A night in the street

Every day is a lesson to life. Every moment. For me,yesterday was such a day. A day which made me think beyond the reach with my tiring brain. The day I left home after some wonderful days of happiness & togetherness.

Yesterday was a hectic day. I will never tag it as a bad day, but a day with some not-so-good moments. It was the end of my Onam holidays & today I had to get back to work. My usual schedule. I descended the bus with a half dead mind. I had a worse (still manageable) bus journey (will narrate it later.. 🙂 ). While walking through the narrow road to my hostel,my mobile warned with a battery critically low notification. And yet again I forgot to take my power bank from home. I was running out of money in pocket but wasn’t able to take a step towards the ATM. That’s why I chose to reach the hostel as soon as possible and give a rest to my back bone.
(The hostel was closed for Onam holidays last Thursday on wards. Notified before that it will re-open by Sunday evening only. I already made a call to the warden and informed her that I will be reaching by Sunday evening.)

But yesterday, the re-opening Sunday evening welcomed me with a locked gate and two of my in-mates whom I barely know waiting in front of that. My phone called the evening Azaan making me realize 6.30 pm ticked in my watch. I smiled at the two ladies. They looked worn out, tired than me. They both were over phone trying to get the Warden. But she wasn’t picking up the call. We settled our mind believing that she may be in bus on the way back here. I put down my back-pack and tried to relax myself. I tied up my messy hair, removed my scarf and started walking slowly through the street. The other two were on some other phone calls. The sun started to say good bye to the day and my watch ticked 7.00 pm. All the shops nearby was closed and I was in need of water. One of the two lend me the half bottle of water. I drank it like elixir realizing that’s the only water left for the rest of night. Meanwhile an Old lady from the neighborhood came to us and made a small enquiry on our waiting process. We kept on trying over Warden’s number & no one responded from the other end. After 7.15 pm we got her on call. She was waiting for the chief to come and hand over the key of our hostel. We have another one hour to spend in the darkness.

Typical Cochin night is ready for me. The halogen street light,singing mosquitoes, wandering cats.. Eyes peeped out through the windows and porches of the nearby houses. People were looking at us like we are alien from some other planet. A cat was finding its place near my back-pack. I grabbed my luggage and shifted to the gate. My legs started fainting and that made me sit in the side of street, in front of the gate. For my wonder the other two also settled near me. I was mute, hesitant to start a conversation. I had a smile-smile relationship with them till then. Gradually the silence between us is broken. The one lady with me is about 25+ in age. She is a field reported/ journalist in a leading Malayalam news channel.
Kerala is a place where, everyday a political party & a news channel is born. People make profit by selling common people’s common sense. One who can make drama to reality & other who makes every reality to drama. 
In her words, working in a news channel seems to be a tiring job profile . She was from Kannur, a northern district of Kerala. She had a six and half hours journey from home and her eyes were in need of some sleep. We both turned to the other lady. She is reaching her 50s. She came there for a one night stay. She vacated the hostel last month. Now she flew down from Banglore for a funeral. She reached the aerodrome by 4.30 pm and the city traffic spared another one and half hours to move 23 kilometers. She have to take another 70 kilometers journey to reach the destination. Because of the security Kerala offers for a lone woman at night, she was insisted to stay back at night and start the journey early morning for the 10.30 am funeral.

By 8’o clock we were running out of water. The humidity & mosquitoes made our wait more worse. Warden kept on saying she is on the way & no trace of human in the street made us get up ourselves and walk in search of any open shops. The eyes were still watching us from the neighborhood. We loaded our back-pack and headed towards the highway. The same Old lady who came for enquiry before,appeared and again questioned about our movement. We explained our water scarcity and search of a shop. She didn’t reply and stood there till we turned a block. We found an open shop in the highway & loaded our bag with mineral water. On the walk back random topics entered our conversation. The walls between us is already broken. We started caring each other, sheltering each other. In a world where no one lends a hand, where selling a bottle of water is a need, where people live in streets; we found our security ourselves. 🙂

By 9′ o clock, still sitting in the street side, a Black Honda City halted in front of us. A middle-aged lady got out of the car and came to us. After hearing us she offered her home for us to relax. It was at the end of the block. As they were leaving to somewhere else we hesitated to take the kind offer and thanked her. Meanwhile,her husband called our Warden & checked out where she is. After making sure that she will reach soon they left in that car with a sticker showing Advocate. Good people do exists. After some time the hostel authorities came & unlocked the gate. Without any word I grabbed my keys & headed to my room. While mounting the stair, I turned back and thanked to the two other ladies. I bid adieu to them.

