After those over hectic days of my cousin’s marriage, sleepless weeks, over duty and everything we were in a confusion whether to go or not (not we; i was always ready to go!!). After a long set of discussions on the 8 day trip, we decided to leave.

At last!

My dreams gonna come true! 🙂

This is just not a pure travelogue; this is what I had gone through. As usual what my flattering mind gone through. My 8 day trip to North India with my lovely family happened on August 09, 2014 to August 16,2014 . Delhi, Agra, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh ❤ A lot more experience and a loads of fun and photographs.

Thought of sharing that whole journey with everyone. Here it is!

Day 1 is ready after a long editing session by my editor. Thanks for his patience of course!

Before starting the journey with my readers, I wanna thank Indigo Airways, Go Air, Panicker’s travels (New Delhi), Sanjiv ji (our driver in Delhi), Lal ji (Guide in Taj Mahal), Hotel Pearl Plaza (Paharganj, New Delhi), Sree Uncle and his lovely family(New Delhi), Indian Railways, Jatinder ji and his wonderful family (Jalandhar, Punjab), Lucky Paji (Driver to Manali), Hotel Zarim (Manali) and the one hotel’s name I forgot cause of that busy and hectic night we stayed in Chandigarh. Sorry!

So grateful to everyone and thank you Whatsapp for making me connected with my friends always and Vodafone for their extended network. And to my editor, Amal Thomas Leslie; without him I wont be trying this travelogue. 🙂                                                                                         1487912_377688885718959_6379912831071860325_o