We fight over stupid reasons
We often sleep back to back
We burst out and never say sorry
We act grumpy on each other
We sit in separate rooms and watch the same movie

And the same we;

We discuss movies over our breakfast ❤️
We talk football over lunch ❤️
We share politics over dinner ❤️
We sit together and listen to music ❤️
We video chat together with each other’s friends ❤️
We make love and cuddle while sleep ❤️
And at the end we have the same welled up eyes with love when Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sings Afreen Afreen ❤️


So when I watched the Marriage story last day, I realized, whatever happens, what matters is we have to talk to each other even if we are letting the other one down. We have to discuss each other’s tensions, stress, worries, tantrums, insecurities, disappointments. Not only dreams but also struggles are meant to be discussed! So hold your loved ones together and walk together in this life. Trust me, you are going to love, laugh, cry, weep and smile but you are going to love it ❤️

‘Tis the season!

Another wonderful time of the year is another chance to reminisce about the past. Christmas is and will always be my most favourite time of the year. It might be due to the cold winter days or the holiday lights that are all adorned around. Until now, it hasn’t been clear to me why I enjoy Christmas so. When I was growing up, Christmas was the season for secret Santa. This is the time for me to ask my father for an extra penny in order to buy a better gift for my friend. It was a celebration to welcome the upcoming holidays. The obsession never ceased as I grew from a teenager to an adult. The holiday sloth bear in me enjoyed the holidays even though there was no holiday. I am that lazy mood who cannot work from December 24 to New Year. I define that literally.

Memories of this season swirl around taking a trip to your favourite cousin’s place or counting the stars in the stores while travelling on vacation. However, my most treasured Christmas memory is from five years ago. When I barged into my friend’s house and helped him decorate for Christmas. The crazy Christmas shopping on Broadway. The day I travelled to Fort Kochi on Christmas eve with my favourite people and stayed there till dawn. The day I walked through the beach and strolled along the park. The day I was welcomed into my friend’s home and had the best Christmas lunch ever. I am going to redo that! I may have had better days than that but that day was a day filled with so many realizations.

As a cherry on top of my love for Christmas, I moved to Canada. Boxing Day, White Christmas, Potluck. I realized Christmas wasn’t all about me. There was a sense of togetherness. It became more about the people we loved. It became more about the moments we shared. Long walks in the snow. Sharing a cup of seasonal hot chocolate together. Walking through the neighbourhood to see Christmas lights. Having a movie marathon of all the Hallmark Christmas movies. Baking the best Christmas cake. Squeezing your family at the end of Christmas dinner. Taking a group photo with everyone. Putting up the Christmas tree together. The hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. Potluck celebrations that never end. Sending last-minute Christmas cards. Writing letters to Santa. And, last but not least, helping someone in need! It’s always emotions. Those memories we cherish.

Those who know me know that I am in love with Christmas and I hope that it stays that way forever. This year will probably be a different kind of Christmas. I am away from the love of my life. For the first time in the last four years, I haven’t baked a cake. No greeting cards have been sent. I probably won’t have a Christmas dinner this year. However, I went on a last-minute shopping spree with my son on Broadway and decked up my tree. If only I could tell him how much I love this season. How happy it made me to take him on a stroll through my memories. How happy I was when one of my clients told me that watching Christmas movies was his favourite thing to do. As a child, how much I wished I could have Christmas cake for Christmas. While at school, how much I saved for a Christmas star. How much I struggled to hide my embarrassment at loving this season this much.

In this season of giving, look around and help someone! This isn’t a seasonal act, but please do it if you can. Send a Christmas card to someone you love and make them smile. Give a virtual hug to someone you miss. Let’s shop local and help someone who is struggling to meet their needs. Bake the best cake and cookies you can. Sip some hot chocolate. Stroll along the snowy paths with your beloved. This is the second Christmas in this pandemic and we are all struggling. Here’s hoping this will all be over soon and that you will all be able to spend your holidays with your loved ones.

Toast to the days coming up! 🙂
Toast to the posts coming up! 🙂

Happy Holidays! ❤
Happy Reading! ❤

Being Alive!

We are all so lucky to be alive! In little ways and big ways! Maybe it hits you differently than it hits me. But we must realize we are all lucky.

When I get hit by every avalanche in life there is a tiny weeny moment I feel like ‘Why me?’ It hits me down to the shallow ground. It took a lot of courage to stand up again and take a breath. But then again you walk. You run. You jump up and down in joy till it comes to the shallow cold ground again. As we were hit by the waves.

The first time I got into the swimming pool I was shivering. I was shivering with fear to take my feet off the ground. The first time I drowned I realized how much I fear water. But it wasn’t the fear of water. It was the fear of losing breath. Losing control over life. I have only managed 30 seconds underwater while my husband managed several minutes. For those few seconds, I lost control of my most precious thing. It was fear that still keeps me away from water. How silly.