I bid adieu to that three hours under street light that changed my perspective over the whole world. Is there anything wrong in giving a place to sit for three ladies? My brave heart who used to travel alone took two steps aback yesterday. Don’t expect a helping hand always. World around is changing day by day.
A bath & food brought from home; call to my brother & a little chat with my writer friend; lot many weird thoughts on my day till then & my head ache offered me a nice sleep yesterday.. 🙂



And here I am owning another nomination from my dearest Neerja.. 🙂
The LIEBSTER Award..
First of all,Congratulations Neerja…Kudos.. You really deserves this.. 🙂
And Thank You for nominating me.. Thank You for giving the opportunity to answer your wonderful set of questions.. 🙂 I had been on WordPress for three years and in the past few months I became a fellow WP addict all because of some super cool human beings and their writings. 🙂 I used to refresh my WordPress reader page two-three times a day to check whether I have something from them..Only a few in number but I love them like my own family.. ❤ Neerja is one among them.. Who have a different style on her writing & she brings up new experiments in her own way. She got a great potential in keeping the readers in her words.. Stay blessed my dear & Keep on writing.. Love You! ❤

As every Award, this too have RULES;
1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.
3. Nominate up to 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers ( Here, I need a     break; nominate as many bloggers you wish to.)
4. Create 11 questions to the nominees.

My first part is over. Go to the link provided above & m sure you are going to meet an awesome writer there!

Now I have to answer her 11 questions. So here we go!

What is your favorite read so far and why?

I have starred so many books as my favorite. To pick a particular one is difficult. But the one book which I starred first as my favorite is ‘Oru Deshathinte Kadha’ (The tale of a Locale) by S.K Pottakkaad. One of the best Malayalam novel I own. It was in the age of 11, I read that for the first time without realizing that m reading one of the most famous novel in Malayalam. I thank my Dad for placing that 600 page novel in my hand saying “Go for it, it’s worth a read!” 🙂

What kind of person are you, sweet or sour or mix-up of both?

Honestly I m a mix up of both. I am someone with over-dozed sweetness..calm & charming.. But quite often I break the chain & become a totally different person. (Only, if everything around is that much unbearable.. 😛 )

What is your favourite food?

I am a foodie! 🙂 I m the only Non-Veg in my family & that made me love Non-Veg dishes more & more.. I m fond of Arabian Food.. 😛 Yummy!! ( The only reason which makes me miss Dubai & Qatar). 

Are you a night owl or early cuckoo?

Undoubtedly I am a Night Owl. In my Mom’s opinion: A Perfect Insomniac 😛
I am a person who stays awake late night digging up my thoughts over everything under the sky or reads a book sitting under the lamp. 🙂 

What genre do you like to read most and why?

For this I will go for Love stories. But I can’t tolerate with some 100% love stories.. I need a mix up of all the feelings running around a person & that I found mostly in Romantic fictions.. I believe love as a combination of so many good feelings and I love Nicholas Sparks for that.. ❤ 

What according to you is your prized possession?

My niece.. MAYASA

Do you believe in love at first sight? If yes, why. And if no, then why?

That’s a confusing one. Yes! I believe in love at first sight.. I often felt a strings attached feeling to some people at my first sight.. But I have some close-to-heart people in my life even without seeing them.. I go for a 50:50 for this question.. Confused.. 🙂

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I am an introvert among the people to whom I am uncomfortable with. I am not an easy person who syncs with every situations around. But once I get in to that pace, feels comfortable with the atmosphere around, I am totally an extrovert.. I will go totally insane with my close-to-heart people & my family.. 🙂

Have you ever cried in public? If yes, can you state the incident? (If it’s personal and don’t want to share then it’s okay)

YES! Sitting in front of every sober movie.. 😦

When was the last time you laughed so hard you rolled on the floor? And why?

