COLLEGE – the treasure of best memories #AtoZchallenge

Yet again before coming to the point I would like to let you know that I am yet again going through a writer’s bloc. I am trying my best to bounce back as fast as possible.

“Yesterday is today’s best memory”

colgCollege.. I don’t know how much that mean to me.. I got a six year long college life before ending up on a job.. It was after completing my 10th grade I made a straight entry to College for Diploma in Architecture.. It was the first time I experienced the fun of being in college.. As it was a Govt. College, freedom was unlimited.. ❤ I loved studying among a 29 other elder girls (All joined after Plus Two and I was the younger one.. 🙂 ) I still remember my seniors who made me do mimicry and mono-act in the ice breaking section and got flattened when I sung Kal Ho Na Ho title song.. We became close friends and it remains till now.. 😉 I had the best experiences from that college. Staying away from home made me much stronger to face the problems.. A colorful world of every emotions. I often doubted whether it was a good choice to drop the Plus Two option and join the big deal; but it was one of the best decision I made. I m grateful to God for giving me a chance to be there and giving me the best gems to my life.. 🙂

New FolderLeaving the first college after the course was a bit tough task for me. I was there for three years and my mind was weaved with the air around the campus. I struggled much to regain myself when I landed back at home. Then again I was appointed by life to join another college for my graduation. I had a straight entry to second year there. And I guess it was one of the worst thing happened to me. Landing in 70+ students class room; they already friends for the past one year and all the students looked at me like I m an alien. Actually I was an alien there. I struggled the next three years to survive there. But from there too, I was surprised with some wonderful minds who made me alive.. We can find the gem in a trash too..

CBoth the college lives happened in an important phase of my life( I think that happens to everyone) and that made me stronger and shaped me into an individual like this. For me C is Chocolate..Care.. Coffee.. Cars.. But, College.. It have the best memories in treasure..

So that’s it for my College memories.. Love you all who made my days there beautiful.. Love you all for those wonderful memories I still cherish.. A big toast for everyone; to the teachers, to the friends, to the juniors, to the seniors, to the batch mates; who is still close to me and to those who left behind in the race of life.. Sorry if I ran faster than you.. I love you all.. 🙂


down in the falls….


       setting out a trip from class is the most enjoyable one…with my wonderful friends…more laughter and more jokes…and this time we planned to go to my home town and my own waterfalls..Athirapilly…i had been there  two three times….with my family and family friends…but still i love to go to that place…i love to hear the water falling on those huge boulders and the extreme look of water…sometimes i am afraid of that too…
      this day i m wid my classmates…no…the evilzz…great cevilzz batch…this one day trip was the most memorable…sweetness with tears tooo…now lets dont talk about tears…talk about the great place…
      entering in to that forest look like area the only thing we should hear is the sound of water…that is not a rippling sound…its the huge noise of water falling forcefully to a 25 metre depth…after jumping and crossing so many obstacles we reach down under the falls…GOD…its the best view i ever had…i tried to took snaps in my cam…but the water is not allowing me to..within seconds we all became wet…water is sprinkling like anything and it seems to be like a foggy area…everywhere its only water…to a heavenly place with your friends…its like we are partying there too…what to say entering in to water is prohibited…but we reached the maximum…


       the screen shots of so many Indian movies came to my mind…Aishwarya in Raavan…so many malayalam movies and Mani Ratnam movies…A.R Rahman’s Roja…Kannathil Muthamittal…till Raavan…
4 hours there…we all are just like out from a shower…no changing room…no wash room…my sneakers are is draining water…somehow like a chain…helping each other we managed to get back to the top…back in to the bus everyone went silent…i know all freakers are still there…down the falls…i hummed that Rahman song…chinna chinna aasai…choti si aasha…:)