In all these years I have always felt pain in my heart than in my body. It aches when I miss someone. It aches when I lose someone. It never stops. But as I always say, there is a silver lining in life. Those little smiles from strangers. Those laugh with our friends. Those long phone calls with our best friend. Those virtual hugs we do. Those silly articles we read. Those little brush strokes we make. That long lost tea you drink. Those hugs we have. It has the tingles to spark everything around. What matters most is the beings around us. The people. The people we love. The people we lost. The people we miss. The people we loathe. These all become a puzzle. Once it is all placed in, we have to search for the last piece.

I may miss the long strolls through the fall leaves. I may have forgotten the taste of French Vanilla from my tongue. I may have forgotten the roads that intersected. I may have forgotten the corner I used to keep my plant. But I can still feel the warmth of home. I can feel the rattling of fall leaves. I can feel the heart to heart conversations around the dinner table. I can feel the smile after having our favourite pancakes. I can feel his hand in mine. I can feel those tiny things that make me alive. I can feel myself in those moments.

Yes! We are all so lucky to be alive!

The Talk

“If conversation was the lyrics, laughter was the music, making time spent together a melody that could be replayed over and over without getting stale.”- Nicholas Sparks, The Choice

‘Listen, we should stop this. I know you can’t love me for a long time.’

‘Okay! If you wish so. And who said I love you?’

‘Travis, you haven’t looked at anyone like the way you look at me. I know that.’

‘Then I must say the same for you. Your looks!’
He rolls his eyes.

‘Really? You think so? No way!
Listen, we should take a trip to North Carolina. ‘
She nudged him with elbow.

‘You said we are gonna stop loving each other.’

She laughed the best laugh.
‘Seriously? Of all this things I said, you took only that?’

He chuckles.
‘Again girl, you bothers me’

She leans to him.

‘Do I have a choice?’


‘Then continue bothering me! I love you.’

P S: inspired by Nicholas Sparks ‘The Choice’
Again, I m too weak in writing Romance.

What life with a football admirer gives you!

So, After almost an year I am writing again.

World Cup hangover is still ON. Congratulations France and Well done Croatia. Waiting for the next four years to pass! So that I can watch the game with our little champ! 🙂


Why not a fan and an admirer. Both are different. Football fan; anyone can be a fan. Anyone can support it and go on with a team. But admirer; its one who loves the game, loves the passes, praises the beauty and scolds the faults, one who knows the match to the core. Who supports a team but loves everyone else. 🙂

So what getting married to a football admirer gives you?

As he is the extreme admirer of the wonderful game football; he will be a person who takes everything in a spirit. As a game; he believes life doesn’t gives you anything granted, you have to work hard for it. He knows life is unpredictable as anything can happen in the last minute or extra time, either good or bad. Often it gives us penalty or free kick and we have to use it in the best way. Be careful that there is a goalie to stop what we are striking. He will keep a hope till the last moment and if he loses he warms up for the next game. He may wake up in the midnight or early morning to watch a game. Make a coffee and enjoy it with him. Because he know how to defend the difficulties. He know how to tackle problems. He know how to attack and clear the defenders. He will appreciate everyone’s spirit. He will appreciate everyone who deserves. Moreover you will be having a friendly rivalry at home only if you love football. We will learn to fight in laughs and appreciate each other. He will watch the game for you if you can’t. You will be having something interesting always in your life. 🙂


So love football and love someone who loves football. That’s how it is. ❤
P S : Using ManU poster only because my man loves the team, I am still for Barca 🙂
There may be different opinions for this. But this is what my life taught me. Let’s football

It’s December Baby!

photo-89404581It’s December Baby.. The month of memories.. The month on which you whispered I Love You for the first time in my ears..Your voice chilled my veins murmuring I wanna spend my whole life with you..It’s December Baby.. On that cold night date you gifted me that pink cardigan with black flowers..We sipped the coffee till midnight, sitting in the cafe down the alley.. And on a misty morning you fell on your knees & slid the ring to my finger..Its December Baby.. The month we shifted to the new apartments.. We spend the whole day under the blanket making love.. We walked through the snowy roads on that Christmas night..

Its December Baby.. Your favorite month.. the month on which I kissed your coffin & touched your body for the last time..The month on which those rose petals started decorating your grave..

