NOVEMBER again! #AtoZchallenge

November isn’t my favorite month. But November is a special month for me.. 😉


Days passed as she struggled to get into the routine.. Time flown as she tried to open her eyes in the morning.. Moments jumped as she reached his tie and made it proper.. She ran around the home.. She raced in her work desk.. She closed her eyes and morning fell all of a sudden.. Her eyes decorated dark circles.. Her pen stumbled on words.. Her breath became slow.. She saw the winter coming.. The cold wind gushed through the window.. One more month passed.. It’s November again!! 🙂


Time to do the unexpected!! 🙂
Happy Blogging ❤


8 thoughts on “NOVEMBER again! #AtoZchallenge

  1. It’s really the best month from many aspects for me… And many things has happened with me in this month…. And only good so far… So it’s really the best month….. And yes like you not that favourite…

  2. Nimz, I wish I loved November as much as you do 😛 In Canada, November is not a favorite month because it’s getting really cold and snow storms are just around the corner for the next 5 months 😛 Maybe I should move to India and then I would love Novembers 🙂

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