GO – Let it go #AtoZchallenge

This is the edited post!

GO!! For the first time I m drafting from my phone. It is horrible. 😮 Only because I would like to complete this challenge in the best way I used mobile to write & soon I realized i m not supposed to do that. :/

maxresdefaultGo is a word I hate when it stands alone. I feel it like abandoning. But I love when people say ‘Lets go’ (Tagline of ALTO)  or ‘Let it go’. Yeah! Who don’t know ‘Let it go’? It is the academy award winner song. And I love the movie ‘Frozen’. Its the first song Mayasa sung. One morning, two days after the first time we watched the movie I head her making a howling voice. She was standing on the coat and raising her head and hands accordingly. I made my ears to listen her keenly and realized she is singing ‘Let it go’. Then she was only 1 and half and now she is better in singing that. Howling ended! 😛
Its the song which made me and my two nieces closer. One of my niece and her cousin; both little girls are born and brought up abroad. While I was staying with them, for the first week they both were shy to talk to me as I m a big one considering to them. I tried my best to get closer to them but my cousin sister discouraged me saying that kids are too weak in speaking and getting mingled with others. The very first weekend we went for a trip and we three were sitting in the back seat of the car, I heard them singing Let it go and fighting over the words in lyrics. In a moment i corrected them with the right lyrics and they both got shocked. One in them asked me ‘How you know this song? this is an animation movie.’ I took my phone and played the only one song in my playlist then. it was ‘Let it go’. They both smiled at me and now then on wards they never made a strange approach to me.

GI was supposed to talk about Go and look what I wrote. So.. GO! Go is what I love when it is related to traveling and what I hate when it is related to relationships. I am a wanderlust and when someone says about going to any place I will be the first one who beams and stands forward and when it comes to relation I couldn’t digest the part of leaving someone without any reason. I would like to hang on till the end to what I need and in the end if nothing is hopeful I will let it go!