Brother Tales 3

It’s weekend and I was back from office after 3 hours journey. As usual I entered the kitchen & took a seat with my chapathi & chicken. 😛 My younger brother was sitting next to me with messed up hair. He was on leave from College. My doctor-brother entered the room and took a seat between us.  🙂
Mom : You became lean in a week! :/
Doc brother : You look tired!
Me: Work Bhaiyya. Often it’s hectic.:(
Doc brother (pointing to my younger one) : Look at him!! He also looks tired, even without doing any work. I always told you guys, not to take coke & all; You people running around fast food & everything.
Me: *Rolling eyes*
I concentrated on my plate while he stuffed a chicken roll into his mouth & continued. Again at my younger one.
Doc Brother: These fast food, fries and all are not good at all. This will carve your bones. That’s why you people are always dizzy & tiring.
I tried not to giggle at the firing my younger brother is having. I took a sip of water from the glass & suppressed my laugh.
Me: Bhaiyya! But, m not having fast food there. I don’t like that at all. I m like this because of my hostel-food.
After finishing his third chicken roll.
Doc Brother: Mom, Can I get the bottle of 7up from the refrigerator?

He quaffed the bottle like nothing happened till then. 😉
I dropped my jaw, so as my younger brother.
Mom kept on laughing saying Weird kids.. 😀

Brother Tales Again

Usually at every weekend when I m home, I used to share room with my brother. He have a crazy addiction over anime (still in the age of 18 😛 ). One night I woke up in the mid of my sleep and saw him eagerly sitting in front of the laptop, buffering over some Japanese talking cartoon creatures. In my dizzy state I told him to shut down the laptop and sleep. I went back to sleep realizing it is 4 am and I have only two more hours to sleep.

Next morning I saw him sitting in front of the breakfast with sleepy eyes. I complained to the higher authorities at home 😛 that he is sitting over this Youtube non-senses till the dawn. ( Look, how cruel I am.. 😛 )

Next Weekend

It’s almost midnight.

Me : Come, Let’s sleep. I made your bed.

Brother : Give me my blanket. I will take the sofa today.

Me : Huh! But why? 

Brother : Last week you told Mom that m using internet till early morning? She started switching-off the modem. No Wi-Fi access. 

Me : So what?

Brother : Didi, I am really angry with you.

Me : Really??

Without any word he grabbed the blanket from my hands and collapsed on the sofa.

Next weekend

Breaking the usual routine he made my bed and he is ready to sleep early. He jumped to my bed and pulled his blanket over him.

Me : Mom still switch offs the modem nah?

Brother : Yes!

Me : Still no Wi-Fi access!

Brother : Yes!

Me : Then?

Brother : Didi, Now m not angry with you. 🙂

He snuggled into his blanket with a smile.

Brother Tales

I got some totally wonderful crazy set of brothers. Sometimes I really don’t know what I am with them and what I am without them. There are so many tiny tiny moments which makes me love them more and more!


After 40kms drive from home.

Outside the movie hall.

Brother 1 : Didi, No tickets for that too.. 😦

Me: Then check for San Andreas. It will be interesting.

Brother 2 : Tickets available.

Brother 3 : Shall we go for the Tamil movie??

Brother 1 & 2 : 🙂

Me : I don’t understand Tamil. 😦

Brother 2 : But these guys love Suriya. Let’s make them happy.

Me : Okay. 😦

Brother 2 : Oh no! Don’t worry. Guys, Lets go for San Andreas.

After few minutes Brother 2 came with tickets.

Brother 2 : Here it is, tickets for the Tamil movie.

Me : 

Inside the movie hall. 

Some stupid jokes going on screen. All around me laughing.

Me to Brother 1 on my right : What they are talking about?

Brother 1 :   Don’t know Didi.

Confused me to Brother 3 on left : What’s the joke dear?

Brother 3 :  I don’t know Didi. Didi, look Suriya’s entry.




Me : *deep sigh* 


They often irritates me.. frustrates me.. But the truth is that really makes me smile & laugh..

Long live my dears.. ❤