Pic courtesy : 500px

Pray for Chennai

12338517_1039212882788026_1498500303_nThe one question which rises in my heart now is What can I do for Chennai? 
Chennai was just a neighbor city for me till the last month. Chennai remained in my heart as ‘Adobe of Malayalam Film industry’.. Or it’s just a place where my buddy worked for an year.. It was just a metro city for me..
But today,
Not today, for the past two weeks Chennai is making scars in my heart. Chennai is choking under water. It’s a massive flood. I can’t stay back and watch but regretting that m not doing enough for the Chennai people. For the past days I was reading whole articles & news pieces about Chennai & I was texting my close people at Tamil Nadu to know whether they are safe. Then I realized it’s not the safety of my dear ones which matters me, it’s the disaster those people over there facing which is disturbing me.
Once I studied Water is the Elixir of Life & now it’s killing people. I don’t want to question Tamil Nadu Govt. for what’s is happening all over there. But a state where 90% of the year suffers of scorching sun & water scarcity won’t be expecting a two week non-stop downpour. The fact is they weren’t ready to face the rain. They never expected the play of nature & they never planned well for the hit.
I was worried about the continuous rain happening there till now & now m worried about the day this whole water drains off. I can’t think about the struggle people gonna make to get back to the normal life with ruined houses & wrecked roads. There are time where money never matters & all we need is our basics. Chennai is facing that. Going through a goddamn crisis. What is bothering Chennai? It’s water & What Chennai needs? Its’ again water.
I appreciate the whole rescue team by Indian Army & Indian navy. I appreciate the genuine help offered by all the Actors & Artists. I appreciate all the normal people who are extending hands to help. I appreciate every one who prays for Chennai.

For my dear people in Chennai & all other flooded areas,
I never heard a story of people choking to death cause of lack of oxygen in hospital. I never gone through times there was no light, no electricity, no water & food. I never waited for food packets in my roof terrace. I never experienced the pain of moving in a boat through the road leaving our home behind. You people experienced everything and I m sorry. All I can do is pray for you. I know how it feels when you loss someone all of a sudden and you are facing death every day. Be strong always. These whole fun of nature gonna settle soon. You people will smile again & laugh again. Stay together. Stay strong. Stay Safe. We will overcome all this.
Our prayers there. 

All about Chennai helpline is here
Helpline numbers

Norca – 18004253939 (Toll Free) , 0471 2770522
Rescue team – 0471 2331639, 0471 2333198, 0477 2238630

Everyone who are reading this, Please pray for Chennai. They are going through the worst days of their life. All we can do is pray for there safety.

Courtsey : Google & manoramaonline.com

the real SHE

Often what you think about her is an illusion.. She is a lovely kid in real with a serious face out.. She still loves to watch Chip n Dale comics with the kids and laugh insanely after mimicking them.. Watching the whole academy award movies never made her a dumb.. She is still a kid who believes December is to watch all the Christmas movies.. She still loves to cuddle up under her blanket & fight with her brother for silly reasons..She can handle Adele & Raihanna; but she loves to hum ‘Let it go’ &’ Yankee Doodle’.. You can see a cold black heart outside; but the truth is she cries for every sober movies & she weeps over night thinking about the verses in the last book she read.. She loves reading never means she is out of league; make a coffee for her while reading, you gonna get her best hug in return..

If she grabbed the water bottle & took the first sip without considering you beside, that’s the real she.. If she walks over the kerb wall edge & gives the best smile after reaching the end, that’s the kid in her.. If she holds your hand while walking, never say a word but hold her tight cause she is that independent girl who loves to walk with you till the end of the world..If she cries sitting next to you; it’s not because she is weak..It’s because she feels lighter when you are around..If she says she loves you; it’s not that she is dying to have a relationship, but it really means she love you.. It really means she care for you.. If she is out of a normal girl’s league doesn’t means she is easy to handle.. She is fragile; handle her with the best care..

And in the end, If she hurts you; it’s the broken pieces of her heart which is hurting you..


P.S: I am too weak in writing romantic verses.. But it’s just a debut try for my best ones.. 🙂

Away from HOME – Phase 3

     8 years before on a sunny morning I loaded my luggage to the car. What’s that feeling that haunted me? Still, I don’t know. Its like a little birdie getting out from mother’s wings. My eyes were welling up. I am gonna miss my room, my bed, my books, my home town. 😥 Oye! You are only a 40 kms away from home. Really! Then why so much of this drama? Its on that morning I realized how it is; departing from home for a long time. I can come back every weekend; can feel that homely feeling once in every seven days; but still i was feeling numb. I felt a small tear rolling down my cheeks when our car took the bend and my home was out of sight. 😦 Mom and Dad is saying how to handle life alone; how to be brave; how to behave; how to be careful. I was 16 then,actually 15; will reach 16 two months later. So called bold and brilliant little girl from our family; who is ready to catch her dreams in the world of art and buildings. I wasn’t worried about anything; but my heart was cold ❤ . I couldn’t hear its lub dup; its almost out of order. Brain is out of order from the day I joined the college. Severe disorder to my whole body!! Master brain and lovely heart; they both seems to be resting in my room at home. 😛


