its OVER! #AtoZchallenge

Its over.. 😦

By the time I am drafting this I am cleaning my work desk and drawers.. Packing the stuffs I own here.. The diaries where there are calculations over calculations.. The notepads which owns so many uncompleted drafts.. I cleared the sticky notes and reminders.. Handed over the works to my head and just listening to that cute song by kids for The Jungle book movie (Hindi).. Jungal Jungal Baat Chali Hai.. 🙂 At my side my colleague; he is like a little brother to me is still itching on my packing.. 🙂 Yeah!! its time for me to leave this office.. A new day is waiting for me.. In two days I will be sitting in another work desk missing the people here.. I am already missing them.. 😦


So that.. It’s OVER! The life here.. All the way to a new dawn.. 🙂O

NOVEMBER again! #AtoZchallenge

November isn’t my favorite month. But November is a special month for me.. 😉


Days passed as she struggled to get into the routine.. Time flown as she tried to open her eyes in the morning.. Moments jumped as she reached his tie and made it proper.. She ran around the home.. She raced in her work desk.. She closed her eyes and morning fell all of a sudden.. Her eyes decorated dark circles.. Her pen stumbled on words.. Her breath became slow.. She saw the winter coming.. The cold wind gushed through the window.. One more month passed.. It’s November again!! 🙂


Time to do the unexpected!! 🙂
Happy Blogging ❤


Music! Nothing else #AtoZchallenge

MUSIC.. Music is Addiction.. Music is Peace.. Music is Love.. Music is everything for me..

music-dandelionMusic is a blessing for me.. Something which can sooth my mind.. Something that wipes my tears invisibly.. Something which gives energy to my life.. People can hardly see me without a music player and earphones.. It is a part of my life.. Taking music to everywhere.. Even I imagine dreams with a musical back ground.. I m crazy about music.. A part of me is always a singer.. My dear ones know how I sings in between a conversation in phone or while sitting along.. its really an adrenaline rush makes me sing.. Which pushes me to hum.. 🙂

My college days where stunning with music concerts.. I remember the chance I got every year to perform with the music band who comes for the annual college day function.. I made concerts with my friends every year in college.. My collections on karaokes and lyrics of song increased day by day.. This happened while I was doing my Diploma.. And after that.. 🙂 We always had a music section after classes with my buddies in the nearby coffee shop.. All the orchestra provided with mouth and the desk we conquered the whole world of music.. I often seen other students from college shooting us that weird look like ‘ What these guys are up to?’.. We were not professionals… Oh yeah!! One of my buddy was professional by the time.. Kelvin! He had an awesome voice that captures every people and wonderful control over his voice at any time.. We were a bunch of crazy people who loves music; I m not sure if everyone in our gang loved music but they definitely loved us.. And that’s why we always kept on singing.. We made our own improvisations and leads.. 🙂


Time flied.. Kelvin diverted his career to music and completed his studies in KM Music Conservatory.. He performed in from of our God of music A. R Rahman.. Can you imagine?? o_O He performed in front of him.. He was a part of Tribute to Michael Jackson launched by the students in his music school.. And guess what? He took me to his band’s recording section one day.. A whole new experience of live recording.. 🙂 Music and I have a connection between from the day I started to grow in my Mother’s womb.. My Dad used to sing songs for me and those songs still give goosebumps.. ❤ I was born on a time when legends were ruling the music world.. I grown up with Rahman Sir’s music and Yesudas Sir’s sound.. Mohammed Rafi Saab and Kishore Dha decorated my dad’s music collections.. 🙂


Music is something I can’t live without..
Music is with which I m made of..  ❤

Put on your headsets & enjoy the weekend!!

