CAPERNAUM – Zain, Nadine Labaki and Beirut

Is there something in your life which moved your heart like never before? Is there an instance where you smiled in tears and thanked Almighty in what you have? Is there a moment when you hugged your loved ones and never let them go? Is there a day when you stare at the wall for nothing but you are numb?


Capernaum will take you through all this. Yes! I am just talking about a movie. The Lebanese movie made by Nadine Labaki who herself put the whole world in chaos through her movie. When we say it in normal, it is a gut wrenching and heart breaking movie which makes us feel numb on the lives we see on screen.
It is the story of just a kid, Zain who want to sue his parents because they gave birth to him. They made him born to the unhealthy world around. The life of a brother who weeps for her little sister always. The tears of a boy who never have an identity of who he is and the chaos of a heart who don’t know his own birthday or his age. Capernaum is a questioning of existence. When Zain looks in to the school bus going everyday with his blank eyes he dreams of going to school. When Zain washes the blood from her 11 year old sisters panties to cover up her periods, he makes sure her sister is safe with him and he never want her to get married off in that age. He questions the beliefs and situations he have to go through with a blank face. When Zain asks his parents why they gave birth to him and his dozen of siblings if they can’t feed them or take care of them, we are taking slap on ourselves. When he ran away from his own home he dreams of a better world outside but he ends up in the same chaos he was in before. But he keeps up the hope. The movie shows love, vengeance, ignorance and emptiness. When Zain tries hard to keep Yonas happy, movie shows us that there are little thing called happiness which we can extend through the care we show to others. When Rahil takes Zain to that little house she have and feeds him, movie express the fact that there are good people out there in the world who can give us hope on life.

When we go deep inside, Capernaum is the truth of Beirut and many other parts of the country we never want to see, to which we close our eyes. It is a piece of art which make us feel grateful for the life we have, the identity we own and the smile we possess.

Things get more worse when we realise that the actors of the movie Zain, Rahil and Yonas are refugees in real life who was spending their life as the same as in the movie, our heart breaks. It is where Capernaum is more special to me. It depress us in a way that no other depression can ruin us. It takes us to a world we never dream of.


Dear Nadine Labaki,
I will always be grateful to you for showing us the world out there. Thank you for this piece of life you made in to movie. It opened my eyes in many ways. It made me thank Almighty a thousand times for the life I have. It made me to smile at little happiness, care and hugs. It made me hug my baby tightly and cry my heart out for no reason. It made me look into my husband’s eyes with tears and smile wholeheartedly. It made me to look into my life in easy way. It made me realize how lucky I am to have a life like this. It made me stop my concerns on the life ahead but it made me concerned on the world around. It made me worried about the war which shatter families. I worried about many Zains who will be sleeping with eyes opened in many parts of the world. It made me cry on the fact that we people are making other people’s life a suffering. It made me mad on thinking that world is heaven as well as hell!


Writing after along time. Happy that I am back in by WP. Sorry for the flaws in writing my readers. I am still trying to recover from my writer’s bloc.
Happy Blogging ❤

P S :I recommend everyone around the world to watch this movie. This is also life. The movie is available in Netflix

Let’s start.. 2016 is here!

What’s the New Year plan? was a question I had been hearing for the past one week & to say, I was clueless!! Our old room mates joined us on the day before to spend the last day of year together and I was planning a calm and quiet New Year with them. I will cook something special and we can spend the whole night talking talking & talking. Really, that was our plan.


But yesterday, my best friend called me by the end of my office hour and I had to go with him on duty to find a perfect loafers for him. It was such a simple purchase to all of us but not for him. We ran from Adidas to Hush Puppies to Bata & he wasn’t satisfied with any. That’s him & I was helpless.My watch turned fast & the overcrowded billing counter made it even worse. I hate shopping malls. :/ By the time I reached my apartment, my people were planning plans. New Year Plans! 😉 There was fire works scheduled in the nearby mall at midnight. Let’s go there! Let’s roam around! Let’s go somewhere else. They five people clashed with their own wishes & at the end I put forward my idea. Let’s go to church! The Holy Mass! Yes.. That’s it. There was smiles on my favorite faces & we fixed the deal. Let’s start another year in front of God! 🙂 Right after my cooking session we had our delicious special dinner (Ghee rice, Chicken curry, Pudhina Chutney & Vegetable Salad). At sharp 11.45 pm we kick started our bikes & vroom. We parked and moved through the crowd & reached the church door. I turned back to sky and saw the moon smiling at us. Smiles! There are times when silence speak among us. We girls! That was the moment. We entered and kneeled down with smiles on our face. Closed our eyes & the bells rang. That’s it. We bowed. Starting of another year with my girls. 🙂 Oh sorry! I think Ladies.. ❤ We held each other & whispered Happy New Year in ears. Warm hugs! Sweet kisses & pleasant smiles! 🙂 A new book of 366 pages is open in front of me! New paths & new destinations. Yet another journey!

Routines were usual. I woke up after 4 hours sleep and headed to kitchen realizing that m the only one working today & all other at home have no office. I bid adieu to two of my old ones & truly I don’t want them to leave. My ipod is still playing ‘Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri like yesterday & my work station is same as yesterday. But still..

A new start is always new.. Time to meet new people.. Love the old ones much better..Let things go.. 🙂
Thank You for being a part of my life still now! Every moment gives a  lesson! And yeah, m alive this moment! Just live it to the fullest. 🙂
Yes! New Year is special! ❤
Praying for peace all over the world & happiness every where!!

Happy New Year to all. 🙂
Have a wonderful & blissful year ahead!!


Pic Coutesy: work by my buddy Arjun