Photo Journey – Palakkad

I am staying away from Camera for the past several months.. I was thinking about posting photographs from my collection & wasn’t able to do that till now.. 🙂

And after today’s A to Z challenge post I was intended to post photographs on Palakkad.. My favorite destination in Kerala.. I would like to thank Sreejith & Yashwanth for prompting me to do this post.. 🙂

Photo journey through Palakkad!! 🙂

Photographs of Tippu Sultan’s Fort.. 🙂

Photographs of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Random shots 😉

Photographs of British Bridge near Manappullikkavu

Random Shots ❤


All the photographs are taken by me at different times with my Sony Cyber Shot, Canon Power Shot & Nikon P520

Palakkad #AtoZchallenge

KalpathiNothing comes in my mind when I think about P.. All I have is Palakkad..I have a deep relation with Palakkad.. For someone who thinks what is Palakkad; Palakkad is a district in Kerala. My favorite destination since childhood. It is where my father’s eldest brother resides. When both uncle & aunt passed away, their children settled there and thus Palakkad became my usual holiday destination. Every vacations were described as Palakkadan days. That’s from where I started loving traveling. Palakkad is the hottest district in Kerala. With a loads and loads of Paddy field Palakkad possess a slightly different culture from the other districts.. Palakkad was a background for so many Malayalam novels and movies.. And for me.. Nothing can beat my love towards the place.. 🙂P

6 least explored must visit destinations in Kerala

Kerala as known as God’s own Country have so much to explore. It have a huge galore of art, culture and beauty in its shack. Every district in Kerala owns a special destination which is worth an encounter. Still there are a lot of unexplored destinations in Kerala. Here are six of such least explored must visit destinations in Kerala.

Anchuruli tunnel

Anjuruli tunnel is a 4.75km tunnel connecting Erattayar and Anjuruli. It locates in Kanchiyar village in Idukki district. Anjuruli is located 3kms away from Kanchiyar and 5kms away from Labbakkandom settlement of Periyar Lake. It is a catchment area of Idukki Arch Dam.We can reach to the tunnel with the help of local people. It is a perfect destination for fishing. Best season to visit Anjuruli tunnel is after rainy season. We can reach with prior permission from Divisional Forest Office at Kanchiyar. You can make a walk through the tunnel in summer season if you are brave enough.

Nearest Town : Kattapana (9 kms away; direct buses to the spot available)
Nearest Railway station : Kottayam (110 kms away)
Nearest Airport : Cochin International Airport (121 kms away)

Chembra Peak

Chembra peak is the highest peak in Wayanad district located 2050m above sea level. The main attraction is the heart shaped lake on the hill. We can encounter the lake in half way to the top of the peak. This is where the Wayanad hill range in Western Ghats connects with the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu and Vellarimala of Calicut. We can reach the hill by foot from the nearest town Meppady. District Tourism Promotion council provides guides, trekking equipemts and charges for it. We have to acquire permission from Forest Office at Meppady for trekking.

Nearest Town : Meppady (3 kms away)
Nearest Railway Station : Calicut Railway Station (92 kms away)
Nearest Airport : Calicut International Airport (97 kms away)

Chimmini Dam & Wild Life Sanctuary

Chimnini Dam & Wild Life Sanctuary diverse for its flora and fauna is located near Echippara in thrissur District. The sanctuary is established in 1984 and the earthern dam is completed in 1996. Dam is an irrigation Dam connected to the Kurichiyar river and which plays the main water source for the nearby areas. River rafting and trekking is possible in the dam reservoir. The main attraction is rafting on the full moon nights. The whole area displays a picturesque beauty of nature.

Nearest Town : Chalakkudy ( 39 kms away)
Nearest Railway Station: Thrissur Railway Station (38 kms away)
Nearest Airport : Cochin International Airport (58 kms away)

Ilaveezha Poonchira

Ilaveezha Poonchira (Pond of flowers where leaves do not fall) is a hill station around 3200ft above MSL. Located in the Melukavu Village of Kottayam district, it is an enchanting hillock surrounded by three hills Kodayathoor Mala, Mankunnu and Thonippara. Least with trees (that is why no leaves to fall) and serene with grasslands; Ilaveezha poonjira is a perfect destination to feel the fresh air. The road guiding up the hill is a bit dangerous and there are local jeep service available to reach the top. If the climate is clear we can watch Idukki, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Aleppy, Pathanamthitta and Thrissur districts from the top of hill.

Nearest Town : Thodupuzha (20 kms away)
Nearest railway station : Kottayam (50 kms away)
Nearest airport : Cochin International airport (65 kms away)

Paniyeli Poru

Paniyeli Poru is an amazing destination where Periyar River flows through rocks and boulders. The name ‘Poru’ in Malayalam means fight. It is located in Ernakulam district near to Perumbavur. It is a rain forest with serene beauty of trees and the flowing river. Poru is a reserved forest under the Kerala State Forest Department and thus we have to take entry pass to enter. A walk of around 20 minutes is necessary to reach the river. The best season to visit the spot is Mid November to the end of May. The entry is allowed till 5pm.

Nearest Town : Perumbavur (15 kms away; direct buses to the spot available)
Nearest Railway Station : Aluva (35 kms away)
Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport (30 kms away)

Thottada Beach

Thottada Beach locates near Kannur – Thalassery Highway. Thottada is a place with a clutter of educational institutions. The Beach is 800m long and have Thottada River flowing on the one end of the beach which adds more beauty to the whole nature around. The Beach is ideal for Sun bathing. There are beach houses and guest houses for stay.