Love your Life #AtoZchallenge

Life won’t be easy until you know what you can do. Life wont be easy until you find your power. I am powerful when I have a pen and a paper. I am confident when I until I believe i can write. But the most powerful weapon we have is LOVE.. 🙂


Love can heal anything.. Love is the one thing which connects us.. Love is the feel which makes us keep on living.. Love is what a mother felts for her baby from the day it starts growing in her womb.. Love is when a father hugs his child after scolding him for doing something wrong.. Love is when he kisses his love’s forehead after the first delivery.. Love is she tip toeing into the kitchen without disturbing her man’s sleep..Love is when he gives a piece of chocolate to his sister.. Love is when she helps her brother for the exam.. Love is when she shares her coffee with her love of life.. Love is he holding her hands from stumbling.. Love is in those biscuits bought by Grandma for me believing my childhood favorite is still my favorite.. Love is when your friend lends their shoulder without asking.. Love is when she clutches my fingers and snuggle into the blanket.. 🙂

Love can be a ‘Take Care’.. ‘A Drive Safe’ or a ‘Sleep Tight’.. 🙂
Love is in ‘Stay Blessed’ or ‘Are you ok?’

Love is when he whispers ‘I love you’ and she returns with a ‘To the moon and back! Always! Forever! Till the last breath!!’

Jump #AtoZchallenge

043370509ffd7dc37093a240c4652a1fWhen you jumped last time?
Just a simple jump; the moment in air. If it’s a long time back, take a jump and come back to my post. 😉
Jump is a power concept for me.. As always my bucket list includes Bunjee jumping, Jumping from a cliff, jumping from an plane for sky diving.. To jump is often a simple thing but the moment you stays in the air without any support is a different feeling. A moment where we are the only one who can control our self and a realization of no one can stabilize us back other than us.


I still remember the day Mayasa started jumping. At the early stages she was too afraid of falling. She says it’s her jumping but what she did was hopping. She keeps her toes in the ground itself and takes a small hop. But when last time she came on holidays, we were sitting on our neighbor’s house where they have a little higher platform to sit. She came near me, held my hand and stood at the edge of that platform. She looked down and looked at me. I was wondered on how a little kid of three years know it’s a little risk to jump off from that platform. She approached me and asked in my ears ‘Can I jump?’. The always encouraging me told her ‘Of course you can. Don’t ever worry about falling. I will hold you.’ She made a smile and again held my hand. A little fear loomed in her face but still she managed to make a small jump with the help of my hand. In half an hour we spend there, she tried out jumping as many times possible and by the end she managed to jump alone. I was pretty overwhelmed by my niece’s courage.


Jump is not physical only. We often takes mental decisions too. Jumping higher or jumping over a hurdle can change your life. Always think about from where we are starting and where we going to end. I am a girl who experienced every luxuries as a child with acres of land to play. In my childhood days (even still) I used to jump off the hedges, jump from a compound wall, trees and even from the 10 feet high terrace. Yeah! I jumped from there twice. But as I grow up my faith in myself diminished and I started fearing of jumping. Even in decisions Ii often stumbled. I guess this happens to everyone. As the responsibilities increase, as the life progress, we love to stay safe and stay back from risks. But life starts when you jump off from that safe zone. Everyone knows the truth but no one is ready to accept it.. So, take the jump. No one will drag away the ground under you. It’s you who controls you and its you who makes you stand still.



Happy blogging !! 🙂


I… I am #AtoZchallenge

I.. I am.. the easiest one.. but I don’t know how to write about it.. :/


I am the most complicated human being I ever encountered with.. 😛 I am the worst kind of person with the most weird thoughts.. I felt normal when I came to know that there are other people like me.. 🙂 I am love covered with my smile and grudge hidden behind my soul.. I am bold in the out and lighter when you get into my heart.. I am that roar you hear at times and the chuckle when you tickles.. I have my choices and I m not ready to take up anyone else’s for me.. I am someone who shuts up when you say I am wrong only because I know I am right.. I hate arguments and of course I hate shouting.. I am the peace lover.. You think I am different but the truth is I am unique.. And note; I am loyal.. I am a glass piece bubble wrapped with love.. I am what I am and remember behind everything there is a reason!! 🙂



P. S : I know you all didn’t think the same. 🙂
Happy blogging.. ❤

HARRY POTTER is the Happiness! #AtoZchallenge

So I m back! That’s a lie. My internet is still down and I am using my colleague’s PC to post this because of my laziness in using WP from phone. So get back to the challenge. A to Z challenge is the first major challenge I m participating in these 3+ years of WP life. And that’s why I m taking this as serious. I wish to complete it without any failure; but now I m not so hopeful of ending it in  the perfect manner. Leave it out there!


