my TALES of 2015!

So another year is bidding adieu and a new one is almost on our doorstep. Here is my year roundup!
My 2015 started with the count down at Burj Khalifa. Shivering under a sweat shirt at the Al Nahda exit I welcomed new year in another country. Straight a week after Burj Kahlifa fire works I landed back in India & got settled. My 2015 was a mixed up salad of good and bad where good over weighed as always. Now let’s take a ride!

In January I was blessed with the second innings in my career. After 1+ years struggling as a Junior Architect, I stepped into a leading firm as Architect (Archie) cum Interior Designer (ID). For me, Archie & ID was my forte and dream job. In these 2+ years of career I realized that it’s not the money we got paid really matters; it’s the satisfaction we gain from our job. Till today I love my profession better than anything; my designs, drawings even it’s kicking my ass off! 😉 I remember what my photographer buddy said one day; ‘My friends may be gaining more, but I m happy with my camera and world around me.’
Strategy #1 : To all the still-confused people out there, choose what you love! Go with your heart! That will make you happy till the end! Follow the passion.. 🙂

To got released from the starving menu of hostel, me & my friends roamed around Cochin for almost 3 months to find a place to reside. By the end of October it happened & we shifted to a 2BHK on first floor. The transformation of we four girls to four ladies was sudden. We woke up at 5.30 am & ran to the kitchen. We cooked every stuffs & nailed it before 8 am in the morning. We made menus for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Cross checking every locks before sleep, every lights off, LPG regulator off, windows closed, make sure of water level in the tank, change the shot bulb, monthly expenditure. We ran out of time and thanked our mothers every day before sleep for managing all these alone for us for the past years.
On a lazy morning we woke up & found our LPG cylinder running out of fuel. That’s the first crisis we faced there. We managed the day with bread & jam from the nearby shop. Now we have an additional electric cooker to manage the sudden problem. Every day we are getting more stronger & responsible. Caring each other & going on hopefully! 🙂
Strategy #2 : Adjust to the little faults. This will make your days more happy. Understand each other well & if you are staying alone or planning to, always have a back up plan. (A spare bulb, knife & every little necessary things.. 😉 )

My Boss & me share an extra ordinary bond. He is my best friend when we are out of our work desk & he is not-so-cool Boss when we are in Office. Last day while we were talking about random things, he reminded me of his dream about one of his old friend with whom he fought 2 and half years back. There is no contact between them till then. I was eager to know their story of fight & got totally disturbed in finding that they both made faults. Even his friend did the major wrong; he also did a bit in ruining such a wonderful relation. I compelled him to call his friend. He straightly uttered a NO as a response. I tried my best to convince him. It was right after his marriage they fought and now he have a kid. May be his friend got married or so. I tried to make him convince saying all this & in the end he said okay. It was a 5 minutes call and I was overwhelmingly watching the melting of ice between them. I felt myself proud on making them call again and I felt more happiness when I saw my boss smiling after the call. 🙂
Strategy #3 : Go now, take your phone & make a call to your old friend. It’s our ego which makes us stay back. Take initiative & smile. Let the ego fly off!!

Yes! I am earning, I am spending & I am saving (less happens.. 😛 ) But, once I faced a time when money can’t do anything & all I need was someone who can lend me shoulder. Of course I have so many. I have over 400 contacts in my phone. And one day when I had a 1000 bucks need, these contacts never helped me. Someone else did. Money always matters; but money is not everything. Money can buy things, but it can’t buy relations.
Strategy #4 : Don’t let money roll over your relations. People are as valuable as money. But, money really matters.. 😉 Save something! Donate something! 

#WRITE, READ, SING 🙂WP_20151107_003
Yaay!! This is my 43rd post this year on WordPress and I believe that’s really a big hike. I almost completed 3 notepads scribbling my heart out & my phone memory almost went full cause of unedited drafts. This year I made a tremendous growth as a writer only because of the support by my friends all around. My writer friend once told me ‘Write out every day. Practice makes everything.’ And he was absolutely right!
Books!! I am a book addict who thinks a book is the best companion of man. 25 ain’t a good count. But in these 12 months I managed almost two books every month amidst my busy schedule. I read hundreds of short stories & all credits to the people around blog sphere.
Songs!! This year I never made a public appearance, but still the year was really a musical treat by me to my friends & family! 
Strategy #5 : Whoever you are, whatever you are, choose something that can make you feel lighter. Try it out! Float around! 🙂 Practice can make changes. Polish the skills & Publish it. 🙂 All the best!

