Be like a KITE #AtoZchallenge

First of all let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful, sweet and lovely DARCY aka for all the WP people Mr. DARSHITH BADIYANI. eeeee 😀


Kites.. Kites for me can be written as The Kite Runner or Khaled Hossieni.. Kites are one of my most favorite entertaining invention by human. A paper attached to a string floating in the sky controlled by us. Kites are a wonderful sight to see. Kites are what I search in beaches or grounds. I love seeing them freely in the sky and I love the hope of the person holding the string. Making it fly higher and higher. Careful on not getting detached from the spool.


Talking about kites, it’s hard to leave ‘The Kite Runner’ behind. Kite Runner is one of my favorite book which moved me and kept me numb for another week. I read Kite Runner while I was in my college and I used to read it while in class (Such a notorious back bencher I am 😛 ) Now and then books was my favorite friend and I never missed chance to read it. But to say, Kite Runner made me miss some classes too. I went blank for the next two days after reading the whole book. I lived with Hassan and Amir and I cried for Sohrab. 🙂 If ‘The Kite Runner’ by Kahled Hosseini is still in your to read list; you must read it. That’s a great read.

KSo once again Happy Birthday to my Fitz William Darcy.. 🙂
You are awesome and I love you!! ❤
Stay blessed and keep inspiring me on everything I do.. 🙂
My prayers and love always for you!!
Fly high as a kite.. 🙂

Happy Blogging to all.. ❤

Piled up Awards!!

I guess if this is all real, I had to make another shack at my home to keep the awards.. Thank you all for this love.. 🙂
Today m here with six awards and a tag as one of the nine interesting blogs.. 🙂

The five awards are nominated by none other than my Neerja.. Anyone who already ready my blog will clearly know who Neerja is and how she meant to me.. 🙂 But for the new comers, She is one of my best mate in WordPress and we share an awesome bond here.. The creative experimental writer buddy.. 🙂 Thank You honey!! ❤ All love always.. ❤
And another one from my dear friend here Roopam.. We share so many interests in common.. 🙂 She is another versatile one who writes her heart out..Thank You my sweet heart.. ❤

Premio Dardos is Italian for Prize Darts. This is given in the spirit of Friendship, Creativity, Community & Originality.. 🙂 And m privileged to own this.. 🙂
Rules Rules Rules…
premio-dardos-award1# Include the Premio Dardos Award Picture and the name of the person that nominated you. (Include a link to their blog)
# Nominate 15 other blogs and notify them! (I m cutting down the number to 5)
# Thank the blogger who nominated you in your blog and link back.
My nominees are

Thanks a ton again to my sweet heart Neerja.. 
recognition-awardOnce again Rules.. 🙂
# Provide a link to the original post
# Write a post to show off your award!
      * Give a brief story about how your blog got started
      * Give a few words of advice to other bloggers
# Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
# Make sure to attach the picture of the award (Either hold down or right click on photo, save the photo and insert it into the post and provide source if you feel needed)

Here is the original post by my dear Neerja.. Check it out.. 🙂

And my story of blog is here…
May be I had started writing while m in my mom’s womb; but I really started penning down my weird thoughts while I was in third standard. It was small small poems which wasn’t easy to understand, but it was my way of writing. It gave pleasure to me alone. Then I shifted the school and I was firstly recognized in writing when I grabbed a prize when I m in 4th standard. I wasn’t serious about that cause singing was my forte then. I used to scribble things here and there mostly in Malayalam & gradually my thoughts turned to English so as my writings. World around and my lone times at hostel made me write alot and it was in 2010, I started my first blog in But I lost pace in maintaining it and after 3 posts I left the blog in half way & gave a halt to my writing. Then after two years, while I was in search of some new articles related to Architecture, I landed on WordPress. And without any reason I started writing again. And that’s the birth story of Nimz Revealed. Here I am, completing almost three years in WordPress with a wonderful writers family here.

Advice to bloggers…
I think m not that worthy enough to advice on writing. But still, to the one who are new in writing.
Be yourself in writing. Be truthful to the words you write. Not everyone will become  fan of your writing; that doesn’t means you are bad at it. Everyone have their own tastes and look around, there will be a few who will die to read your words. Be unique & stick on to your own style. After all, we writes for our heart.


For all that, here are some RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME… 🙂
||  I m someone who is addicted to reading, who live to read & who spends half her expenditure in buying new books.
||  I am music lover. It’s my passion & it’s one of the main anti depressant for me. If m worried I will be singing non-stop. 😉 I m better in singing than in writing. I guess.
||  I am one who believes India is the best place to live. Often m obsessed & overwhelmed by the best memories I had in other countries. But for me, India is my country & India is the best.
||  I love photography. My camera, Nikon P520 is the best companion I have. 
||  I believe traveling is the best meditation & I love taking long drives. Roaming all around India alone or with my close to heart people is my craziest wish. Ladakh is my dream destination.

No Nomiantions.. Feel free to comment your answers.. 🙂


Thanks again to Roopam.. and here are the answers for your questions.. 🙂

starlight-blogger-awardWhat thought makes you get up from your bed in the morning?
Thoughts on getting up is different for me everyday. Often I plays the role of alarm for my dear ones.. 😉 Otherwise it’s the namaz call which makes me up.. 🙂 Or the breakfast to be prepared or the upcoming designs.. Most of my days are happy & it starts with an Alhamdhulillah. (Praise the Lord)

One scary incident of your life? Like horror scary, not tragic scary.
Scary? Horror scary? There are a lot tragic scary.. :/ But nothing like horror scary yet..

Are you weight conscious or you eat without any worry?
M not weight conscious but my parents are. By God’s grace m still lean & eats everything I love.. My friends call me Eating machine.. Now you know what I am.. 😛

Which festive occasion you love the most and why?
I love Christmas. Even if every festivals reminds us of peace & prosperity; I feels Christmas is the most peaceful festival.. And I love winter more.. 😉 I love Christmas movies too.. I love everywhere decorated with stars, socks & wreaths.. ❤ 

Are you a talker or you know, otherwise?
I m in the otherwise section.. I can open up to my favorite people only, otherwise I will keep mum. Mostly I am silent & I think that’s one of the drawback while I deal with some typo clients.. 🙂

DONE Again!!
I don;t have any nominations for this & feel free to put down your answers in the comments.. 🙂

Now Thanks to Krupa Nanda for tagging me as one of the nine interesting blogs. Now I have to select 9 interesting blogs which I follow & drop the link here. (One among the 9 will be the nominator’s)

Here is the selected 9 interesting blogs:
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Krupa Nanda

So here I am, completing the piled up awards.. 🙂
Challenges are now waiting on my way.. Will get back with it soon.. Till then.. Happy Blogging!! 🙂