H.. While thinking about H, first came to mind was H for Harry Potter & H for Happiness. I was confused whether to chose this or that. And I ended up in Harry all because Harry Potter is happiness. And I have some other happy news to share. I got a new job and will join there after ten days (In sha Allah 🙂 ) . From the interviews and all, I came to know that I m shifting to a very busy and rough working environment and will be working on shift. So I m not so sure of getting access to WordPress as before. :/ So that’s a mix of happiness and sadness. Will try my best not to disappoint my friends and readers here. And another happy news is my niece started schooling. Look how fast time is flying! ❤

902160c9fc04b1de8747e0c8bb711606Harry Potter! That’s with what my childhood is made of. As I am from Kerala and our regional language Malayalam have a great collection in literature, I wasn’t interested in reading any English books in my time of school. But, it was then on a fine day the Librarian of our public library told me that he have Harry Potter there. He gave me the book on my next visit and thus the potterhead in me born. 🙂 Then I searched and found all the released books of HP series and read it and one of the main pastime of me at that time was to narrate the story to my cousins. They were all excited in hearing that. They used to urge me to read the rest of the story as soon as possible so that they can hear it from me. 😛 Right after my madness became critical the Didi who lives my next door (mother of two grown up girls) got the fire of Harry Potter. They were in Goa and once when they came on leave, I went to visit them. I was welcomed by a book shelf where the whole Harry Potter series ( only 5 was out till then 😉 ) is arranged stunningly. She passed her fan dust to her kids and those girls; Saina & Saeda now know each and every scene from every HP book. 😉

HHarry Potter is a religion. As we all say religion teaches us how to live, those book series gave me a 1000 lessons to live better and be a better person. It showed me how precious family is, It taught me what friendship really is (Harry, Hermione & Ron – That’s true definition with Neville & Luna) Snape showed us what unconditional love is (After all this time? Always! ) Dumbeldore taught us what is important in life.. Every character in it was imbibed with a lot more for a life and they all made my childhood colorful. For Harry Potter I would like to thank the creator behind it; J. K Rowling who is always a magician of stories for me. On my early days with the book I was wondering how can a person make this kind of stories and connect it in the best way and later I realized that’s what is called a true passionate writer is. Big salute for her!

FB_20160405_16_45_35_Saved_PictureP.S : My dream of owning a Bookshelf and the whole Harry Potter series is still remaining. Hope I can share that happiness with you soon!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S – the epic series #AtoZchallenge

Do I really have to talk about FRIENDS?  :/

What else you have in mind when you hear F!  o_O
I only have this in mind. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is not simply a 20GB file i have in my external hard disk. It’s epic. It’s the best television sitcom I ever watched. It’s my stress buster. I guess 90% of my readers know about FRIENDS. You are familiar with Chandler Bing, Ross Geller, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Pheobe Buffay, Rachel Green. And to those who don’t know about FRIENDS.


FRIENDS is the famous American television sitcom aired on NBC for a wonderful decade. Yeah! From 1994 (Then I was only 3 years old 😛 ) to 2004 starring Matthew Perry (Chandler), David Schwimmer (Ross), Courteney Cox (Monica), Matt LeBlanc (Joey), Lisa Kudrow (Pheobe) and Jennifer Anniston (Rachel). The life of six friends wrapped in comedy and presented in the best way as one episode-one story. FRIENDS is another television series I am addicted to other than the Lizzie McGuire. It is something which makes me laugh even on a tough day. It is from where I got ‘Oh My Gawwwd‘ and ‘the ugly naked guy‘ jokes which strolls on my Whatsapp chats most of the time. FRIENDS is a smile on most of the people who are reading this. FRIENDS is just an epic rolling through most of the young ones now a days and I can’t stay away from watching it. Over and over a 100 times I will watch FRIENDS. And that’s how it is. I am connected to the jokes of Joey (How you doing? :D), the insanity of Pheobe, the abnormality of Ross, the discipline of Monica, carelessness of Rachel and of course the love of Chandler. If you are still away from the FRIENDS fun, please watch it. You will know what you are missing.


