My dear,

I still don’t know whether to call you Neerja Di or NJ or Neerja only. That itself says its not the age, its all about heart.. ❤ I was embarrassed for a moment to post this here. I thought of drafting it and mail this to you. But when I made a rethink, I was ready to publish this here. This is where we met, so this is the best place to share this.. 🙂
I am not so specialized in writing birthday notes.. 😛 But I promised you I will give you one.. So here it is.. I hope this won’t disappoint you.. 🙂

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂 to The Girl Behind Black Hat.. My mind saved that image as you and the only other pictures are some old childhood snaps of you.. You know what I mean..Right?? 😛
You are one of the best I got from WordPress. I never thought this will happen. Never ever imagined that I am going to meet loving souls like you here. I stumbled on your page through a comment by you on Tejas Bhai‘s blog. Thanks again to Tejas Bhai. He gave me Sri Di too. And I wasn’t wrong, yet again I fallen on a precious pearl.
I don’t know how we are managing this relationship in WordPress. How deeply we know each other.. How we are bound to each other.. But each day we are finding similarities and its getting stronger.. You are one of the person who never failed to encourage me with words.. who never failed to boost me up.. And whenever I click on my publish button its You who review it at first..
I loved it when our sisterhood expanded with more love and affection. I won’t be writing this much in my page if you guys were not here with me. You, Sri Di, Deepika, Hema Di & Tejas Bhai.. I owe you! I wish Deepika active here. I miss her. But, its okei na. Let her complete her work on book and come back soon.. 🙂
I remember the day I searched the whole Google+ and Facebook for you and Deepika is the one who helped me in finding your mail id. I still wonder how words can make people closer. Spreading sunshine and splashing colors in our life.. 🙂

I am making it long, I guess!
So lemme thank now for the unseen power that bind us together.. The words that made us together.. My little talent in writing which made me meet people like you.. Our wonderful souls which are ready to spend time on reading and encouraging each other.. 🙂 No more emotional pour downs.. 😛 The thing is,
You are Special!! ❤ You are Unique!! ❤
So once again Happy Birthday to my September born writer friend.. my encouraging sister.. May all your dreams and wishes come true..
You are awesome!! Keep on writing!!
Stay blessed!!
Love You!! ❤

With all love & prayers,

P.S : I was really busy for the past two weeks with presentations and all. Last day a post from Bala on Tejas Bhai’s Birthday made me remember the promise I given you.. 🙂 So pardon, this never reached the way I expected.. I planned to write more and more.. But my world around is running busy!!

Never QUIT!

It was when I worked in Ankleshwar (Gujarat), I met this Calicut born Unni. A person with burden of worries. Failure encountered him in every jobs he tried. Once he said to me.. “I am a failure. I am not able to send at least a penny to my mother from the salary?”

It was on that night, I met him nearby the Ankleshwar Railway Station for the first time.

That Night
He disappeared from our place in the midnight and my mind whispered to me to go in search of him. In the end, I was compelled to believe the truth that he is walking towards his own death. He didn’t win in that part too. He criticized me for that.

“Unni..Take a moment & think. Have you ever thought of your mother? She brought up you till now. Even being a widow, did she ever made you feel the absence of your father? You know well that how she contended to her fate, whole day working in work sites and fields.. It was to make you & your sister happy. If you gonna quit from your life.. who will take care of them?” I wasn’t sure about what I am saying. But I spat out words with the vague knowledge about him.
“Chottu Bhai.. What else I should do? Do you think I forgot my mother & sister?”
“Unni.. You just look at me. I never gained anything from my life till now. A failure in studying too. You already know how I am struggling day night here. I took my life as a thrill. You too try to think so.. You can..This is not the end dear!”
He ran to me and hugged!
Still being a stranger he promised me. “No.. I won’t end my life myself.”

There started our friendship.

After years while I was in Abudhabi, I got a letter.
Sister got married. Mother is fine.
Chottu Bhai.. You are really my brother!

I don’t know whether this is worth a read or worth sharing.. But this is clinging in my heart from the day I heard this.. The Chottu Bhai here is my own brother.. A person who I respect most.. It’s all because of his attitude towards life.. Every time when I meet him, he shares so many funny stories from his 37 years of life.. But when he narrated this, it made a special feeling in my heart.. May be the sole reason is hearing something serious for the first time from someone who always cracks jokes over his life.. I felt this as a message to everyone who is fed up of their life..
Take your life as an adventure.. You gonna love it.. 🙂
Never QUIT!!


Oh My GOD!!!
You are turning 27.. Look at that white hair.. 😛 You are getting older my dear.. 🙂

Hey dear,
Every year I never failed to keep a Birthday Note in your inbox. This time it was a bit long 😛 & this one is too long.. I am sorry I made the call only by morning.. (You know naah how tired I am on these days).. Now m stumbling through words and waiting for a start..