#LONG DRIVES ❤Picture 840
This year I made too many short & long drives. From beaches to mountains. Water falls to shopping malls. Temples, Churches, Mosques. Journeys are always a great experience. Every short journey can make you grow stronger. Make you feel the freedom. Enjoy it!
Strategy #6 : Take a long drive. If you can, do it alone. Feel the freedom! Definitely it will change you! 🙂 There is a lot more life out there. 🙂

Count on your stars! My year of departures. More wet eyes on airports. The year that made clear that daily conversation is not necessary in sincere relations. The year I got so many new friends & made me realize that how much stronger are the old ones. The year I filtered my contacts again & found whom I really care about.
Strategy #7 : Think about yourself! Make yourself happy & erase all the unwanted. Wipe off the bad memories & negative people from your life. 

And at last, BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO SAY NO! No more troubles!! Two more days!! 🙂
Have a wonderful NEW YEAR ahead!
I wish it to be same as 2015.. And looking forward to 2016 with my open smile.. eeee 🙂
Stay blessed!! 🙂

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photo-54393472Cheer up everyone!! 🙂
It’s Christmas eve.. Smile without a pause.. 🙂 Have fun with friends & family.. ❤ Read the best books.. Take a comfort nap.. 🙂  Enjoy the holidays.. Give a high-five to Santa.. 😉 Light up the tree!! Give presents.. Jump high.. Laugh hard.. 😀 Make a blast!!
It’s Winter!! ❤
It’s Christmas.. 🙂

photo-51954224Merry Christmas to all my readers & followers in WP.. My family here..  ❤ The bloggers here!! Everyone!! 😉  Stay blessed and have a wonderful celebration!! 🙂


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TAMASHA – I m in love with Imtiaz again!

*Spoilers are everywhere.. 😉


For an insane weirdo one like me; every pages in a book or every scenes from a movie never fascinates. But, if there is at least one sentence or a dialogue that can hook to my heart; I would like to enter that to my favorites list. Imtiaz Ali never ever disappointed me. From Socha Na Tha(2005) to Tamasha(2015), 6 movies in 10 years & his recent three already got a space in my heart. He always have an enchanting way of presenting stories. A director who puts his best to make the movie feel, than just a watch.


Tamasha is different. Different from Highway(2014), different from Rockstar(2011); but often it felt the same. Tamasha is about what we need and what we are. A story about transition in between dream & reality. It’s charming! It’s gloomy. It’s about a boy who lives through stories. A boy who love narrations more than Maths & Physics. A boy who finds a story in everything running around him. Tamasha is about Don & Mona darling who met in Corsica. It’s the story of two individuals who love to live their life to the fullest on those 7 days in Corsica telling lies to each other. It’s about falling in love with a stranger! 😉 Tamasha is also about Ved & Tara who met in Delhi after four years. The story of two well settled reputed individuals who fall in love again. It’s about finding what’s leaving ourselves & acting our life for someone else. After all it’s about finding ourselves.


Tamasha leaves a beautiful message at the end that the only time we felt we are a hero is our Childhood & from the teenage we are living for the sake of others & killing our Bachpan (Childhood).

Tamasha is beautiful trough the lens in Corsica, Shimla, Delhi & Tokyo. Tamasha is georgeous with Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone. They both lived the character. Deepika is glowing like a star while Ranbir makes sure that he is superstar. Tamasha is magical in A R Rahman‘s music. It’s more touching in Irshad Kamil‘s lyrics.


Tamasha have flaws. It often drags you through the plot. Someone who need an entertaining commercial movie may get bored. But if you are an Imtiaz fan; Tamasha is the movie made for you!
For me, Tamasha is what I was in need & what I expected from Imtiaz Ali.



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Hope We Never Meet Again! – The Review

Hope We Never Meet Again by Srinath Krishnamoorthy was one of the most awaited book release for me this year. Amazon did a great job in delivering me the paper back in three days after placing the order. When Srinath first told me about the title of the book; I asked him “Is it a love story, Sri? ” and his reply was weird. “It’s an experiment, dear.” I had too many questions to ask on that simple answer & he clarified my every doubts through his story.

Srinath Krishnamoorthy is an avid blogger here in WordPress. One of my close writer friend who is always brilliant in making marvelous blog posts. His writings will surely hit your brain. Hope We Never Meet Again is the debut novel from him which comes under a psychic-thriller genre.

This novel is totally different from the conventional Indian novels & possess an International Standard. The story revolves around an IT professional named Varun Diwakar & the novel starts from the day when Varun got killed. The remaining 209 pages confined in 7 chapters are unstoppable. With twists & turns in every chapter, the author really takes us on a roller coaster ride. For me, the novel was unputdownable. It’s all about love, lust, revenge & regret. It’s all about us in the end & which will leave you thinking about ourselves. Enriched with characters & unusual suspense Hope We Never Meet Again is a must-read for everyone. Even it is the first attempt by the author; this one will never disappoint you.


