HARRY POTTER is the Happiness! #AtoZchallenge

So I m back! That’s a lie. My internet is still down and I am using my colleague’s PC to post this because of my laziness in using WP from phone. So get back to the challenge. A to Z challenge is the first major challenge I m participating in these 3+ years of WP life. And that’s why I m taking this as serious. I wish to complete it without any failure; but now I m not so hopeful of ending it in  the perfect manner. Leave it out there!


H.. While thinking about H, first came to mind was H for Harry Potter & H for Happiness. I was confused whether to chose this or that. And I ended up in Harry all because Harry Potter is happiness. And I have some other happy news to share. I got a new job and will join there after ten days (In sha Allah 🙂 ) . From the interviews and all, I came to know that I m shifting to a very busy and rough working environment and will be working on shift. So I m not so sure of getting access to WordPress as before. :/ So that’s a mix of happiness and sadness. Will try my best not to disappoint my friends and readers here. And another happy news is my niece started schooling. Look how fast time is flying! ❤

902160c9fc04b1de8747e0c8bb711606Harry Potter! That’s with what my childhood is made of. As I am from Kerala and our regional language Malayalam have a great collection in literature, I wasn’t interested in reading any English books in my time of school. But, it was then on a fine day the Librarian of our public library told me that he have Harry Potter there. He gave me the book on my next visit and thus the potterhead in me born. 🙂 Then I searched and found all the released books of HP series and read it and one of the main pastime of me at that time was to narrate the story to my cousins. They were all excited in hearing that. They used to urge me to read the rest of the story as soon as possible so that they can hear it from me. 😛 Right after my madness became critical the Didi who lives my next door (mother of two grown up girls) got the fire of Harry Potter. They were in Goa and once when they came on leave, I went to visit them. I was welcomed by a book shelf where the whole Harry Potter series ( only 5 was out till then 😉 ) is arranged stunningly. She passed her fan dust to her kids and those girls; Saina & Saeda now know each and every scene from every HP book. 😉

HHarry Potter is a religion. As we all say religion teaches us how to live, those book series gave me a 1000 lessons to live better and be a better person. It showed me how precious family is, It taught me what friendship really is (Harry, Hermione & Ron – That’s true definition with Neville & Luna) Snape showed us what unconditional love is (After all this time? Always! ) Dumbeldore taught us what is important in life.. Every character in it was imbibed with a lot more for a life and they all made my childhood colorful. For Harry Potter I would like to thank the creator behind it; J. K Rowling who is always a magician of stories for me. On my early days with the book I was wondering how can a person make this kind of stories and connect it in the best way and later I realized that’s what is called a true passionate writer is. Big salute for her!

FB_20160405_16_45_35_Saved_PictureP.S : My dream of owning a Bookshelf and the whole Harry Potter series is still remaining. Hope I can share that happiness with you soon!

3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge – DAY 3

It’s the last day of my 3 days 3 quotes challenge. Thank You Neerja of Ametalk, Arcane Owl of Wayward Scribblez, Rob of V-Pub & Chape for nominating me.

This Challenge is to post Three Quotes consecutively on 3 days & Nominate any 3 bloggers each day.

So my quote for Day 3 is..

“Sometimes you read a book & it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal & you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless & until all living humans read the book.”Fault in our Stars by John Green


This happens to me often. Sometimes after reading some book, it makes me think that someone who missed reading that is having a very big loss! 😉

I nomiante,
Nisthur Anandi

Feel free to take up the challenge. No hurry!! 🙂
Till then Happy Blogging.. ❤