09.09.2015.. 🙂

On this wonderful day my major part is to thank your Mom & Dad, whom I always considered as my own Mom & Dad.. 🙂 Thanking them for gifting me with a wonderful human being.. I am still unaware of how much Sunshine you brought to my life.. That short visits you made to Kerala every year, never made me realize that you are going to be one of the major part in my rest of life.. Those sleep-overs never gave me a trace of finding my best brother in you.. It all happened as a miracle..

We never made fun of each other.. We never thrown bad words each other.. You were always calm.. I wish to wipe out those dark days from our life.. It still haunts my sleep often.. I hated you when you left me alone.. I hated you when you went abroad again.. I hated you when you stayed silent at my crucial days.. But then I realized hating you is like hating my self.. I am sorry.. 😦 We still managed to hang on.. Love you for that.. ❤
Once you were my back bone.. 🙂 When my parents said they didn’t find a nephew in you, else they find their own son; I was proud to own a brother like you.. Under every thunder & storm you kept me close to you.. You were my eyes when I was in my hospital bed.. You held my hands and never made me feel that I can’t see..

After a roller coaster ride, our life is calm now.. We were always a family & We are.. I love Mayasa more when she say her ‘Shibu Mama’ is the best.. I love Reeha when she calls you ‘Bu’ and point her tiny fingers to the plane in the sky.. I wish this days to stand still.. Having a wonderful family and people around us.. Having the fun together.. Being one in every little problems we face.. But I know life have to go on.. Giving us another zillions of memories..

Now all I can say is.. Thank You!
Thank You for staying these long 24 years with me.. Thank You for finding your first girl friend in me.. Thank You for lending your ears always for me.. Thank You for staying invisible around me.. Thank You for holding me tight in every hard times.. Thank You for forgiving me for my mistakes.. Thank You for the opinions you thrown at me.. Thank you for helping me to take decisions over life.. Thank You for getting married to a wonderful soul ❤ She is awesome.. 🙂 Thank you for being kind to me always.. Thank You for the tears you made in my eyes.. Thank You for leaving me alone often.. That made me more stronger.. Thank You for being patient to me.. Thank You for making me believe that m good still..Thank You for all the love, care & support.. Thank You for saying once that m your best friend.. M still… 🙂 Thank You for the movies.. You made me a movie freak.. Thank You for the music.. ❤ Thank You for reading my blog always.. 🙂 Thank you for the long drives & long talks.. Thank You for moulding me in to a person.. Thank You for everything you done for me till.. 🙂 Thank You for everything you gonna do for me in future.. 😛 Thank You for being my best brother.. Thank You for being my Best Friend.. Thank You for this thing.. that thing.. & Everything.. After all..
Thank You for being my Shibu.. ❤

Thank You for making me ‘ME’.. I owe you.. 🙂
Happy Birthday dear.. 🙂
Stay Blessed!!

With all LOVE,
Yours NIMI…

Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award & Another Liebster Award

Yaay! Yaay! Yaay!
Another Liebster Award & Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award.. 🙂

liebster-awardI already owned a Liebster award & on the same day I got nominated by Roopam, another wonderful blogger I met through WordPress. One among those people who made me realize this platform of writing is amazing. Roopam have a very special blog where she mostly scribble her thoughts and perspectives on her life around. Just make a look. You will love it for sure. 🙂
Now, Thank You.. ❤ Thank You.. 🙂 Thank You dear for nominating me.
Congratulations to you.. ❤
The RULES again.. 🙂
1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.
3. Nominate up to 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers ( Here, I need a            break; nominate as many bloggers you wish to.)
4. Create 11 questions to the nominees.

My first part is over. Go to the link provided above & m sure you are going to meet another wonderful soul!

