Brother Tales

I got some totally wonderful crazy set of brothers. Sometimes I really don’t know what I am with them and what I am without them. There are so many tiny tiny moments which makes me love them more and more!


After 40kms drive from home.

Outside the movie hall.

Brother 1 : Didi, No tickets for that too.. 😦

Me: Then check for San Andreas. It will be interesting.

Brother 2 : Tickets available.

Brother 3 : Shall we go for the Tamil movie??

Brother 1 & 2 : πŸ™‚

Me : I don’t understand Tamil. 😦

Brother 2 : But these guys love Suriya. Let’s make them happy.

Me : Okay. 😦

Brother 2 : Oh no! Don’t worry. Guys, Lets go for San Andreas.

After few minutes Brother 2 came with tickets.

Brother 2 : Here it is, tickets for the Tamil movie.

Me :Β 

Inside the movie hall.Β 

Some stupid jokes going on screen. All around me laughing.

Me to Brother 1 on my right : What they are talking about?

Brother 1 : Β Β Don’t know Didi.

Confused me to Brother 3 on left : What’s the joke dear?

Brother 3 : Β I don’t know Didi. Didi, look Suriya’s entry.




Me : *deep sigh*Β 


They often irritates me.. frustrates me.. But the truth is that really makes me smile & laugh..

Long live my dears.. ❀

15 thoughts on “Brother Tales

  1. I agree…Brothers are pain and pleasure in equal measures…You have your worst fights with them and share your best moments. And I am sure, as Deeps said, you make a fab sister! A perfect piece for the Raksha Bandhan (rakhi) season. πŸ™‚

    • Sri..
      You are right. Even their silly fights (will share it another day) makes my day.. πŸ™‚ I m a fab sister cause of my fab brothers.. They make my moments live..
      This is only one.. There are so many such tiny strips that carries our days together.. From this Raksha Bandhan to the next..

      By the way, Thanks alot for that fab sister comment.. πŸ™‚

  2. A brother and sister always have a special bond πŸ™‚ you tease each other…blame eachother…complaint about each other and still can’t hear a single word against eachother πŸ™‚ cheers for the special bond πŸ™‚

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