The Talk

“If conversation was the lyrics, laughter was the music, making time spent together a melody that could be replayed over and over without getting stale.”- Nicholas Sparks, The Choice

‘Listen, we should stop this. I know you can’t love me for a long time.’

‘Okay! If you wish so. And who said I love you?’

‘Travis, you haven’t looked at anyone like the way you look at me. I know that.’

‘Then I must say the same for you. Your looks!’
He rolls his eyes.

‘Really? You think so? No way!
Listen, we should take a trip to North Carolina. ‘
She nudged him with elbow.

‘You said we are gonna stop loving each other.’

She laughed the best laugh.
‘Seriously? Of all this things I said, you took only that?’

He chuckles.
‘Again girl, you bothers me’

She leans to him.

‘Do I have a choice?’


‘Then continue bothering me! I love you.’

P S: inspired by Nicholas Sparks ‘The Choice’
Again, I m too weak in writing Romance.


She was just out from the shower. Water trickled from her hair. Drop by drop. Without realizing he is behind her she started draping her Black Saree. Her favorite one. The one he gifted on their last anniversary. Her chaotic face shown her tough task on dealing with this unfamiliar piece of costume. Last time she wore this was around eleven months back when they went for a candlelit dinner. It still have the fragrance in that restaurant.

He was still standing at the door gazing at her reflection in the mirror. He laughed playfully in his mind seeing her playing with Saree; like a kitten playing with a ribbon (without knowing what to do). She is still concentrated on how-to-manage-this-piece-of-cloth task. He slowly came to her and patted on her shoulder. She continued adjusting her fleets like nothing happened. He came in front of her. She smiled at him; still with a worn out face unveiling I can’t win the battle with this thing. He made a face of ‘It’s not a big deal.’ She looked herself with a sigh.

In a moment he dragged her closer and carried her face in his hands. A kiss on her forehead. She looked up to his face with a smile. He bent down to her and whispered in ears. ‘Happy Anniversary Honey!’ Tears trickled from her eyes with the rainbow of happiness.


She opened the page of her diary realizing that, as everyday her pen don’t have to spread ink today. Even if it can, it won’t. She searched for words in emptiness. It was for the first time her brain is drained out of words. She closed her eyes. Memories rolled in front of her like a black and white movie.  She felt a drop of tear rolling down her cheeks. ” Why I loved him?” She gambled questions in her head. “Why am I crying now?” 

She never cried for the past several years. She herself believed that no one can make her cry. She was hard by heart. Hard as a rock. But, what happened now? Why for him? A person who gives least hope of satisfaction  & happiness; still she loves him to the core; made her cry for no reason. She wiped off her tears and tried to sort out her mind. Thousand things at a time and she failed to find the reason behind that mere wetness in her eyes. She collapsed to the bed and burst out like a downpour.

The door opened and she entered the elevator. Last night’s less sleep gave her a tiring look. Before she could reach the button of elevator it reopened. It was him. He smiled at her. The same smile that haunts her day and night. “What’s up?” He asked as nothing happened between them. With a heavy heart she said. “Nothing..” She struggled to hold back her tears while he was looking at her till they reached the floor. At a moment their eyes met. He smiled and walked away.

She again ringed in mind. “Nothing!, Yeah! There is Nothing she can do. There is nothing she can hope for. There is nothing as an answer for her questions. After all, its like a one-sided game.” She gazed on him till he walked down the aisle.