That’s a tough one for me. I got a bunch of crazy siblings, friends & roomies and I used to laugh so hard most of the time when I am with them. I laugh out at every simple stupid jokes cracked by them.. 😀

Have you ever been made a fool? When and by whom?

It’s one year before when I was in Qatar, I was in search of job & after 3 months of trying and disappointment, I packed my bag and was ready to go back home. It was on my day of leaving I got a call saying it’s call from Qatar steel & they are calling after seeing my resume. I got wondered & they asked me whether I can extend my visa for one more week for their interview. I was in the wedge of visa expiration & wasn’t able to extend it in any way. I convinced them saying that I can’t stay any more there. Suddenly, the person on the other end laughed & then I realized it was Bobby, my neighbour there, who pranked me calling from his office land line. 😀
Basically I hate making fool of others, but that day it made me laugh till I landed back.


Now my set of questions to the nominees. Here it is,

  1. When you started writing & what made you write for the first time?
  2. What is your favorite way of killing time?
  3. Is there anything which can make you happier even in your phase of depression? (It may be thinking about any person or any thing) Why?
  4. Which book made you think that ‘Reading gives a different pleasure & I wanna read more.’ ?
  5. What comes to your mind when you think about your family?
  6. Are you a Party-animal or a Party-hater?
  7. What is that one thing you are wishing for so long, to be owned by you?
  8. What makes a human being a ‘Human’?
  9. School, College & Professional life. In which phase you would like to live once again? Why?
  10. What is your biggest loss till now?
  11. How will you describe your journey of life till now?

And here goes, my nominees are;

  1. Srinath
  2. Mira
  3. Farid
  4. Malavika

Now, close your eyes. Give a smile & shoot your answers.

And If you are nominated by anyone else, go for the comfortable one. Or go for both.. 🙂


Sunshine Blogger Award!

And here it is.. I m too lucky to own two Sunshine blogger award 🙂 Overwhelmed by the Love.. 🙂

First of all Thank You my dearest people Sri & Deepika for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Sri is really my sunshine in WordPress. The one reason  I am addicted to this platform. She always supports me with her words and she rejuvenates me with her magic of stories. Keep on writing my dear.. 🙂 And Deepika on other hand is my charming writer who always carries happiness with her words around here. My lovely girl.. 🙂 ❤ Stay blessed! 🙂 Both these wonderful ladies never let me down & always makes me write with their kind appreciations.. So once again Thank You for nominating me.

Now coming to the answers for both the questions.

The question Sri asked me was :
What was that one sunshine moment in your life that you would like to recall again and again ?

And my answer is:
My sunshine moment I already narrated in one of my post before ‘when SHE opened her little eyes!‘. For me, If God exists or not, the most miraculous thing happeing in this universe is a new birth. I belive it as a magic by the Supreme Power. And my sunshine moment happened on a dawn break of 2012 August 27, when I got my first look at my niece. They gave us the little sunshine wrapped in a pink towel wearing a pink band showing ‘Baby of Nisha’. With a small yawn & bulging eyes she looked amused in the new world & went back to her sleep. I whispered in her ears “Mayasa”.
And that is my sunshine moment in life that I would like to recall again & again, even everyday before I go to sleep.. 🙂

Now, the question Deepika asked me was:
Have you had a crush on someone before or do you have one now? And have there been any funny situations regarding them?

And here goes my answer :
Yes! I had crush on so many. From Harry Potter to Shah Rukh Khan & even the Landon Carter from A Walk To Remember. 😀 But nothing was hilarious like my crush over Mohammed Irfan. I am too fond of singers & he is a singer from Hyderabad who took my sleep away from 2005 on wards. I saw him flaunting over TV screens in different singing reality shows. And its in 2007, I saw his name in the movie credits for the first time. I kept an image of him in my phone and often told my Mom that I need someone like him. 😀 I kept a different folder for keeping his songs & all. I blabbered about him to every one and recently I showed my room mates one of the MTV unplugged Coke Studio performance by him on his recent chart buster ‘Banjaara’, my room mates took away my phone & played it again and again. As my good luck my Irfan now became their Irfan & they also started keeping his picture in their phone. 😛 The possessive secret lover me stopped playing his songs loudly and stopped blabbering about him. 🙂 I still laughs in my mind thinking about that. 😀

Now my choice of nomination :

The one who gives answer to my every little question. 🙂 More than a blogger he is my great friend who always carries a sunshine but never shows off! You must answer my question. 🙂

My BIG writer. Already completed a novel & I am looking forward for it. He always have wonderful opinions & thoughts over everything under sky. 🙂

She is a creative writer who makes poems & stories from everywhere. May be busy in her works, still I think she can give a perfect answer to my question.

