Long Three Months!! #Part_1

My dear readers,

I would like to call you my dearest readers. It was a long break from me on WordPress only because of my lack of time to sit and write. I was out of calm environments and I was torn apart by the crucial schedules and work loads. And now, Here I am.. Expecting myself that I am back!! 🙂

What happened after April 30th?
Why I vanished from the whole WordPress world. I have the most dumb answer. I was running out of time. o_O
I shifted to another job on the mid of May which shook my whole routine. I m working from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm (often that goes beyond 9.00 pm) and loosing myself on my already set track. I was expecting that all my mind freaks will settle down once I m back in to the track. Now what is that track? I was thinking yesterday (Independence day is not a holiday for me; Even Sundays are working day) what I m loosing for the past 3 and half months of running and what I got on these long time! (It’s not so long, but for me it seems too long!)

Replay in slow motion : May,2016 to Till date 😛
Bangalore Diaries
Bangalore! Not so rocking city for me. On the start of May I got interview for a placement in Cochin. Interview was held in Bangalore. that’s how me and my dad started our journey. Bangalore was a dream destination for me till then. May be the hype I got from my friends and family made me think that Bangalore is always rocking. But things were different for me. To a country fellow like me, Bangalore is more than unbearable. From the first day itself I started hating the traffic, the busy moving city and everything inside it. I nailed the interview and got my posting again in Cochin (Another city where I m trying to get gelled up for the past several years! 😦 City hater me ).
It will be hard, if I didn’t mention about my super cool brother who taken care of us on my interview journey. Vishnu, blogger cum dancer cum my sweetest brother; who roamed with me and Dad a whole day leaving his chores behind. Thanks honey! 



Selfie with Darshith, Dad & Vishnu.. 🙂

Things changed when I was directed to join at Bangalore for the first one month and my lone journey started there. Exploring Bangalore. On a cold morning 5 am I got off in Yeshwanthpur Railway Station. Every city have its own beauty on each time. So that’s how I started enjoying Bangalore morning! Chinnaswamy Stadium, Planatorium, M G Road, Brigade Road, Lakes, Parks.. And Udupi Garden. That was my destination for then, my guest house.  For another one month that was my den, the burrow where I wished to end up every night. In a month Bangalore became my friend. First day itself I got a Kannada sweetheart Swati to roam around and gupshup (My secret quality). May be Swati is the one reason, I blended with the Bangalore city, hectic traffic and terrible rain. We explored hotels at lunch breaks and tried all street foods on our tea break. We walked through the street laughing; careless. We talked about everything under the sky. ❤ We had two weeks together and in that 14 days we became closer to each other. 🙂 That’s how some relations are. We will never come to know, that this is going to happen. 


Work Station gupshup with Swati.. ❤

Bangalore gave me another partner in crime too. My new colleague, whom I met on the third week of guest house life. The silent salient designer. From the moment we met on wards, he broke my shell and got in to talk (Then I came to know that I did the same to him also 🙂 Introvert boy.. ) We ate together, we traveled together; still, we are the same.. (another two add-ons came to our team 🙂 )

Bangalore was galore of memories..
The city where I met my buddies of lifetime, writers by destiny.. 🙂 Darcy & Sana!
Yeah! It was on a middle of night we three met and laughed hugged and laughed.. Meetings happened again.. To cherish forever & ever!!

I miss Bangalore. I miss Bangalore weather. I miss my morning walk at the streets at Udupi. I miss those careless nights. I miss being alone at room and reading books till my eyes die for sleep. I miss something over there..

So that’s it. Bangalore gave me two beautiful people into my life! So many memories to cherish & tons and tons of happiness!

Do you wanna go Bangalore again?
NO.. Please.. I’m happy here.. 🙂

More on way! Right now I m signing off after Bangalore Diaries!
Time out!!
I missed you all here.. I missed WP.. I missed writing..
Happy blogging! ❤