Brother Tales

I got some totally wonderful crazy set of brothers. Sometimes I really don’t know what I am with them and what I am without them. There are so many tiny tiny moments which makes me love them more and more!


After 40kms drive from home.

Outside the movie hall.

Brother 1 : Didi, No tickets for that too.. 😦

Me: Then check for San Andreas. It will be interesting.

Brother 2 : Tickets available.

Brother 3 : Shall we go for the Tamil movie??

Brother 1 & 2 : 🙂

Me : I don’t understand Tamil. 😦

Brother 2 : But these guys love Suriya. Let’s make them happy.

Me : Okay. 😦

Brother 2 : Oh no! Don’t worry. Guys, Lets go for San Andreas.

After few minutes Brother 2 came with tickets.

Brother 2 : Here it is, tickets for the Tamil movie.

Me : 

Inside the movie hall. 

Some stupid jokes going on screen. All around me laughing.

Me to Brother 1 on my right : What they are talking about?

Brother 1 :   Don’t know Didi.

Confused me to Brother 3 on left : What’s the joke dear?

Brother 3 :  I don’t know Didi. Didi, look Suriya’s entry.




Me : *deep sigh* 


They often irritates me.. frustrates me.. But the truth is that really makes me smile & laugh..

Long live my dears.. ❤

an era coming to an end…

…don’t know where i started…don’t know where i will end…started a life here like a life in hell…it seems to be so for the past three years…but still found someone to make my life worth living here…there were many who came to my life in a way to touch my heart…some came and went…but some stayed…

…getting out from this college is like missing a hell with so many heavenly moments…i don’t know what will i do to get my time back with my friends…i know i will be going back to my home town soon…the only time i have now is around four months to share…to rock…to enjoy with my extraordinary idiots whom i love the most in my life…i never thought that these wonderful people can change my life…change me back to my normal life…i got so many ups and downs here…when looms of sadness covered my life and there were times when i cried on my bed hugging my pillow thinking of some crap days in my life and thinking of my mom,dad and sis…yeah…i am a family girl…i miss my mom every moment i am away from her…i wish if she was here with me…


my world around in the college is full of colors…sometimes tears…mostly laughs and smiles…my smiles are always blended and surrounded with my best buddies who cherished each and every moment in my life here…life in ICET was once the worst chapter of my life and now at the ending its on the top of best chapters…the cool mornings here in my alone room (which is double room…but i don’t know till now who my room mate is…:))…late night chit chats…gupshups…movies…oh!!sleepless exam days…bundles of xerox…cooking noodles doodles…fighting for silly things…everyone around me seems rocking…under the huge tree (the perfect place to hangout)…canteen (till the last sip of eldhos bhai’s tea)…auditorium(OMG!!once we got locked up in that)…ashrafkka’s shop…special strong tea…long walks to the college…through the broken roads…i m gonna miss those times…i m now enjoying each and everything here…in the college…arts…games…every single days…even our exams…:)

i really wish this time never ends…