PS: Strictly my opinion. Choices change depends on the person. 😉
Thanks to the makers for entertaining us still watching this over and over again!! 🙂
I will be there for you! ❤

EPIPHANY #AtoZchallenge

Why E for Epiphany? o_O

ff361d4935364808cdeb78e3a088faf7I don’t know! But this happened to me recently. I m not mentioning the situation but then on wards I m planning to write about it. To those who are wondering what epiphany is, here is the explanation in short. Epiphany is sudden realization or insight. Most of my readers may know how it feels. You people all may have gone through such a situation. A very strong realization in a moment. It may vary for every person according to the situation. Months back I read Deepika mentioning about her epiphany in her old blog (blog didn’t exist now). I had something recently. I passed through so many mental tension and pressure. I was in a stage whether to hold on or leave it. I was very well aware of the consequences to hold on and surviving was a mere possibility. And leaving was the easiest option for me. But then I had a sudden halt in mind and I decided to hold on. Hold on for one single reason and I was ready to struggle. I think I m still struggling through a hard phase; but not feeling so. I know the cause of my struggle and I m happy for that. 🙂


So that’s my post on E.. Epiphany.. How I felt on such a moment.. For those who are confused about my situation; please be patient… And to the ones who are smiling reading this.. Thank You for the support!! 🙂

DEATH-my biggest fear #AtoZchallenge

I was planning to post another blog on D. But last day I deleted that post and wrote this new one. I am very much afraid of writing about death. It is the biggest fear I have. I couldn’t handle the loss of someone closer to me. And last Friday I lost my Uncle. I was struggling to hold on my tears for the next two days knowing my tears will bring tears in my dear one’s eyes too. I acted pretty strong in front of everyone and at night I sobbed silently thinking about the memories he gave me. And yesterday, when I got back to office I noticed that I m not normal. My eyes started welling up in every normal talk and then again I realized how much I m worried of his demise. And that’s how this post turned ON!


DEATH! Death is usual as birth. That’s how life is. The first time I encountered it is while I m in my second grade when I lost my Grandfather. And that was the day I came to know that losing someone is the biggest fear. I tried my best to fill the void with memories and happiness but that never worked. Every time when I think about something that scares me; it’s that; those memories of my lost ones. I thought I m being silly every time. I tried to change. But all my tries went in vain.
When on Friday night my Dad called me in numbness conveying the news of demise I felt like something hit me hard on my skull. I was in a moment of shock and then I tried my best to keep calm and behave strong. I was the only one normal there at that time and right that time I took my phone and called each and every relatives of mine to pass the news. I still don’t know how I did that without a drop of tear and I don’t know how I collapsed right after that. After every such loss I will tell myself ‘Their duty in this planet is done and they left.‘ This time too I m struggling to cope up with the truth and teaching myself on it. What left is those thousand memories we had together as a family. The thousand funny fights we made and those unconditional love he given to me considering me as his own little daughter.

DOne of my favorite book ‘Mayyazhi puzhayude theerangalil‘ by M. Mukundan have a nice story to tell about death. Across the Mayyazhi river, there is an island with butterflies called Velliyankallu. When someone dies in Mayyazhi, they will turn into a butterfly and will fly to Velliyankallu. 🙂

I can see everyone as beautiful butterflies fluttering there!! 🙂


P.S : Thanks to everyone who held me closer on these days! Thanks to every condolences and thanks to Shinilkka who told me to write read eat and get back to normal ASAP. 🙂