My question is :
What you think is the most powerful feeling? Why you think so?

The rules pertaining to this award are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Answer the question they asked you
  3. Nominate other bloggers for the award
  4. Ask them a question of your choice
  5. Notify the bloggers you have nominated

Brother Tales Again

Usually at every weekend when I m home, I used to share room with my brother. He have a crazy addiction over anime (still in the age of 18 😛 ). One night I woke up in the mid of my sleep and saw him eagerly sitting in front of the laptop, buffering over some Japanese talking cartoon creatures. In my dizzy state I told him to shut down the laptop and sleep. I went back to sleep realizing it is 4 am and I have only two more hours to sleep.

Next morning I saw him sitting in front of the breakfast with sleepy eyes. I complained to the higher authorities at home 😛 that he is sitting over this Youtube non-senses till the dawn. ( Look, how cruel I am.. 😛 )

Next Weekend

It’s almost midnight.

Me : Come, Let’s sleep. I made your bed.

Brother : Give me my blanket. I will take the sofa today.

Me : Huh! But why? 

Brother : Last week you told Mom that m using internet till early morning? She started switching-off the modem. No Wi-Fi access. 

Me : So what?

Brother : Didi, I am really angry with you.

Me : Really??

Without any word he grabbed the blanket from my hands and collapsed on the sofa.

Next weekend

Breaking the usual routine he made my bed and he is ready to sleep early. He jumped to my bed and pulled his blanket over him.

Me : Mom still switch offs the modem nah?

Brother : Yes!

Me : Still no Wi-Fi access!

Brother : Yes!

Me : Then?

Brother : Didi, Now m not angry with you. 🙂

He snuggled into his blanket with a smile.

Brother Tales

I got some totally wonderful crazy set of brothers. Sometimes I really don’t know what I am with them and what I am without them. There are so many tiny tiny moments which makes me love them more and more!


After 40kms drive from home.

Outside the movie hall.

Brother 1 : Didi, No tickets for that too.. 😦

Me: Then check for San Andreas. It will be interesting.

Brother 2 : Tickets available.

Brother 3 : Shall we go for the Tamil movie??

Brother 1 & 2 : 🙂

Me : I don’t understand Tamil. 😦

Brother 2 : But these guys love Suriya. Let’s make them happy.

Me : Okay. 😦

Brother 2 : Oh no! Don’t worry. Guys, Lets go for San Andreas.

After few minutes Brother 2 came with tickets.

Brother 2 : Here it is, tickets for the Tamil movie.

Me : 

Inside the movie hall. 

Some stupid jokes going on screen. All around me laughing.

Me to Brother 1 on my right : What they are talking about?

Brother 1 :   Don’t know Didi.

Confused me to Brother 3 on left : What’s the joke dear?

Brother 3 :  I don’t know Didi. Didi, look Suriya’s entry.




Me : *deep sigh* 


They often irritates me.. frustrates me.. But the truth is that really makes me smile & laugh..

Long live my dears.. ❤

Make Your Own Story

So now, I’m on another challenge.

Neerja gave a kick start to this wonderful challenge. This is a make your own story challenge. Follow the link Make Your Own Story to know all about the start. With utmost curiosity I was looking forward to see the challenge swinging to Tejas and from there to my dearest Sri. And there it is, its my turn to give a try.

Neerja is a wonderful writer who always keeps experimenting. I really appreciate her for starting this cool challenge which turned ON my story-teller. She gave the baton to Tejas, a person who makes wonders in this wordpress. His Jack & Jill strips are really funny. He tied a wonderful knot to the story and gave the rest to Sreechandra. Sri.. She appears like once in a blue moon. But every time she brings up something magical. She swipes off my feet always. She is a superstar who carries life in every word she writes. She encourages me in every ways & that makes me write this with my whole dedication. Thank you so much Sri for nominating me for this challenge. Now its my turn to give a leap from where Sri stopped.