My selfie with HWNMA 😉


Now go & grab the copy of Hope We Never Meet Again by Srinath Krishnamoorthy. Enjoy reading.

Book available here


Brother Tales 3

It’s weekend and I was back from office after 3 hours journey. As usual I entered the kitchen & took a seat with my chapathi & chicken. 😛 My younger brother was sitting next to me with messed up hair. He was on leave from College. My doctor-brother entered the room and took a seat between us.  🙂
Mom : You became lean in a week! :/
Doc brother : You look tired!
Me: Work Bhaiyya. Often it’s hectic.:(
Doc brother (pointing to my younger one) : Look at him!! He also looks tired, even without doing any work. I always told you guys, not to take coke & all; You people running around fast food & everything.
Me: *Rolling eyes*
I concentrated on my plate while he stuffed a chicken roll into his mouth & continued. Again at my younger one.
Doc Brother: These fast food, fries and all are not good at all. This will carve your bones. That’s why you people are always dizzy & tiring.
I tried not to giggle at the firing my younger brother is having. I took a sip of water from the glass & suppressed my laugh.
Me: Bhaiyya! But, m not having fast food there. I don’t like that at all. I m like this because of my hostel-food.
After finishing his third chicken roll.
Doc Brother: Mom, Can I get the bottle of 7up from the refrigerator?

He quaffed the bottle like nothing happened till then. 😉
I dropped my jaw, so as my younger brother.
Mom kept on laughing saying Weird kids.. 😀

It’s December Baby!

photo-89404581It’s December Baby.. The month of memories.. The month on which you whispered I Love You for the first time in my ears..Your voice chilled my veins murmuring I wanna spend my whole life with you..It’s December Baby.. On that cold night date you gifted me that pink cardigan with black flowers..We sipped the coffee till midnight, sitting in the cafe down the alley.. And on a misty morning you fell on your knees & slid the ring to my finger..Its December Baby.. The month we shifted to the new apartments.. We spend the whole day under the blanket making love.. We walked through the snowy roads on that Christmas night..

Its December Baby.. Your favorite month.. the month on which I kissed your coffin & touched your body for the last time..The month on which those rose petals started decorating your grave..

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When Chennai gave birth to HEROES!!

For the people who thinks why again about Chennai, let me tell you, this is just a need. This is a wake up call for every human being here. Because this is the story of unknown heroes.

After two-three weeks of wailing in natural disaster, Chennai 
& all other flooded parts in Tamil Nadu is trying their best to be back to normal. And the question that remains in my mind is, What Chennai taught us? And the answer begins from that single innocent face which have rolled in many South Indian as well as Bollywood movies. Actor Siddarth. Yes, the same one from Rang De Basanti & Boys. For the past weeks, he & RJ Balaji is the epicenter of organized help in the whole Tamil Nadu. We have heard so many condolences & the huge money drafts extended by the Politicians, Leaders & Actors for Chennai relief. But these two people are really getting dirty by themselves, roaming around the whole Tamil Nadu & finding out whatever is really happening and giving them the best support and help. With a group of volunteers who tweets in the hash tag #ChennaiMicro, they are doing a great job. With a rule of no selfies & photographs they are tweeting each and every happenings in flooded areas & mobilizing the volunteers to proper areas in need. When I gone through the talk Siddarth given to NDTV, I just felt respect to this 36 year old guy who stands in his tees & cargoes with nothing, but a face of chaos. And that 20 minutes video made me thank myself for watching the video and I felt really proud of those men. Whoever stood with Siddarth & RJ Balaji, I just wanna say, you people too are heroes.

A brief from the talk Siddarth shared with NDTV Reporter on 7th December. The whole conversation link is given below.