Yeah! After a great section of ragging (that time it was hurting but now seems to be funny!) and introduction i entered to the world of college and hostel life. 8 years and 3 different hostels; different satires; Archie life to Engineering life (from artist to professional); Student to Architect (from professional to actual professional) Different places, different rooms, different people. Hostel life is so called hell for everyone where we make heaven. Wherever i stayed till now; I made heaven out of that every hell. 3 years as a stubborn archie who always carried a pencil in her drooping pants; 😉 Sleepless nights with my sheets and drawings; a world with colors and models (models of structures; not Lakme fashion week 😛 ) Loosing weight; laughing at every simple things; finding my true love (first love is always special ❤ ); long walks; and living with least pocket money. It was the best I had. The first time I found out what friendship is; what love is; what adjusting is; what is it like living with a bunch of people from different home; and moreover so many experiences over life. From the first phase of life away from home; I studied how to love each other; how to trust on someone and how not to break it. We managed to stuck in a room with 10 beds (which we changed to 8 and we 10 slept over that); 2 tables (both with my sheets stick over that). We never complained; but we enjoyed every moment with tears and laughs. The people who taught me to smile at every conditions; to sing on every worries; to sleep with my tensions over submissions and to praise the Almighty for everything!! 🙂


Then  the second phase of life away from home. Crying days cause of missing old room mates; 😦 stuck among some seventy people who are already friends for the past one year and I am new Alien to them. And the life with some higher standard people who always carried a thought that they are bigger than anyone cause they are Engineers. 😛 From there I studied what wrath is 😛 ; what hate is; what betrayal is; how is it like cheating someone with whom we are sleeping everyday; how is it like taking someone’s precious thing and ruining it; how is it like sitting for combine study and having a urge in mind that I m gonna score more than you 🙂 ; how is it like spending more money on nothing we need; how it is like complaining on everything; and moreover whats backstabbing. I know someone among those people will read this one day and will realize how I felt for them. This is not what I felt then; this is what my realizations are after that 3 years of life. I won’t complain you cause even my cousins did the same to me; Betrayal; so why can’t you! 😛 I would better study from them how to keep that hate towards anyone for a long time for no reason; how to cheat someone who is in your room for the past two/three years; how is it to betray your best friend (so called best friend). Strange people; strange life it is!! 🙂


Through which I am going now. My life with some responsible; still funny and loving people; a set of crazy ones who are trying hard to build up their career to whom I never tried to mingle with; but all fell in place and they seems to be getting adjusted to me! (Yes; m pretty confusing often 🙂 ). I was worried of joking over them; make fun of them; even to care them. I was wrong often! Now I started joking over them (they over me too); make fun of them (they over me too); even started caring them(they care me too) 😛 . Some different mind sets who never attracts; but for God’s sake we never repels. Thank God for making me keep a short distance between everyone among us. Cause that short distance is making us together always. Thank God for making them give me my space in my life (Not blaming over my friends, my books, my songs, my writings, my weirdness, my madness, my life). They are the well mannered well behaving people. May be cause we are all responsible working people (of same age! 🙂 ) But this is another dimension in my life! 🙂

Toast for all the people who made me smile on my days away home. Dedicated to all my hostel mates (who made me happy) in this journey of life. 🙂 Don’t ever feel that there were no bad ones in my Phase 1 and good ones in Phase 2. There were; but these are only the memories which remains now. Don’t think they are the only one who betrayed me. Sometimes my family people 😛 and my so called friends did the same. Don’t think that they are the only one who makes me happy. I have my princess of love who makes me laugh in tears (my Mayasa ❤ 🙂 ❤ ); my own brother who always makes me smile in every situation (my Aaashi 🙂 ❤ ); my wonderful buddy who always says I am the best (my Vichu 🙂 🙂 ); my reflection in life who always makes me feel we are the only two extinct pieces in our species (my Boss ❤ ❤ ); my family and a crazy set of siblings who always makes me feel I am special. So many people here and there! Long live this wonderful people. ❤

Nuz’ha, Shari, Ahalya, Sini Chechi, Maria, Greeshma, Sheena Chechi, Anju Chechi, Aswathi Chechi, Dhanya Chechi, Akhila, Daly (In first phase 🙂 )

Aisha, Vrindha, Akhila, Hiba, my lil junior fellows and MBA mates (In second phase 🙂 least in count)

Akhila, Vidhya, Limiya, Bhagya, Deepthi, Aswani, Soorya, Kala (In third phase 🙂 )

Its just a simple thought of what makes me happy in this hectic life made me write this blog ❤ Love you all ❤