WordPress #AtoZchallenge

WordPress WordPress WordPress.. 🙂


For W nothing is better than this.. WordPress and I met three years back.. It’s around 3 and half years back.. I was in search of some designs by Lijo Reny Architects and I found their blog in wordpress.. Then I thought of starting a new blog (The old one in blogspot was damaged) 🙂 That is how this 3 year old child is born.. 🙂 My domain was in another name at that time.. Then I changed the name, got familiar with the wordpress process and found those wonderful wonderful writers here.. This is the best writing platform I ever had and some people I got from here are family to me.. 🙂


I met some masterminds.. some magicians.. some thinkers.. entrepreneurs.. everyone..

WSo.. WordPress for W.. 🙂 Big toast to my people.. 🙂 The family here.. 🙂
Sri Di.. Neerja.. Deepika.. Kavya.. Bala.. Darcy.. Srinath.. Piku.. Sneha.. Rupzie.. Hema Di.. Tejas Bhai.. Jenny.. Jackie.. Jithin.. Teny.. Bhanu.. Bikram.. Love you all..

21 thoughts on “WordPress #AtoZchallenge

  1. ❤ Nimika, you are completely amazing! 'W'ordPress! I doubt anyone else's mind struck this 'w'ord, it's a 'w'onderful idea! Thank you so much for mentioning my name, I love you too! ❤ You are a beloved older sister of mine ❤

  2. Nothing could have been more better than WordPress for the alphabet W 🙂 I have something similar to be posted on my blog today :)<3 So hi-five on that!
    Thanks a ton for the shout out Nimi. You have been really amazing as a friend and blogger. And i love the way you write it shows how genuine and true a person you are . Wishing you many more thousands of LIKES 🙂 Love u ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Defintely W for WordPress and as you say through here I too met so many lovely people..

    And my name in the last yayyyyyyyyyy. …

    Here’s wishing you the best always and many manyyyyyyyyyy more likes. And lots and lots of love…

  4. Nimz…..many congratulations dear…wish u much more success here….🙋🙋😊😊🎉🎊🎉🍹🍻🍻🍫🍫🍨🍧

  5. I started out in Blogger too then after about 7 months blogging, I made the leap to WordPress self hosted. I love WordPress, but I must admit even now I sometimes miss Blogger a little bit!

  6. Love you so much Nimz, a big toast to you too! 🙂 I love this WordPress family so much ❤ Thank you for the mention, you are an amazing lady with a fantastic zest for life! 🙂 Keep on writing your awesome stories!! 🙂

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