Now the answers.. 🙂

  1. Why do you blog? Apart from the fact that you love it.
    More than loving my blog I love the wonderful souls here. My reader buddies who gives me constant support.. Boosts me to write more & more.. And that’s the soul reason why I am here now.. 🙂
  2. Movies or Books? What do you prefer more?
    BOOKS.. 🙂 BOOKS.. 🙂 BOOKS.. 🙂
  3. Favorite memory of drenching in rain?
    Its 6 or 7 years back while doing my Architecture. On a summer we experienced a sudden down pour. I climbed the stairs of our hostel with my friends. We find a place in the open terrace and sat there till the last drop of rain. For hours. Looking up at the sky. Often with closed eyes and felt the drops piercing through our skin. My best memory of drenching in rain. 
  4. Do you tend to judge people based on their age?
    NO.. I already have a tag of OVER MATURITY in my talks. 😛 
  5. Favorite item to shop?
    Books.. 🙂
  6. Nocturnal or Diurnal?
    Nocturnal.. I m a night OWL.. 😛
  7. Word that you like most, or often use?
    IN’SHA ALLAH (If Allah wills).. This word will be there in my every conversation. I don’t know which word I like most. But this comes often. 🙂
  8. You love killing time by doing what?
    No killing of time. Only using of time. 😛 First preference to books around. Anything will do. Then movies.. Classic ones from any language or Malayalam Comedy.. Otherwise staying in my bed, playing my favorite song playlist.
  9. You are scared of…?
  10. One harsh truth you have learnt from experience?
    Don’t know whether it is harsh or nice.. But everything in our life happens for a reason.. Only thing we have to do is Respect the reason.. 🙂
  11. If you could time travel, you would like reliving what moment?
    Once again.. Relive it.. The dawn break of August 27, 2012.

DONE Again!! 🙂
My set of questions & nominations are already here!
Thank You Roopam again.. ❤

brotherhood-of-the-world-bloggersNow coming to my Brotherhood of World Bloggers Award.. As always it’s special one from my dear Neerja, my amazing mate here in WordPress who pushes me to write more with her kind words of inspiration. She is very well specialized in writing Memoir, which can bring back every childhood days in our life. Everyone who is reading my blog will be knowing her too. If not till now, Go and take a look.. 🙂 She is tremendous.. ❤
Thank You my dear for nominating me.. Congratulations to you.. 🙂

Wait!! Again RULES.. 🙂
1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you for the award.
2. List the Rules and Display the Brotherhood of the world Award logo to your post       and/or blog.

3. Answer the questions set to you.
4. Nominate around ten bloggers.(I am bending the rule to nominate as many you can 😛 )
5. Create your set of questions for your nominees.

Rule 1 : Completed
Rule 2 : Completed
Rule 3…. 😛 My answers.. 🙂

1.  Are you romantic person? If yes, how do you express your love for your loved ones?
I am romantic from the moment I fell in love with HIM.. I am not romantic since the day HE left me.. Now I am waiting for my encounter with that HIM.. *Unknown* 😛
I am someone with a less romantic phase & more serious phase. I know how to handle a person and love them.. But m not Romantic.. 🙂 
2. Are you a foodie? If yes, what kind of food do you love most?
😀 My friends call me eating machine.. 😛 I prefer Arabic food mostly.. 🙂
3. Do you apologies for your mistake with your closed ones?
YES.. Usually I am too honest to every relations I have and there is only a mere chance for mistakes from me. But I am someone who apologizes even I am not on the wrong side (even my closed ones will not consider it as a mistake). I will keep on apologizing until they shout at me.. ‘Will you please stop this?’ 😛 True! This happens always.. 🙂
4. Are you a good critic or bad critic?
I don’t know. But I am a critic who give preference to good over bad.. 🙂
5. How do you react to people who shower love on you despite of not being close to you?
I am weak in responding spontaneously to such situations. I will end up in a ‘Thank You’ with my smile.. 🙂 But after my hangover I usually leave a big thanks note or my love note for them.. ❤

Yaay!! Done Again.. 🙂
Now to the toughest part. Making my set of questions.. 🙂
My set of questions for the nominees of Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award are:

  1. What according to you is a miracle? Have you experienced any?
  2. What you think is your best quality?
  3. Are you someone who reacts spontaneously or some one who will take a step after thinking twice and thrice?
  4. Have you came across any life changing moment? What is it?
  5. Describe yourself in a word.

