Little thing called HAPPINESS #3

Happiness is having your favourite snack.. Knowing that your husband will order your favourite one before you reach the table after the hectoc work.. Loving when your friends opt to have the same because you never changes the menu.. Best is when the waiter keeps your favourite on the table before you order..

My happiness is having a coffee woth my favourite snack Pazham Pori (Banana fry) with my loved ones! 

Recipe for the snack is here
I love eating ❤️

10 thoughts on “Little thing called HAPPINESS #3

  1. Just like you, I love fritters – accompanied with a cup of elaichi tea or coffee! I normally make brinjal fritters and this banana one is new for me! Thanks a ton for sharing the recipe. I’ll surely try making them at home! And I am LOVING these little moments of happiness that you are sharing with us!

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