When people said not to concentrate on Chennai only, just go to Cuddalore; Sid, RJ and their team went to check Cuddalore. He says it’s totally fine in Cuddalore. Only two three hamlets are really in need of help & they supplied the needs to them. It’s not as bad as seen in social media. Lots & lots of immediate supplies are already available in Cuddalore. The main drawback is, people is attacking the supply vehicle in the main road itself & looting the whole supplies. So as they are not able to feed the needy. Cuddalore has lost all the agricultural land & thus the basic employment. That is the biggest crisis the place faces now. He says there is no need to politicize such a huge calamity of epic proportion. He thanks the whole Youth of Tamil Nadu & India for coming forward to help. It’s one of the calamities in India where we have seen more volunteers than the victims & that’s really a positive sign. North Madras is in really a terrible state of Chaos. They all need logistical supports on the ground. And he thinks getting back to livelihood is the biggest struggle. Social Media has done the best in Chennai Flood Relief. Without even the network, Twitter helped them to mobilize the volunteers. He says lots of actors from South India and Mumbai is lending their support and thus built up of heroism for him alone is uncomfortable. It all started when he got freaked out after losing his home for the first time in his entire life. He says social media is giving false information too & he really don’t know how to stop it. And another bane is old stories are popping up again & spreading as live stories. This whole thing never happened in a day & he never seen something like this in his entire life. He believes rehabilitation is the biggest process now and it is a long term one. He says it’s the middle class who are going to suffer more after this. All we have to do now is provide shelter. Even he himself lost his house, 3 studios, office & 3 cars in this flood. He have a film releasing in two weeks & he really don’t know is it releasing or not.  

And this words from him made goosebumps;
As long as you do a bit, is fine. We are country which works on the chaos theory. We have too much of work to be done now. This is a wake up call. The biggest concern is, in 2 weeks we will forget. Just hope we don’t forget. The people in Chennai just don’t intend to forget. We Indians have an instant Amnesia. In past 60 year’s history of our country we don’t have faith in our country. But we have history of great people & there are great people still now. We are living in a third world country & it’s very important to be angry which catalyze the responses. Optimism is a very important drug. As his mother said, Disaster brings the best & worst among us.He thanks all the thousands & thousands of faceless & nameless people who helped them in this whole journey. Just give them a hug and be grateful.

The Chennaiates have to be proud. Proud that they have got the real heroes in this time of crisis. As Sid said, Disaster brought the best among them. It was overwhelming to hear that a Hindu couple named their daughter Yunus, the name of the person who helped them in flood. It was heart felt to see people opening churches, mosques & temples for public to stay without any discrimination. They lend blankets, food & water. In a whole country where intolerance is discussed as the major problem two weeks before, now nature taught us there are more dreadful things than intolerance. 


Dear mother nature, If Chennai was a lesson for us. We got the best from that. You bought the best heroes from us. We all are thankful & proud of those nameless & faceless people who came forward with help without bothering about themselves. Salute to the real heroes. Chennai is rising again!! Hope for the best!!


3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge – DAY 3

It’s the last day of my 3 days 3 quotes challenge. Thank You Neerja of Ametalk, Arcane Owl of Wayward Scribblez, Rob of V-Pub & Chape for nominating me.

This Challenge is to post Three Quotes consecutively on 3 days & Nominate any 3 bloggers each day.

So my quote for Day 3 is..

“Sometimes you read a book & it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal & you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless & until all living humans read the book.”Fault in our Stars by John Green


This happens to me often. Sometimes after reading some book, it makes me think that someone who missed reading that is having a very big loss! 😉

I nomiante,
Nisthur Anandi

Feel free to take up the challenge. No hurry!! 🙂
Till then Happy Blogging.. ❤

3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge – DAY 2

It’s the second day of my 3 days 3 quotes challenge. Thank You Neerja of Ametalk, Arcane Owl of Wayward Scribblez, Rob of V-Pub & Chape for nominating me.

This Challenge is to post Three Quotes consecutively on 3 days & Nominate any 3 bloggers each day.

So my quote for Day 2 is..

“When you have done something wrong, admit & be SORRY! No one in history has ever choked to death from swallowing their pride.”

WP_20151205_001 (2)

This is that one quote which decorates my work desk. This simple quote on sticky note reminds me to say sorry even for the lightest mistake. Because apology on the right time can save you from more troubles.

My nominations today are,
Amir Hosein
my sXy  specs!
Saurav Adhikari

Feel free to take the Challenge. No hurry.. 🙂
Happy Blogging!!

3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge – DAY 1

Once again I m back with the challenge.
It’s the 3 days 3 quotes challenge. It’s my second quote challenge in WP. First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my dear Neerja of Ametalk, Arcane Owl of Wayward Scribblez, Rob of V-Pub & Chape for the nominations. Thanks to you four 🙂
I was out of WP for a short break & now I m trying my best to work over all the challenges, awards & tags..

This Challenge is to post Three Quotes consecutively on 3 days & Nominate any 3 bloggers each day.

So my quote for first day is

“If you are brave enough to say Good Bye, life will reward you with a new Hello.”Paulo Coelho


The one quote which always reminds me that saying good bye at the right time is the best thing you can do to yourself and to the person at the other end. Even if it hurts, believe that something good is coming on your way to heal the pain. 🙂

I nominate,

Feel free to take up the Challenge dears.. 🙂
No hurry.. 🙂