For me it’s a must watch. Cause we really need a change. Let’s feel lighter but energetic. It makes everyone fall in love. For those who think its not worth watching, don’t go for it. But for me, this movie gave me that hangover i need for the past one week. It gave me that good feel to smile over everything. It gave me the energy to get back in my track. Moreover it gave me the feel that ‘Its good to be someone’s Kanmani 🙂

HIGHWAY – Magical Road Movie (Not a review but what i felt)

It was a late night cold day i sat up and switched on the laptop…All are asleep and what i need that day was my own moments…I miss my home…mom…movies…friends…books…gupshups!!! I started watching…

Highway Posters feat Alia Bhatt, Randeep Hooda

Gone through so many reviews and status updates about the movie in blogs and Facebook made me think that this gonna be a dragging one… (even Rajeev Masand said so)…but i could’nt imagine a boring piece from Imtiaz Ali…

Starting of the movie made me the same thought i had read in reviews…this may be dragging…a girl got kidnapped late night by some rascals in a petrol pump in front of her fiance on the day before her wedding…and the way the head of the kidnappers behaves to her is heart aching…Finding out that she is the daughter of a well known entrepreneur the kidnapped team got confused and they split…the thread goes fast till then…there starts the journey of Veera, the girl’s and Mahabir, the kidnapper’s journey…

Highway…for me is a simple movie…not much complicated…a girl who found freedom in the hands of the man she kidnapped…its quite natural that they starts loving each other…Imtiaz did it in the best way and it is appreciable that they are not kissing on the next moment she find comfortable with him…(a Bollywood movie without a kissing scene is rare now a days…) For those who want a masala movie i don’t prefer Highway..because this is only a perfect road movie which made me kept watching watching and watching…i really wished the movie not to end..the cinematographer and the camera man did a wonderful job by taking us visually through Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal and Kashmir…Moments seems to be precious and dialogues are rare but executed dialogues are fantastic and worth thinking….

This movie is not a single adventure by Imtiaz…Everything in this movie is simply awesome…A.R.Rahman’s music is the one thing which makes this movie non-boring in the situations where it have to be bored…Superb acting by the cast..Alia Bhatt as Veera seems to be a matured actor than a college girl (totally out of Shanaya look) …The way she changes from smile to broken tears in a scene is just worth to show her talent…Mahabir is well played by Randeep Hooda…over emotions on grief…love and sadness…he acted pretty…The lyrical magic by Irshad Kamil as we heard before in Rockstar is once again seen in this movie…For me Highway is pretty magical which makes me think of the movie and music long after watching the movie…The Veera who ends up on a normal life on a hilltop house as she had dreamt and thinking about her good times with Mahabir…the girl who cries loudly sitting on a road side for Mahabir who wont come back…those scenes will always rest in my mind…

For those who are reading this…this is a must watch piece…its about freedom…life…and satisfaction…