And my nominations are..
1. Roopam
2. Darshit
3. Noorain
4. Jithin
5. Alisha

Now Ready Steady Go!
Shoot your answers.. 🙂
Its fun.. Congratulations dears… ❤


I peeped out of the main door.
There was a striking innocence in his small eyes buried under those thick eyebrows. He had a long beard & a green hat over his rough hair.
In a moment Grandpa paused their conversation and turned to me. His eyes too pointed towards me. I gave the most innocent smile that a six year old can give. Grandpa gestured with his hands to come. I quickly made my seat over his arm rest of the easy-chair. I kept eyes on at the old man who is still smiling at me. I exchanged looks with my Grandpa in a confusion on what to say.
‘This is Divakar.’ He said to me. I looked at him. He is still wearing that smile.
‘My granddaughter. Shaji‘s little one.’ Grandpa introduced me to him.
I gaped gratefully at my Grandpa for introducing me to an Old man. They continued the conversation. I vaguely listened to them. The only words familiar was Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi. I was thinking about the shabby Old man who seems to be having the same age as my Grandpa. Grandpa was still handsome in his 80s. Wearing a white Khadhi shirt & dhothi. He has a clean bald head which reflects every rays of sunlight falling over it. Had clean wrinkled hands with perfectly shaped nails.
Grandpa took a sip from his daily drink of milk with some other cereals & gave the half filled glass to me. In no time I finished the remaining. It was always like that; till the day he took his last breath, I always owned his half glass of daily drink. My mom made it with every love, care & respect that she can give to her Father-in-law. My Grandpa was an angel for me. Being the last girl in that big family of 40+ members I owned a special consideration from him.
Divakar possessed the same spark in Grandpa’s eyes. He was wearing a torn shirt, dirty hands with long nails, carried a small metal tin and a cloth bag over his shoulder. It seemed like he hasn’t taken a bath for years. At the end of the conversation Grandpa took a coin and told me to give that to him. I placed that coin in his hard hand. Making a clinging voice he put that in to his metal tin. He gave me a bow saying “Santhosham (Happy), Thank You!”. I gave a wee smile back in the joy of recieveing a bow from an old man. He walked towards the gate & disappeared.
I asked my Grandpa “Is he a beggar? ”
“No, he is the Walker.”


Years passed. Without any hint Grandpa passed away. I left my old school & joined a Govt. school nearby. Demise of Grandpa brought about a lot of changes in our life. Dad was shattered because of losing his father. The joint family split to several nuclear families. More free time for me made me a book addict.
One day while I was sitting in a portico encountering Les Miserables by Victor Hugo in my age of 10, the same Divakar entered wearing the same shirt he had worn 4 years before. Without making any pause I returned with his usual. A coin. I dipped it in his same metal tin.
‘Reading?’ He asked
‘Yes’ I replied
‘Which one?’
‘Les Miserables’
He made an amusing face & asked: ‘How old are you?, Ten, Right?’
I nodded.
He made a deep sigh and continued. ‘Les Miserables.. Victor Hugo.. Jean Vaal Jean.. Read, Read..Someone who reads is powerful.. If not now, once you will surely get the benefit’
He again bowed with a smile & Thanked. Waved and continued his walking with that penny taking his steps carefully.
I stood there looking at him. He got a long bamboo pole now a days, used as walking stick.


Few months back, my niece ran to me yelling that someone is at the door. I took her to the door and saw Divakar standing there with a peaceful smile. His beard turned white. His body seems to be too tired. I offered him water. After having the drink I told my niece to place the penny in his hand. She placed the coin in his hand reminding me of the day I first met him.
‘Your kid? ‘
‘No, sister’s, They are on leave from Qatar.’
‘Ha, It’s been a long time since I met you.’
‘Yeah, I was abroad.’
‘Working as an Architect in Cochin.’
‘Good. May God bless you both. Thank You!’
He once again held my niece’s hand & waved at her. She waved back. He continued his walk.
‘Who is that?’ My niece asked.
‘It’s Divakar’
TheWalker?’ She enquired
‘Yes, The Walker’


July 31st 2015.
The world was still mourning on the loss of our beloved Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. I was dying to give an end to the month cause 2015 July gave me so many demises & sad stories. Death always haunts me. I went through almost 8 unexpected demises of my relatives & favorite people.
By noon my Whatsapp shown a message from my schoolie. It was unusual, we rarely make private chats. (I m too weak in that) His text said “Divakar is no more.” Found him dead in the morning under the same banyan tree where he found shelter for his whole life.

Who is he
an-etneral-journeyThe Walker aka Divakar aka Divakara Menon is a double masters degree owner, born on a Christmas eve, lived in our little Village called Puthenchira in Thrissur, Kerala. Completed his BA Politics & B.Com from Palakkad Victoria College. Gained Masters in Political Science & English from Bombay Elphinstone College. MBA from Bajaj Institute of Management, first batch. Did internship from Bombay Cucoosia & Company and owned a CA. After getting selected for IAS he dropped the training at Hyderabad staff training college & did his LLB in Bombay Law College. He believed his life is not for sitting in the chair as the head of a District. He hated the bureaucratic world and the weapon called ‘Power’. His worries were on failure of creating a heaven here & the birth of hell in the world. Bearing all those worries in his head and a lot many successful certificates in his bag he started walking. Walking alone through the whole world. In a half demolished house covered by creepers and a huge banyan tree he found happiness in living with nature. Someone who met in the Indo-Nepal border gave him a name- The Walker; A name that suits him well. After walking about 20 years in his age of 88 he bid adieu to the whole world on which he worried about.
I heard someone saying Divakar never intruded in to the forest. The forest itself came in search of him.
May his soul Rest in peace.