Reminders #AtoZchallenge

Reminders.. o_O

WP_20160406_007 (2)

my sticky notes 😉

Now a days reminders are a part of my life.. My whole work life and often personal life is rolling around sticky notes and reminder alarms.. I remember once my Dad said I have a brilliant memory power.. To say, I have memory of incidents and happenings in my life.. But what I necessarily need is memory on small things which are important in my daily life; which I can’t remember.. 😛

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My colleague Nawaz’s sticky notes

And that’s how it all started.. I had a small habit of making a to-do-list and striking off the things which are done.. And now.. I have my work desk decorated with sticky notes everywhere with reminders on everything.. What article to write next.. what work to do.. even what I have to bought to home (Grocery list).. My bed room door at home serves the same purpose of sticking wall.. 😛 Less memory on birthdays and even my phone is not reminding me special days.. And to be loyal, taking this opportunity to apologize on all my dear one’s birthdays which I missed.. 😉 Even yesterday too.. :/

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our calender

For me R is for reminders or ‘Remind me‘ which I use always to someone near to me.. But to say, Someone near to me have the same problem.. 😛


its OVER! #AtoZchallenge

Its over.. 😦

By the time I am drafting this I am cleaning my work desk and drawers.. Packing the stuffs I own here.. The diaries where there are calculations over calculations.. The notepads which owns so many uncompleted drafts.. I cleared the sticky notes and reminders.. Handed over the works to my head and just listening to that cute song by kids for The Jungle book movie (Hindi).. Jungal Jungal Baat Chali Hai.. 🙂 At my side my colleague; he is like a little brother to me is still itching on my packing.. 🙂 Yeah!! its time for me to leave this office.. A new day is waiting for me.. In two days I will be sitting in another work desk missing the people here.. I am already missing them.. 😦


So that.. It’s OVER! The life here.. All the way to a new dawn.. 🙂O