Nearest Town: Kannur (8kms away)
Nearest Railway Station : Kannur Railway Station (8kms away)
Nearest Airport : Calicut International Airport (112kms away)

So get ready for the trip to Kerala. Pack your back pack and get ready to pack your heart with best memories!

Image Source : Google & Own Photographs

Originally posted in Bolte Raho on 21 March,2016

A night in the street

Every day is a lesson to life. Every moment. For me,yesterday was such a day. A day which made me think beyond the reach with my tiring brain. The day I left home after some wonderful days of happiness & togetherness.

Yesterday was a hectic day. I will never tag it as a bad day, but a day with some not-so-good moments. It was the end of my Onam holidays & today I had to get back to work. My usual schedule. I descended the bus with a half dead mind. I had a worse (still manageable) bus journey (will narrate it later.. 🙂 ). While walking through the narrow road to my hostel,my mobile warned with a battery critically low notification. And yet again I forgot to take my power bank from home. I was running out of money in pocket but wasn’t able to take a step towards the ATM. That’s why I chose to reach the hostel as soon as possible and give a rest to my back bone.
(The hostel was closed for Onam holidays last Thursday on wards. Notified before that it will re-open by Sunday evening only. I already made a call to the warden and informed her that I will be reaching by Sunday evening.)

But yesterday, the re-opening Sunday evening welcomed me with a locked gate and two of my in-mates whom I barely know waiting in front of that. My phone called the evening Azaan making me realize 6.30 pm ticked in my watch. I smiled at the two ladies. They looked worn out, tired than me. They both were over phone trying to get the Warden. But she wasn’t picking up the call. We settled our mind believing that she may be in bus on the way back here. I put down my back-pack and tried to relax myself. I tied up my messy hair, removed my scarf and started walking slowly through the street. The other two were on some other phone calls. The sun started to say good bye to the day and my watch ticked 7.00 pm. All the shops nearby was closed and I was in need of water. One of the two lend me the half bottle of water. I drank it like elixir realizing that’s the only water left for the rest of night. Meanwhile an Old lady from the neighborhood came to us and made a small enquiry on our waiting process. We kept on trying over Warden’s number & no one responded from the other end. After 7.15 pm we got her on call. She was waiting for the chief to come and hand over the key of our hostel. We have another one hour to spend in the darkness.

Typical Cochin night is ready for me. The halogen street light,singing mosquitoes, wandering cats.. Eyes peeped out through the windows and porches of the nearby houses. People were looking at us like we are alien from some other planet. A cat was finding its place near my back-pack. I grabbed my luggage and shifted to the gate. My legs started fainting and that made me sit in the side of street, in front of the gate. For my wonder the other two also settled near me. I was mute, hesitant to start a conversation. I had a smile-smile relationship with them till then. Gradually the silence between us is broken. The one lady with me is about 25+ in age. She is a field reported/ journalist in a leading Malayalam news channel.
Kerala is a place where, everyday a political party & a news channel is born. People make profit by selling common people’s common sense. One who can make drama to reality & other who makes every reality to drama. 
In her words, working in a news channel seems to be a tiring job profile . She was from Kannur, a northern district of Kerala. She had a six and half hours journey from home and her eyes were in need of some sleep. We both turned to the other lady. She is reaching her 50s. She came there for a one night stay. She vacated the hostel last month. Now she flew down from Banglore for a funeral. She reached the aerodrome by 4.30 pm and the city traffic spared another one and half hours to move 23 kilometers. She have to take another 70 kilometers journey to reach the destination. Because of the security Kerala offers for a lone woman at night, she was insisted to stay back at night and start the journey early morning for the 10.30 am funeral.

By 8’o clock we were running out of water. The humidity & mosquitoes made our wait more worse. Warden kept on saying she is on the way & no trace of human in the street made us get up ourselves and walk in search of any open shops. The eyes were still watching us from the neighborhood. We loaded our back-pack and headed towards the highway. The same Old lady who came for enquiry before,appeared and again questioned about our movement. We explained our water scarcity and search of a shop. She didn’t reply and stood there till we turned a block. We found an open shop in the highway & loaded our bag with mineral water. On the walk back random topics entered our conversation. The walls between us is already broken. We started caring each other, sheltering each other. In a world where no one lends a hand, where selling a bottle of water is a need, where people live in streets; we found our security ourselves. 🙂

By 9′ o clock, still sitting in the street side, a Black Honda City halted in front of us. A middle-aged lady got out of the car and came to us. After hearing us she offered her home for us to relax. It was at the end of the block. As they were leaving to somewhere else we hesitated to take the kind offer and thanked her. Meanwhile,her husband called our Warden & checked out where she is. After making sure that she will reach soon they left in that car with a sticker showing Advocate. Good people do exists. After some time the hostel authorities came & unlocked the gate. Without any word I grabbed my keys & headed to my room. While mounting the stair, I turned back and thanked to the two other ladies. I bid adieu to them.

I bid adieu to that three hours under street light that changed my perspective over the whole world. Is there anything wrong in giving a place to sit for three ladies? My brave heart who used to travel alone took two steps aback yesterday. Don’t expect a helping hand always. World around is changing day by day.
A bath & food brought from home; call to my brother & a little chat with my writer friend; lot many weird thoughts on my day till then & my head ache offered me a nice sleep yesterday.. 🙂