Rules of the challenge:

  1. You have to continue from where the nominator has left.
  2. You have to nominate only one person in this challenge.
  3. You have to write the story in next 24 hours.
  4. You have to write 100 words only.
  5. Provide the link of the earlier part of the story.
  6. You are free to end the story.
  7. And yes don’t forget to thank your nominator.
  8. Write your views about the nominee and nominator.

Story so Far…

Once upon a time their existed a wasteland in Patliputra. There lived a little boy named Aditya who was only child of Madhavi and Shankara. They used to love him a lot and wanted him to dream big and get out of this wasted land. But Aditya unlike his parents had some another dream. He wanted to improve and convert his wasteland into a dreamland where everybody wants to live. Aditya knew he had to convince his parents for this but he didn’t how will they react and whether they will approve this idea of his dreamland.

The clock struck two past midnight as a stream of snowy moonlight sneaked through the swinging-with-the-breeze curtains and scattered on Aditya’s bed. As the squeaking sparrow went back inside the ancestral wall clock after two tweets, Aditya sneaked out of his bed quietly.

He stuffed pillows under his blanket in a shape to disguise as himself. He tiptoed out to the backyard. He double checked on both sides for no one following him before going behind the banyan tree.

As planned, Shivansh was already waiting for him there. A nod from both of them assured, everything was on track. Aditya plucked out a wrinkled paper from his pocket and Shivansh’s eyes twinkled with a beaming smile.

With quivering fingers Aditya unfolded the paper. The near-yellow paper definitely looked old.

“Here”, Aditya smiled, “is the key to our dreams….If only we can get hold of this, we shall have enough resources to convert this wasteland into the land of our dreams”.

Shivansh’s eyes shone in genuine glee. He intently looked at the unfolded paper in front of his eyes. Within seconds his eye-brows stitched into each other transforming into puzzled curiosity.

“But this looks empty Adi. This is a blank paper.”

Aditya smiled. A hint of mischief waved past his face.

“Just wait and watch the magic”, Adi whispered.

He then held up the paper and placed it against the circular moon. The moonlight diffused through the ridges and furrows of the wrinkled paper lending a surreal look. Within seconds a faint map appeared on it.

Shivansh couldn’t believe his eyes. He had many questions but Aditya’s eyes were fixed on the map.

With intense seriousness he pointed to a lotus emblem right at the middle of the map.

“And here is our destination – Padmabharan – the lotus urn”.

And the story continues…..

“What is this? Who gave you this?” Shivansh’s face revealed all his zest.

Aditya is still carrying a calm face beaming at the map. Shivansh turned blue.

“Adi, this won’t make any trouble. Right?” His voice trembled slightly.

“Calm down Shiva. Don’t be over reactive as always.” Without taking eyes off the map, still held against the moon, Aditya stepped closer to Shivansh and whispered. “We are going to make history in Pataliputra.” His voice expressed extreme determination.

Shivansh stood with his mouth half-open wondering how this piece of old paper and two fourteen-years old boys going to make history.

Aditya continued. ” This is the ultimate treasure. Once we reach here, this will give us everything we need.” He pointed Padmabharan.

“But how can we find this? This is just a map, barely a map that we have never seen before.” Shivansh started losing his patience.

“I read about this in a book owned by my Dada. I got this map from the slit on the hard bind of the book. This Padmabharan is somewhere here.” Aditya continued examining the map.

Shivansh made a step aback and checked his premise. Somewhere here? With fear and anxiety he asked. “Adi, don’t make me more confused. Will you please explain?’

Aditya nodded “Yes!”

And that’s it. My part of the story. 100 words is too less. I really need a novel out of this. And I am pretty sure that someone who can carry forward this to a brilliant piece is Bala, already a novelist. My little sister who is blessed with outstanding talent. Her writings have a lot more energy and enthusiasm. So here is your turn Bala, my lovely girl. ❤

Once again thank you Sri for nominating me. This was really amazing.